UFO News Article: “BRITAIN’S X-FILES: UFO files reveal Cold War spy plane crew’s horror as mysterious craft ‘covered in 20 flashing lights’ closed in at 35,000ft”

30 June 2017
(The Sun, London, UK)
The UFO incident occurred over the Mediterranean Sea on 
19 October 1982, according to the UK Ministry of Defence.


Map of the Mediterranean Basin (lib.utexas.edu)
(lib.utexas.edu image)

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Black Triangle Sighting in Peterborough, England on 1997-09-15 00:00:00 – Triangle ufo approx. 40 feet above me motionless for five minutes approx.

It was approx. 7:00pm on a wednesday in peterborough, united kingdom, my home for almost 21 years. i was on walking past axiom avenue, a residential area of the city, when i heard the sound of a very low and
loud aircraft. i assumed it was an airplane and that belief remained as i watched the aircraft approx. 3 foot above a two-storey house, which was hidden from my view because of the shape of the roof. i guess i watched
it for approx. 15 seconds, worried how close it was to the house and street. i would have expected an airplane to fly pass and not remain in the same area but i wasn’t thinking about that. i was worried about it being so close.

suddenly, the aircraft flew to the right and it became clear within a few seconds that i was seeing no airplane. it was a triangular ufo. it tilted up as it flew to the right and then it stopped in mid-air. it was approx. 6 foot above the 3-storey flat on the right. it covered a large area of the street. i must have watched it in mid-air and motionless for approx. 5 minutes. the only time the ufo made any sound was when i believed it to be an airplane. the ufo had a white light in each corner and they were very much like spotlights, and in the middle there was a large red circle. despite what i was seeing i wasn’t scared. during my close encounter i didn’t see or hear any traffic, which is surprising considering there are busy roads close to the street. suddenly, the ufo hovered up, again no sound was made and it flew into the sky at a speed, which didn’t seem possible and there was no shock wave as far as i could tell. a few seconds afterwards a van drove past, they missed the ufo by just a few seconds. i don’t believe i lost any track of time and i haven’t had any dreams or nightmares about being abducted by aliens.

i didn’t come public with my close encounter until recently and for reasons i can’t explain i never researched the ufo until last year. i was watching a documentary on television about the triangular ufo’s and since then i have been doing research about them ever since. the x files’ finale episode concluded with the ufo above mulder and scully, leading me to think about my experience even more.

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UFO Sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas on 2017-06-28 22:10:00 – Set of lights stationary then seemed to move very unbelievably fast in a square pattern as if in a quadminted direction . then immediately to approx the same angle as lights their is a airbase which became suddenly black with air raid sirens blasting .

Went outside to let dogs out at above time listed.
immediately saw patterned lights moving in a structured quartered square seeming to become
out of frequency. immediately noticed change of light at safb (sheddard air force base).As i quickly moved eyes to airbase to see it go black with the air raid sirens screaming. looked at unknown object as it immediately flicked off like a light switch and was gone. the black out remained but the sirens stopped after a few seconds before. i stared in the direction of departure for an unknown amount of time. due to the blackout and air raid sirens i saw and heard, for me at least, concretely verified that what i had seen was an actual event and not just unknown lights in the night sky, i know this object was real. real. real real .

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UFO Sighting in Unsure , New Mexico on 2017-06-25 00:00:00 – I was on a southwest airlines flight going from abq nm to burbank, ca and saw 3 large strange flashing orbs that looked like they had landed in the middle of nowhere possibly by the nm/az border.

On a sunday morning flight from albuquerque new mexico to burbank california, we passed by 3 glowing orblike objects that had seemed to be at rest in the middle of nowhere in a very tough to reach part of the desert. i videotaped it and my partner witnessed this as well.

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UFO Sighting in Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia on 1992-08-20 23:10:00 – I saw a large light in the sky going from side to side and i got my boat directly under it and then it went out

I was in my speedboat going out in the harbour and i observed a solid white triangle light, it was going from side to side and slowly descending. my boat was about 50 miles an hour, i thought it was a plane crashing, i got directly under the beam of light. i remember looking up and thinking “hoe huge this thing is” and then in an instant the light went out. the next thing i remember the boat was stopped and i remember turning around going home and feeling very peaceful and at ease but i didn’t remember this event until two years ago in 2015 and this happened in the summer of 1992. i remembered this event when i was looking out my bedroom window late at night and saw the same thing in the sky and it made me remember this. i developed a small indented scar on my back and it’s been there since 1992 and it never healed or went away.

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MoD X-File Reveals a Terrifying UFO Encounter; F-14 Fighters Were Scrambled

MoD X-File Reveals a Terrifying UFO Encounter

A TERRIFYING Cold War near miss witnessed by an entire crew of a US Air Force spy plane has been laid bare in a UFO dossier.

     The once top secret file was released by the Ministry of Defence last week, along with several other declassified documents.
By The Sun

They include the gripping account of an unexplained incident on 19 October 1982 when a USAF RC-135 plane snooping on Soviet military activity was buzzed by “a big object” over the Med.

British troops stationed at RAF Troodos – a base on Cyprus – listened in as the American crew called for help as a UFO cloaked in “a multitude of flashing lights, 20 at a time” zoned in.

During the 90 minute incident, two US Navy F-14 fighters were scrambled and an RAF Phantom was diverted from a flying exercise to tail the intruder spotted on the south of the island.

As the three jets approached the American crew watched the UFO turn away and head toward the African coast, but nothing was seen by the fighter pilots.

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Shocking videos ‘show MASSIVE Alien Motherships’ near the sun

Several videos which have been uploaded to YouTube—one of them has been watched over 1,300,000 times—promise to be the ultimate evidence proving Alien spaceships are common around our sun, and there’s something odd going on. One of the videos—which according to many is beyond spectacular—depicts a mysterious massive object next to the sun that seems […]

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The “DNA Switch” That Links All Blue Eyes To One SINGLE Ancestor

Believe it or not, a single person in Europe is responsible for the development of blue eyes. It happened 6,000-10,000 million years ago as the result of a single genetic mutation. Ol’ blue eyes then spread from Europe around the world, according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen. That genetic mutation did not “make” […]

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UFO Sighting in Coquitlam, British Columbia on 2017-06-29 03:20:00 – 5 days this week it has been present at different times for different periods

See footage, have more. all were video provided was from june 30, 2017.

object changes colour and shape all the time, it remains in the same area for a few hours around 3am over burke mountain, i am located on the adjacent mountain of westwood plateau.

usually always there after 3am and stays to 6am or about then. changes to a transparent with white outline when sun rises and start to climb higher. couldn’t find it after a short period of time then a an incredibly bright flash of light happened.

when you zoom in, it goes blurry, so best to magnify it some other way.

all footage was done by my iphone 6.

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