Huge Illuminated UFO seen on NASA HD Live Cam

Yesterday on July 7, 2017 a number of strange objects in the sky and outside our atmosphere were observed and recorded by residents of Tennessee, UK and the Netherlands.

While watching NASA’s live feed on July 7, 2017, just after Moon-rise at the 55 minute mark on the link below, Streetcap1 spotted a huge cigar-shaped unknown object on the cam, after several small flashes emanating from Earth’s Surface.

Streetcap1 is convinced that it is not a satellite, meteor or shooting star as the object is outside the earth’s atmosphere and would not illuminate until it enters the atmosphere and burns up.

Maybe coincidence but on the same day a Dutch UFO site posted images of a similar object which has been photographed while flying over the former air base Soesterberg in the Netherlands.

Then, again on the same day, a resident of Tennessee while viewing the ISS live feed using the NASA app on his phone spotted a large spherical object on his screen.

The resident, who submitted the images to Mufon registered under case 84922 states that at first he thought that the object was just a spot on the glass of the phone, then he checked and it wasn’t.

He took a screen capture to see it larger and it looked like the Station was getting closer to the sphere before the screen suddenly went black saying that there was technical difficulties.

They show a map as to where the ISS is to be positioned during the feed but when it came back it was pointed somewhere else because it didn’t show the same direction.

I don’t know what is up there but it just seemed very strange that the live feed cut off as the ISS moved closer to the sphere!

Link to NASA Live Feed:


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Mars image reveals triangle, saucer and spherical anomalies

An anomaly hunter who is studying images of the planet Mars via Google Earth is convinced that he has found an ancient artificial object that looks like a dome or a sphere.

British researcher Joe White points to an intriguing dome or spherical object sphere located inside a crater.

Although Mr. White claims that the structure seems to be artificial, he is aware that similar statements in the past have been proven to be false when higher resolution images of the object revealed that the so-called dome or sphere is nothing but a sand dune.

Mr. White and ufovni2012 who uploaded a video of the unnatural looking “Sand Dune” did not mention two other strange objects next to the crater in the shape of a triangle and a saucer.

Here too, after specialists are going to view higher resolution images, without a doubt they will show that the triangular and saucer-like objects are “Sand Dunes” too or at least “Rock Formations.”

It is interesting to note that this area where these potential ancient structures and UFO-like objects have been found is near Mawrth Vallis which will be the possible landing zone for the ExoMars 2020 mission.

Mawrth Vallis is smack in the middle of a region that has always been mysterious to scientists.

This region is the boundary between the southern highlands and northern lowlands of Mars and Mawrth Vallis itself is an ancient channel carved by catastrophic floods.

Now, the Mars Science Laboratory science team would use the rover to piece together the history of Mawrth Vallis which means “Mawrth” is the Welsh word for Mars and “Vallis” is Latin for valley.

You can check the anomalies by yourself, here are the coordinates: Google Mars: 23°44’49.88″N 18°55’38.41″W


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UFO Sighting in Northfield, New Jersey on 2017-07-07 04:10:00 – I have been seeing this weird light,that looks like a star,but is bigger and brighter,it doesn’t seems to move, but when you recorded it, you can see its spinning around,and it changes shape.She always show up at the same time.4:10 am.

I first saw this object, like 3 years ago, i was coming out of my car, and noticed this star moving slowly and then disappear,i couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.Now every time she going to come out and am inside my house,i get this weird sensation, that make go out side, is like them letting me know they are out there,and as soon as i step out side, i see the the light that looks like a star, but now i know is not.

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UFO Sighting in Vinhais, Bragança on 2016-08-27 00:00:00 – I saw like a shining star, white lights shining, like a spiritual thing, stopped when i spoke telepathically to stop, and then he moves to dissapear in the horizont, chenched my life forever, felt a huge peace, love and it’s was so beautiful!!

In my homeland, in a blue lagoon in the mountain, an isolation place, i ussualy like go there, because it’s quiet, one night … it was like a real star, a white shining star comes to me, very close to me in the sky, it was so beautifil, i felt a huje peace, love, chanced my life forever, maybe everithing can be possible

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UFO Landing in Burleson, Texas on 2017-06-24 03:46:00 – Found these pictures on my trail camera.

My trail camera took these pictures while i was in my house asleep. apparently the coyote set the camera off. in the first picture the coyote appears scared. not sure if the time stamp was affected. looks like the first and second pictures were taken one right after another but the time stamp shows several minutes elapsed. the camera is set to take three consecutive pictures when it’s triggered. i’m at a loss to understand this. it is really strange. the pictures are original and unedited.

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UFO Sighting in Burleson, Texas on 2017-06-24 03:46:00 – Captured these photos on my trail camera

I found these pictures on my trail camera. i’m at a loss as to what they are. hoping y’all can give me some insight. apparently the coyote set the camera off. he appears scared. these strange things appeared and it looks like a net with posts descended. then they were gone. in fact there is nothing but grass where it appeared. there is nothing in the area that even faintly resembles what the camera captured. these are original unedited photos. i was in my house asleep when these photos were taken.

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US Troops to Guard the Galaxy?

US Troops to Guard the Galaxy?

     The year: 2019. The mission: Send combat forces into space to save the world from potential Star Wars.

The crew to get the job done: the United States Space Corps.

By Nancy Coleman

A Congressional committee is proposing that the US armed forces add a new military branch that would, quite literally, send soldiers out of this world.

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Citizen Scientists Diving to Study The Mystery of Manta Rays

This post is part of our Divers’ series. We encourage readers to continue the conversation by adding their own comments, question or concerns on our Facebook page. You’ll find links to other posts at the end of this story. 

Two years ago I rang in the New Year by scuba diving with giant manta rays off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. It was a bucket list experience I will never forget and one that introduced me to a new form of citizen science.

That evening, after enjoying a late afternoo

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Oxygen Producing Comet Found in Deep Space

Rosetta Navigation Camera Image of Comet 67P

The finding shows that oxygen can be generated in space without the need for life, and could influence how researchers search for signs of life on exoplanets.

     In 2015, scientists announced the detection molecular oxygen at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which was studied by the Rosetta spacecraft. It was the “biggest surprise of the mission,” they said — a discovery that could change our understanding of how the solar system formed.
By Nancy Atkinson

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