FrankenFungus Armed With Venom Toxins Could Join The War Against Malaria

People are often surprised when I say that mosquitoes are the deadliest venomous animal in the world (the deadliest animal period, really, if we don’t count ourselves). Mosquito bites—and the venoms delivered by them—kill upwards of 750,000 people worldwide every year thanks to the deadly diseases that harbor within. Most of those deaths are thanks to microscopic parasites in the genus Plasmodium, which are responsible for the diseases collectively called malaria. Malaria accounts for around

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Image of strange blue orb over Merrimack, New Hampshire confuse witnesses

A photograph that shows a strange blue orb has people questioning what that strange light in the sky over Merrimack in New Hampshire.

Trish Wilson sent in the above photo to NH1 News asking, “What is this?” NH1 meteorologists took a look at the photo and said it looked like some sort of refraction of light from the sun interacting with the clouds.

Along with NH1 News, Wilson also sent the photo over to UFO Sightings Hotspot. They said the object was most likely a lens flare, pointing out that it looks very similar to one captured on a NASA camera on June 11. It can be seen in the video below around the 31 minute mark, reports NH1 News.

Indeed, I have discussed with Trish about this sighting and as NH1 News reported, in my opinion rather than a UFO sighting the blue orb is a typically lens flare, characteristic by the white dots visible especially in these kind of lens flares.

Though it is understandable that there is much confusion about this type of lens flare given the fact that almost every day people submit images of lens flares to the Mufon network wondering if they have photographed a UFO or not.

Above images show the NASA-ISS lens flare as well as similar lens flares captured in Ontario, Canada and Alta, Utah, this year.


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UFO Documentary Film Transcript (Excerpt): “UFO også i Norge?” (“UFO also in Norway?”)

Transcript of the interview with Major Espen Steffensen, Royal Norwegian Air Force.
Transcript in Norwegian:
Intervjuer: “Mange lurer på hvordan Det norske forsvaret stiller seg til UFO-meldingene. Kommer det inn slike meldinger til Forsvaret? Og i tilfelle, blir disse registreringene tatt på alvor?
Espen Steffensen er major. Han har i 10 år vært engasjert med UFO-jobbing som en del av tjenesten sin i Luftforsvaret – og har i denne perioden gransket ca. 20 UFO-saker.”
Espen Steffensen: “Ja da, jeg har stelt med dette i både Nord-Norge og i Sør-Norge, og har hatt dette som en bijobb. Forsvaret tar imot meldingene (UFO-meldingene) og behandler de og sender de videre til Forsvarets overkommando.”
Intervjuer: “Dere tar dette alvorlig?
Espen Steffensen: “Vi tar det absolutt alvorlig! Og det er ganske viktig at vi prøver å finne svar på de spørsmålene som stilles, og gjør en objektiv jobb på dette her – og gir en tilbakemelding til den personen som rapporterte til oss. Rapportene mottas da ved for eksempel Forsvarets overkommando. Og man går ut og prøver så å finne ut hva er det som er sett. Vi tar kontakt med Flykontrolltjenesten ved flyplassen og med våre egne radarstasjoner for å finne svar på dette.”
Intervjuer: “Og slik finner Forsvaret en naturlig forklaring på de fleste UFO-sakene – men det blir likevel noen igjen man ikke kan forklare – selv med Forsvarets avanserte utstyr til disposisjon.”
Espen Steffensen: “Det er blant annet et tilfelle over Vestfold (fylke) for noen år siden – hvor det ble observert en sigar-lignende gjenstand. Og vi kunne ikke finne ut noen ting via radar eller Luftkontrolltjenesten hva det var for noen ting som var over Vestfold i det unike området. Det var en episode over Sarpsborg for noen år siden hvor det også ble observert en UFO-lignende gjenstand som vi aldri fant ut hva det kunne være for noen ting.”
Intervjuer: “Hvordan tedde den seg?”
Espen Steffensen: “Den fløy over byen og var vel også sigar-lignende. Men våre radarer har ikke observert den. Og Flykontrolltjenesten hadde ikke kjennskap til den.”
Intervjuer: “Forsvarets blikk er altså også rettet mot UFO-fenomener. Hvorfor er dette så viktig for Forsvaret?”
Espen Steffensen: “Det er jo blant annet alvorlig på grunn av rikets sikkerhet. Og det er også veldig viktig på grunn av forhold til sivile.”
Intervjuer: “Hvorfor er det viktig i forhold til rikets sikkerhet?”
Espen Steffensen: “Det er jo klart at vi har våre radarer som ser hva som foregår i luftrommet over oss. Og vi vil jo helst ikke at ukjente ting skal komme inn over Norge uten at vi har identifisert det.”
Transcript in English (translated by Google Translate):
Interviewer: “Many are wondering how the Norwegian Armed Forces react to UFO reports. Are there any such reports sent to the Armed Forces? And in the event, are these registrations taken seriously?
Espen Steffensen is Major. For 10 years he has been involved in UFO work as part of his service in the Air Force – and during this period he has examined approximately 20 UFO cases.”
Espen Steffensen: “Yes, I have been doing this in both Northern Norway and Southern Norwayand have had this as an extra job. The Armed Forces receive the reports (UFO reports) and treat them and pass them on to the Armed Forces Command.”
Interviewer: “Do the Air Force take this seriously?”
Espen Steffensen: “We absolutely take it seriously! And it is quite important that we try to find answers to the questions asked and do an objective job on this – and provide feedback to the person who reported to us. The reports are then received by, for example, the Defense Command. And you go out and try to figure out what is seen. We will contact the Air Traffic Control at the airport and with our own radar stations to find answers to this.”
Interviewer: “And so, the Armed Forces finds a natural explanation of most of the UFO cases – but there are still some things you can not explain – even with the military’s advanced equipment at their disposal.”

