Win a Signed Copy of Either The Facade or The Portent!

Win a signed copy of either The Façade or The Portent!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to and review my book, The Unseen Realm. Right now there are 475 reviews. I want to push past 500. Once the reviews hit 525, the giveaway will end.
  2. I will randomly select 16 winners – I have eight copies of each book to give away. I will notify the winners after the giveaway closes by posting a comment under your review. That comment will say something like: “You’ve won a copy of one of Mike’s novels (The Façade, The Portent)! Send your mailing address to Mike at [XYZ email address] and tell him which book you want.”
  3. It will be up to you to check your review after we cross 525 to see if you won—and to send me your address. Just give it a day or two after we hit 525 for me to post the winner notification note. Please include your first name so I can personalize the signing. If you want the book signed for someone else, make that clear in the email.
  4. If I run out of the novel you want, sorry! I’ll send along whichever novel I have left.
  5. If you have previously reviewed The Unseen Realm, I’ll let you review it again, but I think Amazon requires a different email address (?) – not sure really. They may weed you out, but you can try!

Remember, once reviews hit 525 the giveaway is closed. That means fifty more reviews with 16 books to give away. You have roughly a 1-in-3 chance to win one!


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UFOs coming out of cloud formations recorded over Lake Havasu, Arizona and Aylmer QC, Canada

The following two sightings show unknown objects coming out of strange cloud formations recorded over Lake Havasu, Arizona and Aylmer QC, Canada.

Case 1: UFOs caught on video from plane near Havasu City, Arizona.

Havasu City, Arizona – May 5, 2017: I fly weekly, so I’ve seen a lot in my years of travel. On this particular flight on the 5th, I suddenly caught a shining bright light from my corner vision.

It wasn’t a reflective shine; it had a gold shine as video may indicate.

We had just passed Lake Havasu (I was tracking our flight).

The objects were moving in what seemed a northwesterly direction. See video below.

Case 2: Dark square changing into a bell like object hanging from a strange oval cloud over Aylmer QC, Canada.

On May 16, 2017 I was looking out my window at the river and dark clouds. All if a sudden one if the clouds hanging over the river between Ontario and Quebec seemed to have what appeared to be a darker square like cloud under it but seemed attached.

I took out my binoculars and sure enough it looked like a small dark square made of something solid bout cloud was over it.

I put down the camera for a minute and when I picked it back up the sun was shining on one side of the square and it reflected as if metal. It was definitely a cube then.

The sun went in and when I looked again the object seemed to have split and then later once again and wasn’t as square ad before.

Actually after I took photos of it and enlarged the last picture, this going to sound odd but the shape reminded me the Nazi Die Glocke, the bell.

It was the same shape of that bell. All the time it hung there it didn’t go anywhere, it just stayed over the river and seemed to change shape by absorbing another object or just shape shifting.

I don’t know if it went back up into the dark cloud or disintegrate but my guess is the former.

I live in the capital too though so government experimental craft can’t be excluded either. You can see the video, which I have submitted to Mufon, registered under case 84990, of the strange cloud/object here:


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Eyewitness getting scared after photographing very strange UFO over London

London, England – 06-12-17 – I was sitting in the garden, outside my building, when I noticed something shiny in the sky.

I knew it was not type of airplane, because I live under the flight path to two airport, Gatwick to the South and Heathrow heading to the North.

I always take my camera and binoculars outside day or night.

I took out my camera (old TZ8) and zoomed in and started taking pictures, I managed to get several pictures before the UFO disappeared into the clouds and that was the last I saw of that one.

When I looked at the pictures, I was so shocked at what I was looking at, I decided, I was not staying out side anymore. I was getting scared and since then, it’s been hell.


