What is this mysterious array of light in front of an aircraft flying over Slovakia

Something very strange is going on in the atmosphere of our planet. People all around the world witness and take images of strange sky phenomena.

What to think about the strange array of light in the sky filmed by Martin Mikuaš from Slovakia on June 12, 2017 whereby an aircraft clearly follows the trajectory of the beam.

Is this plane, whether it is a chemplane or not, involved in a technology of controlling the phase of light waves (PAO) transmitted or reflected from an unknown location?

Is this footage proof that they, besides already controlling the weather, now also can create, shape and manipulate visible light or this array of light is something what cannot be explained?


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UFO News Article: “Seis Óvnis aparecem na Baixada Fluminense” (“Six UFOs appear in the Baixada Fluminense”)

19 July 2014
(Grupo Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brazil)
The UFOs were photographed (at the end of June 2014) by a station (using a high-sensitivity camera) that specialises in meteor monitoring, according to the article.
The station’s research programme employees can not determine what the six objects (or lights) are, according to UFO researcher and amateur astronomer Wagner Vital de Lima, member of the Ufology Group of Baixada Fluminense (Gubf).

The article contains the UFO photo.
English translation:
Wikipedia article: “Baixada Fluminense”:
Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Baixada Fluminense (standard Brazilian Portuguese: [ˌbajˈʃadɐ flumiˈnjsi]; local pronounce: [ˌbɐ(j)ˈʃadɐflumɪˈn(j)si] (literally ‘Fluminense Lowland’) is a region in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in southeastern Brazil. It is located on Guanabara Bay, between Rio de Janeiroto the south, and the Serra dos Órgãos range of hills to the north.”

Map of the municipalities in Baixada Fluminense (Brazil
(text by Wikipedia) (wikimedia.org image)

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Black Triangle Sighting in Myerstown, Pennsylvania on 2017-06-14 03:15:00 – I went out to get some air and observed a similar craft to my original sighting, this ucav displayed different exterior color and scales similar to a snake reflecting ambiant light, experienced a mild electrical feild and the hair on my arms and legs ….

This my second experience with a similar craft i am frustrated and anxious,mild parinoa and lack of sleep and reslesness.

i am trying to understand why it is choosing or they are choosing this particular area of town, there’s water and electrical transformers near by. i experienced a strong magnetic field with the hair on my arms and legs standing up.
after this current situation there has been an increase in military aircraft,f22, blackhawks, chinook and a unidentified aircraft, indescribable flight dynamic.

i am not sleeping well…

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UFO Sighting in Quinte West, Ontario on 2017-07-07 00:00:00 – I have been working in aviation for 20 yrs. small round object move very fast east to west, then 90 drees to the south, high altitude, aprox 30,000 to 40,000 ft, observed with binocs and it was round no wings, fast like a fighter with afterburnbutnosound.

Very small round object above clouds. high rate of speed like a fighter(f18)but no sound, looked thru binoculars and it had no wings. or any sounds very small greyish round object, very high, and fast, but like fighter cruise, …..It was round.

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UFO Sighting in Tennessee on 2017-07-07 18:30:00 – Looked like a round globe like item.

I have the nasa app on my phone. i was viewing the iss view live feed and i noticed this spot on my screen. i first thought it was just on my glass then checked and it wasn’t. i got it as big as i could on my screen. i took a screen capture to see it larger. it looked like the station was getting closer and then the screen went black and it said there was technical difficulties. when it came back it was pointed somewhere else because it didn’t show the same direction. i took a screen capture of that as well. it is rough looking. don’t know what it was then as you can tell in the first pic it was a clear shot of earth. then i don’t know what it was at that point. they show a map as to where the iss is to be positioned during the feed. just seemed strange it cut off as it moved closer to the sphere. may just be a satellite not sure. maybe you know what it is up there.

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UFO Sighting in Maryland on 2017-07-07 18:00:00 – Did not see it, just photographed lawn impression

Observed since 2014 a very loud machine sound from underneath building, rumbling is so loud, shakes my furniture, unable to sleep. i live on the top floor and have heard what i think are electronic beings on the roof. i know they have a contact with a craft as i think it uses the building to obtain water, as i can feel a heavy pressure that is extremely stressfull. not sure if you will get this, as they are in my computer as well, as computer company reports to me, they are professionals at hacking.

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The little storm that could: Watch a tenacious tropical depression race ahead of a huge blob of Saharan dust

It may have a humdrum name, but since Tropical Depression Four formed in the central Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday evening, it has certainly distinguished itself.

It is a “small, tenacious depression” that “has continued to hold its own,” the National Hurricane Center said in its update this morning. The spectacular animation above, from the GOES-16 weather satellite, suggests why that word, tenacious, is appropriate.

Tropical Depression Four has managed to stay alive despite dry and dus

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Hunt for Earhart Leads to U.S. Files – 1977

Hunt for Earhart Leads to U.S. Files - Chicago Tribune (1-16-1977)

     What really happened to Amelia Earhart?

The 40th anniversary of the famed flier’s disappearance with her co-pilot and navigator, Fred Noonan, will be July 2.

By Chicago Tribune


In interviews with Saipan natives, the investigators learned that in 1937 a thin woman with short hair and a white man with a long nose were seen under guard on the Japanese-held island. Islanders told them the woman looked sad and seemed hurt. They said she apparently had dysentery.

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Fun Fact: Praying Mantises Eat Bird Brains

Poor hummingbirds. The fragile, fleet-winged birds often don’t make it past their first year of life as they are tasty snacks for cats, large-mouth bass, snakes, lizards…you get the idea. Now, perhaps surprisingly, we can add praying mantises to that macabre list.

A new paper reviewing the avian death-literature finds that praying mantises are enthusiastic predators of the tiny birds, and they go about it in gory fashion, often burrowing in through the eye sockets to tear apart the bird

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