Google Search: Focus On Five UFO Theses/Research Studies Written by U.S. Military Officers

The book, The UFO Cover-Up:  What the Government Won’t Say (previous title: Clear Intent) (Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood) gives an overview (on Google Books) of the following theses/research studies: “UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life,” Captain D. Stanley, 1968; “The UFO Problem: Time for a Reassesment,” Major J. King, 1968; “An Analysis of UFOs,” Major R. Dutton, 1967; “The UFO Debate Is Still Alive,” Major J. Stroh, 1971; “Should the USAF Reopen Project Blue Book?” Major W. Brummett and Captain E. Zuick, 1974.,+The+UFO+Problem:+Time+for+a+Reassesment,+An+Analysis+of+UFOs,+The+UFO+Debate+Is+Still+Alive,+Should+the+USAF+Reopen+Project+Blue+Book%3F&oq=UFOs+and+Extraterrestrial+Life,+The+UFO+problem:+Time+for+a+Reassesment,+An+Analysis+of+UFOs,+The+UFO+Debate+Is+Still+Alive,+Should+the+USAF+Reopen+Project+Blue+Book%3F

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Love Monarchs? Participate in the Monarch Monitoring Blitz This Week!

By Cora Lund Preston, Communication Specialist for Monarch Joint Venture

The Monarch Monitoring Blitz has begun! Grab your hats, sunscreen and clipboards and join fellow citizen scientists for some fresh air and an international monarch monitoring blitz from July 29-August 5th! With enough reports, your information will provide a snapshot that helps scientists understand the range and population size of late summer breeding monarchs across North America.

If you’re already familiar with the

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UFO Sighting in Richmond Hill, Georgia on 2017-08-01 00:00:00 – We were stargazing and noticed a random flashing light.

in richmond hill georgia we were stargazing in our driveway just after midnight on august 1, 2017. we first noticed a flashing light to the northeast. we continued to watch as at first the light flashed irregularly in the same spot several times. the next time it flashed it had moved to the east and did this several times in a zigzag motion. after about five minutes we lost sight of it because of dense tree coverage. this is my first reported sighting and what made it especially exciting is having someone else with me who is a bit of a skeptic. this person and i filled this form out together. i attempted video with my iphone but it didn’t show up.

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UFO Sighting in Humacao, Humacao on 2017-07-05 17:18:00 – Flying saucer from west to east appears comming from the mountain south of humacao, puerto rico

Flying saucer from west to east appears comming from the mountain south of humacao, puerto rico. see the sequence of the photos which took around less than a second and the flight-path the object was taking. i was pointing my camera to south east of humacao pr.

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UFO Sighting in Hereford, Arizona on 2017-07-30 23:15:00 – Lights at high altitude; did not conform to typical aircraft movement

Myself and my wife went outside our garage to have a cigarette and enjoy the evening sky between 11:00pm and 11:15pm. the outdoor lighting around the house was off so we had a very clear view of the night sky. we were taking in the view to the east, watching falling stars as we often do, and noticed a flash of white light to the north east.

the flash of light caught our attention and we began to watch the area of the sky it came from. the white light blinked on again. it was not an abrupt flash but rather an increase in luminosity from nothing to slightly brighter than the surrounding stars then back to nothing again. at first we thought it might be a uas from fort huachuca or another aircraft but that proved quickly not to be the case.

at first my wife and i thought it was a single object hopping back and forth a short distance in the night sky (less than 1 km), but it quickly became apparent that there were actually two objects. we ascertained this because we noticed that after the white light would die down, there was in fact, a faint red light remaining. the red light glowed constant and did not blink. we saw two faint red lights that would take turns glowing bright white for 1.5 to 2 seconds before fading back to a dim red.

it was exceptionally hard to make out these red lights due to the distance and altitude. my guess is that they were only about as bright as the faintest stars visible to the naked eye. my wife and i had to stare off center (to avoid the night vision blind spot) to even catch where they were when they were not glowing the much brighter white. the objects must have been at extreme range and altitude given their position in the sky and relative brightness compared to the stars/planets in the sky. i would suspect the viewing distance exceeded 10 miles and whatever they were must have been at an altitude in the excess of 15,000 ft. msl.

