Weird humanoid-like object caught on camera flying over New Zealand

A weird object has been observed in the skies over New Zealand on July 1, 2017.

The photographer who took images of the object has no idea what it is, though he got the feeling that it might be a kind of machine.

About the event the photographer states: I take photos of the sky quite often and decided to take some cloud shots in the afternoon. I did not see this object until looking back at my photos and noticed a pinpoint dot two photos. After I zoomed in and spotted an object of strange shape and red in color.

A few of my friends have seen the images too and they have no idea what it could be. I have tried to zoom in and filter with no luck at all I feel like it’s part of a machine or something but it looks nothing familiar at all. At all, it’s fascinating that I caught this shot which I have submitted to Mufon case 84734 and I will keep it forever.

Additional: I have also tried to analyze the object en to me it looks like something is carrying a body, what tends to be a humanoid form keeping his hands on some sort of laptop/notebook or could it be a control panel?

Did the witness accidentally has captured a so-called Manned Maneuvering Unit something like NASA Astronaut Bruce McCandless has used outside the Space Shuttle Challenger on the Shuttle mission STS-41B in 1984?

Could it be a secret test case of a Maneuvering Unit manned with a new technology resembling a humanoid or a robotic form?

Link to the original large sized image:

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Be Aware! US to Create Military ‘Space Corps’ In Air Force Overhaul

Members of the US House Armed Services Committee have voted to create a “Space Corps,” a sixth branch of the country’s armed forces focused on military maneuvers beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

The space corps, which has yet to gain full approval, would absorb all of the Air Force’s current space missions under the umbrella of a new US Space Command could be implemented as soon as January 2019 reports RTnews.

It is striking that under the plan all operations involving the Air Force’s secretive X-37B space plane would fall under the control of the US Space Corps.

The X-37B space plane has flown four clandestine missions to date, carrying secret payloads on long-duration flights in Earth orbit.

Many people wonder whether the X-37B space plane is used for space weapon tests: It’s a secret project to make war in space or they wonder whether the plane is used as a shuttle service for the transportation of astronauts to and from the secret Solar Warden Fleet?

The payload bay which measures 7 feet long by 4 feet wide (2.1 by 1.2m) provides enough space for one or two astronauts.

With the announcement of the US Space Corps we might wonder whether it is a covert operation and actually a next step to unveil the existence of the Solar Warden Space Fleet which would fit perfectly.

Another reason for concern is the possibility that this new US Space Corps could be used for a false flag alien invasion whether or not in combination with the secret space fleet and advanced blue beam technology.

The space corps, which would be the first new military service since 1947, is not specifically banned by the Outer Space Treaty, a 1967 international agreement outlawing the use of the moon and other celestial bodies from being used as military outposts.


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13 June 2017
(Visión OVNI, Victoria, Argentina)
The cow was found in the field of a neighbour on the morning of 
10 June 2017.
The farm (or ranch) is located a few kilometres outside of Tilisarao.
This (typical) mutilation case has a possible UFO connection. A UFO was sighted over a neighbouring farm (or ranch) on 9 June 2017, and on the night of 9 June – the electric current intensity dropped twice in the area, according to the article.
English translation:
Wikipedia article: “Tilisarao”:
Wikipedia article: “San Luis Province”:

Location of Tilisarao in SanLuis Province, Argentina
( image)

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UFO News Article: “Video: asombro entre los vecinos ante un desconocido y destellante objeto en el cielo” (“Video: amazement among the neighbors before an unknown and flashing object in the sky”)

25 June 2017
(La Geceta Salta, Salta, Argentina)
The unknown object was sighted over the neighbourhood of El Carmen in Salta, Argentina, on 24 June 2017, at noon.

Satellite photo of Salta, Argentina(
( photo)

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UFO Sighting in Clinton, Utah on 2017-07-01 19:42:00 – Noticed black dot in sky to the north east of house. grabbed binoculars to view object.

