Massive Lightning Strikes Yellowstone’s Split Cone Geyser

How often does lightening just hit bare ground? Seems like a 1 in a million chance?

As it seems extremely unlikely it happened at Yellowstone National Park where a massive lightning struck the geyser next to Old Faithful in the Norris Geyser Basin.

Is it possible that as a result of electrons building up because of the increased magma flow mixed with water the geysers have changed into conductors?

With more than 11,000 cubic miles of magma is waiting to burst from beneath the world’s most dangerous super volcano it is the question if such a massive lightning strike can trigger the magma reservoirs closer to the surface of the volcano.

Let’s hope this lightning strike was the 1 in a million!

The event was captured by the Yellowstone Study Group on June 27, 2017.


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U.S. Government UFO Document (FOIA): “SUBJECT: Telephone Conversation with Dr. John A. Wheeler”

Publication date: 6 January 1953
(Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.)
Quote from the document:
“1. At 1430 today I called Dr. Wheeler at Princeton, New Jersey (unintelligible) to thank him for his interest in possible affiliation as a consultant in the CIA attack on the ‘flying saucer’ problem(my emphasis). I told him we regretted that the urgency of his current work for AEC (MATTERHORN) prevented association at this time.”

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Fetal Onanism: A Surprising Scientific Debate

The medical journal Prenatal Diagnosis recently played host to a vigorous debate over whether a male fetus was spotted engaging in masturbation on ultrasound.

The alleged case of antenatal autoeroticism was reported by Spanish gynecologists Vanesa Rodríguez Fernández and Carlos López Ramón y Cajal in September last year. Their paper was called In utero gratification behaviour in male fetus. Here’s the ultrasonic evidence of the act:

Rodríguez Fernández and López Ramón y Cajal w

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UFO Sighting in Redwood Falls, Minnesota on 2017-07-01 22:30:00 – Three ufos on the same flight path with 6 witnesses

We were undertaking a paranormal investigation in the cemetery at redwood falls. there were six of us including two government workers, a doctor, an author and historian, and a journalist. at 10:30pm our compass suddenly went mad and started malfunctioning as did our gps device. our emf meters suddenly spiked into a reading of 25 milligaus. the radio scanner i was using (ghost box) started pulsing with a sound i had never heard before. all of this equipment was functioning perfectly before contact and after contact. it was a clear night with no cloud cover and the moon was behind us. temperature was in the low 60s. then we all witnessed a yellow large fireball slowly moving across the sky. it was bright yellow and emitted a bright flame like light. it sped up, slowed down, hovered, dropped altitude and then continued its path until out of sight. five minutes later a second ufo appeared. this one was more of a red and orange hue. it copied the exact flight pattern of the first ufo, the same movements like a mirror image. it was in the sky for the same time as the first one. then exactly at the same interval between the first two sightings a third ufo appeared with a yellow flame like the first one. it followed the exact same erratic flight path as the first two and was in the air for the same time. we have all of this recorded on our video recorder. we have the footage of all of the equipment malfunctions and readings (compass/gps/radio receiver/emf meters) plus the three ufos all unedited in one long clip. it was taken with a nightvision video camera. as well as our audio dvr recorders.

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UFO Sighting in Ohio on 2017-07-03 09:14:00 – I was on 90 east and i saw a chrome beam shoot to the right then disappear and appear then shoot straight down then disappear.

I was driving my work truck this morning on 90 east heading towards 271 south. out in the distance i seen a chrome or mirror like beam happen in the sky right in front of me then all the sudden in the exact spot that the beam disappeared it reappeared and shot straight twords the ground. i don’t know what to think and i am clueless who to talk to because everyone thinks i’m crazy. i am 40 years old and i don’t make up stories so i thought that people would have believed me but i look like the crazy guy . please let me know what i seen, it wasn’t a plane or a balloon. it was a ufo.

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Designing a Safer Explosive

This Fourth of July, as you and your family settle on a sandy beach or grassy lawn to watch a fireworks display, you’re probably not thinking about the science behind the explosives you’re witnessing. In fact, you probably are not even thinking of them as explosives. But that’s exactly what they are—-and there’s a lot of science that goes into creating that dazzling display of fire and colors.

Fireworks often comprise mixtures of oxidizers and fuels that are ready to participate in combus

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UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2017-07-03 16:00:00 – Hovering outside window, communicated something i don’t care to write. i went for a closer look, the thing descended then vanished.

1. i was googling something about e = mc2 and why light has energy but no mass.

2. saw something outside window on 24th floor hovering.

3. it was sort of floating there somewhat, it looked blurry or refracted. it could have also been the same kind of effect you see when you see a coin or ring rotating on a table… sort of fuzzy, blurry edges. i feel like it made me think something if that makes sense. i can’t really say what but i think it taught me something? i got up to go look at it because i thought it was a drone or a helicopter in the distance. it wasn’t. it quickly changed directions and then shot of downward and disappeared all together or out of view.

4. i was curious as to what the object was. then became a little frightened because it was not a drone or anything that i could discern… it was moving too fast. the whole time i was looking at it i was extremely confused as to the

5. it left my sight after a few seconds of looking at through my window. it descended. it was very close… i saw it against the skyline as well as against the building across the street which told me that whatever it was was extremely close. it zipped downwards and out of the view port of my window.

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Self-Wrinkling Mini-Mazes Could Serve as Cybersecurity Moats

Scientists are bringing wrinkles into style with self-organizing mini-mazes that could someday serve as digital fingerprints for secure technology.

In a study published Friday in Science Advances, a team of researchers, led by Wook Park of Kyung Hee University in South Korea, demonstrated a fabrication technique that offers greater control over how wrinkling, usually a random process, occurs on a silica-based substrate.

The new technique coats a piece of polymer with a silica substrate

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Black Triangle Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on 2017-06-20 04:22:00 – Triangular lights spotted over downtown kansas city

i live in kansas city, and while i was with a few of my friends at this spot that over looks the city i took a picture on snapchat. i swiped right a couple of times to find the right filter, posted it and kind of forgot about it. that is until i looked at the picture again in the morning and noticed something i hadn’t seen before. in the middle left just above the city you can see 3 faint lights in the shape of a triangle that i am 100% positive were not stars or a plane or anything like that because we didn’t even see the lights with our naked eyes. there is proof its not just a filter or smudge or anything because you can see a plane in the upper right corner of the picture. i decided to put the picture through a few other filters on an application on my desktop and could make out a kind of rim that was connecting the lights. although i’m not very proficient at photo editing. what do you think? i’m pretty spooked myself maybe someone who is more photographically proficient could give it a crack and see if they can find something more. i have attached the night picture that the object can be seen in, as well as a daytime picture of the spot we were during the event.

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