the objects remained visible for 4-5 minutes, then one of them shot off to the east at extreme speed (traversing 1/4 of the visible sky less than 2 seconds). the object vanished above the highest clouds and never returned. the second object moved west, at much slower speed, but my wife and i lost it due to light contamination over sierra vista. the dim red was very difficult to follow.

overall, i was quite fascinated by the object, as was my wife. she is quite skeptical of ufo phenomenon, and i have never personally witnessed anything like it i could not explain.

reasons i decided to report it:
1. the lighting pattern is inconsistent with aircraft lighting typically used by the faa in us airspace.
2. the objects were hovering at extreme altitude well beyond that expected of a helicopter or other rotary winged aircraft.
3. the acceleration of the object is inconsistent with known aircraft.
4. shooting stars don’t hover.
5. flares don’t burn out in less than 2 seconds, then remain in the same spot and re-ignite.

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UFO Sighting in Anserma, Caldas on 2015-08-16 20:21:00 – Like christmas oriment moving across mountain top then stop an go down side of mountain leaving a light beam behind it

Was visiting in anserma colombia s,a, a coffee region during the day while laying in a hammock with my 2 year when i look out of the corner of my eye an said to my self why isn’t that bird moving keep waiting for it to dip or move after a minute i call her up to see if she saw what i was looking at what is that loudly i don’t know go get your phone an take a picture she comes back an it starts to move real slow moving up an behind the big white cloud its gone, i look at the photo she took it did not appear but in the cloud their was a strange circle that look like someone air brushed it out it was a big circle 100 of feet across i notice it because it looked out of place with the necked eye you could not see that object,ok when on about the day, its evening now an i say to my self wonder if anything is out their sure as ,,,,,, their it was or another object i’m 5000 feet above sea level check it out on google earth anyway their is a mountain ridge across the way eye level its moving slow the top top then stop an make a right turn down the mountain 45 degrees i take a picture i got , this town is so far out in the boonies your lucky if you every see a jet high up, the wired thing is the picture was missing when i came back fl, for years i found the old phone an their it was not only that their is a beam of light behind us that i don’t remember seeing when i was looking across the way,iv never seen a ufo before but in that town an on the farm i saw 3 different times in 2 months i alway felt like something was telling me to leave or look for a escape route , later that night i was sitting on the bed an behind me it was as if the lights when off or a shadow shot thro the room that wired i said to my self why did just half the room go dark hmmmmmm still flustered years later , the only time i herd a something was on the farm an it was a helicopter getting closer an closer it took a long time for me to find it that how quite it is up their in the mountain my option their up to something in columbia an their were watching me because i stood out blond hair blue eye also see quitiica co,thanks for reading we are not alone god created earth in 7 days and if their are trillions of stars with planets that means he will be finish in seven trillion years but how many have passed an how many different species i feel very special to have seen what iv seen ,keep looking up a, i willpost picture at a later date

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Noru transforms from a wandering weakling into a roaring typhoon that is now churning towards Japan

But forecast tracks for Noru are literally all over the map, so it’s too soon to tell whether the storm will make landfall there

For ten days, Noru meandered aimlessly in the Pacific at no more than Category 1 strength, doing a big lazy do-si-do with a tropical storm but otherwise seemingly going nowhere.

By Sunday, Noru had weakened into a tropical storm. But as it wandered southward, it entered an environment with low wind shear plus very warm surface waters at close to 30°C (86°F).

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Your Kitchen Sponge is Covered With Bacteria — Don’t Bother Cleaning It

If bacteria all glowed the way some bioluminescent species do, you’d probably go blind walking into your kitchen. An abundance of organic material and damp surfaces allows microbial life to flourish around spaces where food is prepared, but one particular item shines brightest in the bacterial firmament. It’s the kitchen sponge, that workhorse of culinary clean-ups, and it is absolutely overrun with bacteria.

Kitchen sponges have been picked out as bacterial strongholds for quite a while,

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Can PhD Students Write Review Papers?

In a post earlier this month, I discussed a new Journal of Neuroscience paper on statistical power in neuroscience. That paper was a response to and reanalysis of a previous article, and in my post I noted my surprise that the new paper hadn’t appeared in Nature Reviews: Neuroscience (NRN), where the original paper had been published.

It turns out there’s a bit of a backstory here. According to the senior author of the new paper, Jon Roiser, his group did want to submit to NRN, but th

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