I was sitting on the back porch, relaxing after having dinner. as i normally take my binoculars with me to watch the aircraft fly over the house, i noticed a black spot to the north over the roy utah area, drifting in a southerly direction, i picked up my binoculars and sighted what i thought was a large bunch of balloons. i continued watching, but decided what i was seeing was not balloons, but a solid object. it was rotating in a counter-clockwise direction and maintaining a constant altitude. i noticed there was a silver attachment that appeared to move in and out. where this flap or port was, there where two panels that looked hot, or that had been hot, by the color.

the object appeared black in color, except for the port which was silver, and the two panels on either side and below it. it had four identical arms around it that were parallel to the ground, and a single arm of equal size in the center above and below its four arms perpendicular to the ground.

as the object came closer, i grabbed my phone thinking i could get a video of it. as i turned on the video the object disappeared from view. i ran the video for 3 minutes then turned it off as the object was not in sight. up to this point i had been watching the object for about 15 minutes. i sat back in my chair and noticed it again about 300 yards to the right of where i seen it last and again tried to video it, but it blinked out as my camera came on and i did not see it anymore after that.

i decided to make a sketch of what i had seen so i am attaching that as well. the object appeared to be about 30 ft across.

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UFO Sighting in Corinth, Kentucky on 2017-06-20 14:30:00 – 3 silver disc many course changes in an out of clouds pretty day puffy cloud warm out

I was sitting on my front porch listening to radio looking at the buitful clouds over top facing my house looking over top to left when 3 silver very whiney disc were flying in an out of cloud first one then two many fast course changes then a third. they all went different directions up then down back an fourth then 2 disapered up in to clouds one took off toward dry ridge ky disapered out of,sight..
had no idea at time what to think or what it was not from here thow was a bit amazed i seen such a strange thing in the sky
still look up there have seen nothen again

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UFO Sighting in Armenia, Quindío on 2017-05-28 17:13:00 – Esferas luminosas de aspecto rombo o circular grisaseo metalico opaco en la sombra y plateado al reflejar la luz del sol.

El pasado 28 de mayo de 2017 a eso de las 13 horas pm 1pm de la tarde hora local de mi ciuadad armenia,quindio,colombia,me encontraba en la sala de mi casa experimentando con una lente infrarrojo en la camara de mi tablet la cual fije con vista al firmamento,inice a grabar apartir de las 2:30 pm 0 14:30 pm hora local hasta aproximadamente pasadas las 5:20 pm o 17:20 pm.,en un comienzo a simple vista no note nada anormal ni fuera de lo comun o que me paresiera extraño,grabe unos 10 videos de prueba solo por la curiosidad de ver mas tarde los videos a ver que habia captado la camara de la tablet adaptada con lente infrarrojo.En horas de la noche revise uno a uno cada video pausandolos y viendolos en camara lenta y en dos de los 10 videos pude notar esferas traslucidas luminosas pero en uno de esos dos videos pude notar con asombro como en los primeros 3:08,3:09 al 3:10 minutos un extraño objecto de aspecto grisaseo plateado crusa el cuadro de enfoque a gran velocidad ,y en ese mismo minuto 3:52 al minuto 3:53 casi llegando al minuto 3:54 una segunda esfera luminosa aparese en la toma en lo alto de la nube arriba del cielo donde el cuadro de enfoque de la tablet limita la copa de un arbol por la ventana y un poste de energia,alcomienzo cuando vi el video lentamente y pausando las tomas penese que podria tratarse de alguna ave o insecto o desenfoque o reflejo producido por el infrarrojo,pero al verlo mas detalladamente mi curiosidad cresio y mi asombro fue mayor al definitivamente poder distinguir forma y aspecto del objecto asi mismo como deducir su posible velocidad al descender y cambiar su trayectoria conservando tan asombrosa velocidad,el objecto aparese en lo alto de la pequeña nube en el cielo entre la toma que hace la lente entre la copa del arbol y el poste de energia,desciende con rapidez,depronto emite un destello de luz el cual capta con gran clarida la lente y queda en la grabacion del video,luego sobre ese mismo descenso y a conservando esa gran velocidad el objecto hace un giro brusco hacia la derecha en direccion alta en el cielo por detras de la toma del poste de energia,en el momento de hacer el giro a la ves emite un segunto destello de luz el cual parese ser alguna especie de pulsacion producidad por la energia que lo propulsa o impulsa la cual se torna de un color blancusco con tono azulado.Una ves el extraño objecto gira hacia la derecha en su descenso este pasa por el cuadro de toma de grabacion a un lado del poste de energia en lo alto por la parte trasera de dicho poste de energia y se pierde en la toma de grabacion debido a que la camara ya no lo alcanza a captar dentro del rango de enfoque de toma.Y como dato aun mas extraño entre los tiempos previos a la toma en que aperese el extraño objecto y despues de que este pasa en lo alto y es captado por la camara modificada a infrarrojo de la tablet ,el dispositivo alpareser presento variaciones e inestabilidad de grabacion que aun no logro explicar,una especie de fuerza electromagnetica o pulsacion paresio afectarla al momento de captar y lograr grabar al objecto.Hice algunas capturas de pantalla de los tiempos de pausa dentro del video donde se puede claramente distinguir su aspecto y su forma,asi mismo como del momento en que aparese en lo alto,empieza su descenso y gira hacia la derecha emitiendo esa luz rara.Asi mismo hice una copia del archivo original al cual le disminui la velocidad de grabado o lo ralentise para hacer mas facil la visualizacion del fenomeno en los tiempos dados del video.