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UFO Article (Blog): “Australian UFO Science? An internal personal view from a member of the WRE Radar & Electronic Tracking Group (1971)”

By Bill Chalker, 2 July 2017
(The OZ Files, Sydney, Australia)
Quote from the article:
“The evolution of Defence Science in Australia has from time to time thrown up some interesting intersections with the UFO controversy. In my previous post The Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO), the Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DST), the Sea Fury Encounter and UFOs I provided a link to my earlier research (2007 – 2008) on the JIO involvement and the legacy of Harry Turner. Part of this was also described in my Australian chapter contribution to the UFO History Group book ‘UFOs and Government’ (2012). Both described some of the material that I found in the UFO files of Harry Turner he kindly shared with me:
‘Other omissions in the JIO file released to Keith (Basterfield) may have been due to typical file attribution effects and file ‘borrowings,’ sensitivities about the material or other matters, rather than any inherent substantial content. For example there is a Department of Supply internal memorandum from the Radar and Electronic Group: ‘Regarding Recent Symposium on UFOs’ which discusses the 1971 ANZAAS UFO symposium. Another describes a sighting by crew of an ANL ship off Pipon Island in 1966. Other similarly miscellaneous content may lurk in other agency files and their presence in the papers of a JIO scientist may be just due to a variant on the ‘lightning rod’ principle.’ ”

Harry Turner, former head of the nuclear scientist section of the Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence (DSTI) within the Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO)

( photo)

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Google Searches: Focus On the UFO Research Work of Illobrand von Ludwiger

(Search term: “Illobrand von Ludwiger”)
(“Illobrand von Ludwiger” “UFO”)
(“Illobrand von Ludwiger” “UFOs”)
Wikipedia article: “Illobrand von Ludwiger”:

Illobrand von Ludwiger,German Astrophysicist,
Director of MUFON-CES,UFO Author & Researcher
( photo)

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Southern California wildfires blossom as the new GOES-16 satellite watches the action from space

Meanwhile, 2,000 miles to the north, it’s fire and ice — as seen by NASA’s Terra satellite

It’s that time of year. Sixty-five wildfires — 20 of them new — are blazing in the United States across some 1,100 square miles of land.

For the year to date, 32,737 fires have scorched more than 5,400 square miles — an area equivalent to the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and then some. In terms of acreage, that’s about 30 percent ahead of the year-to-date average for the previous ten years. (For

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Stall Catchers citizen science game to host its first international “Catchathon”

If you’re familiar with “hackathons” – intense hacking marathons, or “mapathons” – mapping parties commonly held by mappers worldwide, the term “catchathon” might be starting to make some sense by now. If not – read on. There’s a marathon of Alzheimer’s citizen science coming on July 22nd, and you can be part of it!

By Egle Marija Ramanauskaite, Citizen Science Coordinator at EyesOnALZ

Stall Catchers is a citizen science game accelerating promising Alzheimer’s research at Cornell Unive

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UFO Sighting in Medfield, Massachusetts on 2016-10-17 20:00:00 – Me and my son’s sky watch and on 2 occasions a week apart we witnessed unexplained craft. in that week there was also report in local news. we taken pictures of what we saw just want to know what it was.

On trying to find the pics i taken the pics are there however black i don’t understand i have shown people my pics. my son thankfully still has his if anyone would like to see them give me a call. we see things in the sky a lot but these 2 objects are hard to dismiss. they are not plains or balloons or flairs etc. also when me and my son’s saw one of the craft few days later in the local news paper a lady in town reports a craft she can’t explain. we saw it also from the farm road she stays not far from there. we see things a lot in the sky but there is something more to this. i would appreciate any further information you may have about this. i am not sure on dates i will check when i check my son’s pics hopefully i will find my ones i put them on facebook as well so hopefully i will get exactly when it happened. i would have reported sooner but new to this just found out i can report it hopefully you can shine light on this.Also happened in scotland not dublin ref time zone.

regards david

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UFO Sighting in Sylvan Lake, Alberta on 2017-07-07 00:00:00 – Trying to film lightning in slow motion. only noticed the objects after playback.

I was trying to film lightning in slow motion with my samsung galaxy s8. i only noticed the objects after playback. i posted a video on youtube. i used vlc to go frame by frame for the slowed sections. other than that it is unedited.

if any other information is needed then please just shoot me an email.

thank you

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Political Neuroscience: “Growth Mindsets” and Disability

On Twitter, I learned that the British government is citing neuroscience studies as part of a new welfare initiative.

The “Health and Work Conversation” (HWC) is a newly-introduced procedure for welfare claimants receiving support because sickness or disability impairs their ability to work. The one hour “conversation” is mandatory in most cases and it seems intended to encourage people to seek whatever work they are able to do.

A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed documen

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