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UFO Sighting in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania on 2017-07-01 20:47:00 – Object appeared to be two egg-shaped objects tethered together, one above the other

On 1 july 2017 at approximately 2045, i was standing alone in my driveway smoking a cigarette when i noticed one of my neighbors was flying his small drone/rc aircraft around the neighborhood. i was watching the drone fly over another neighbors house when i noticed a second object appeared from behind the house.

my initial impression was this object was oddly shaped, being much taller (vertical plane) and much shorter (horizontal plane) in it’s silouette than any aircraft i am familiar with. from it’s silouette, i concluded it was likely a large bird flying at a very steep bank over the woods near the neighborhood. i then returned my attention to the drone now flying near my house.

after a few seconds, the drone disappeared from my view and i glanced back at the other object. i noticed despite it appearing to be in a steep bank, it seemed to be flying straight and level. at this point i determined this was not a bird as i previously assumed, and noticed the object appeared to be two similarly shaped objects tethered or connected together, one on top of the other.

the object looked rounded or egg shaped, with a second rounded/egg shaped object immediately below it. between the two egg sections was a solid structure appearing to connect the two together. i could not determine whether this was a single object or two objects, but i distinctly remember the solid structure linking the two rounded sections together. the object was dark in appearance, perhaps dull black or another very dark color.

at this point i became very interested in the object and i wanted to get a closer look. i started filming the object with my cell phone at maximum zoom (x8). i also (accidentally) took a still photo with my phone prior to taking the video. i will attached both of these files to this report

i filmed the object for almost two minutes as it traveled at a moderate rate of speed from west to east. the sun was very low on the horizon at this time, and i noted that there was no visible glint or reflection of the sunlight from the object.

a few moments after i stopped filming, a small single engine airplane flew over the house traveling south. this aircraft had all of it’s navigation and anti-collision lights on and i immediately realized i did not see any sign of such lighting on the object i filmed. there was no noise heard from the object nor any other emissions observed. i could not see any normal aircraft parts on the object (no rotor blades, propellers, wings, stabilizers, etc).

the two most likely explanations i can come up with are: 1) a helicopter with a large load slung underneath or 2) two aircraft in an air-to-air refueling operation. there are some merits to each explaination, but there are several problems with each as well. the apparent “structure” connecting the two sections was much more solid and thicker than any sling load or refueling probe i’ve ever seen. this structure was very distinct. plus the apparent lack of lighting and/or wings, rotors, etc.

in short, i have no idea what i saw. but it was unusual enough in appearance that i decided to take a video of it.

happy to answer any follow up questions that may arise.

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The Search For Alien Astroengineers

The Search For Alien Astroengineers

     Looking for a lone signal from some far-flung alien civilization is one thing — looking for its handiwork on galactic scales is quite another. But a handful of astronomers are still hopeful that if hyper-advanced extraterrestrial civilizations can survive through cosmic time, they
By Bruce Dorminey

might choose to macro-engineer whole galaxies in ways that would be detectable in the electromagnetic spectrum.

“If a civilization has engineered half a galaxy, some fraction of the energy being used should glow in the infrared,” James Annis, an astrophysicist at Fermilab, told me. Annis and colleagues conducted the first such search for KIII civilizations in 1999.

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