Espen Steffensen: “This is a case over Vestfold (County) a few years ago – where a cigar-like object was observed. And we could not figure out anything via the radar or the Air Traffic Service what was flying over Vestfold in this specific area. It was an episode in Sarpsborg a few years ago when a UFO-like object was observed, but we never figured out what the object was.”
Interviewer: “How did it fly?”
Espen Steffensen: “It flew over the city and was also cigar-like. But our radar has not observed it. And the Air Traffic Service did not know about it.”
Interviewer: “The view of the Armed Forces is thus also directed at UFO phenomena. Why is this so important to the Armed Forces?”
Espen Steffensen: “It is, among other things, serious because of the security of the nation. And it’s also very important because of relationships with civilians.”
Interviewer: “Why is it important in relation to the security of the nation?”
Espen Steffensen: “It is clear that we have our radars that surveilles what is going on in the airspace above us. And we prefer to identify what objects fly over Norway.”

The interview with Major Espen Steffensen starts at 15:01 minutes into the documentary (source:
Wikipedia article: “Royal Norwegian Air Force”:

Wikipedia article: “Vestfold”:
Wikipedia article: “Sarpsborg”:

The logo of the Royal Norwegian Air Force
( image)

Map of Norway (
( image)

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China Profits as US Hesitates on Selling Armed Drones

More than 15 years after a U.S. Predator drone launched its first Hellfire missile, the United States remains reluctant to sell armed drones to even its closest allies. That hesitation in selling armed drones has left the door open for countries such as Israel and China to dominate military drone sales across the world. Now the U.S. government runs the risk of losing influence in a world of drone proliferation unless it reconsiders its policy on sales of military drones, according to a new r

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UFO Sighting in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina on 2017-06-28 00:00:00 – Taking pics of a pretty sky.

Was taking pics of a nice sunset. when i got home and was a little surprised at what i saw. couldn’t make it to anywhere more picturesque so i took some pics through the power lines. i remember seeing the round shape and just thinking it was one of the spheres you see attached to the actual power lines you see. when i looked at the pics the sphere only appears to be touching the line in 1 pic. i was in the car but i was in a parking lot not moving. the first picture i just took a regular mode iphone 7plus, the next 3 were in hd. my heart kind of jumped when i went back to look.

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Nearly Perfectly Preserved Fossil Puts This Reptile Back on Land

A new, beautifully preserved specimen of a reptile from the Triassic boots the species out of the water and back onto land.

The fossil in question is a small reptile dating to around 241 million years ago called Esaurosphargis dalsassoi. It was found by researchers from Switzerland in the eastern part of the Swiss Alps, armored plates, frilly spikes and all. It’s only the second fossil of this species ever discovered, and the exquisite detail of the find is helping researchers to better u

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Elon Musk’s futuristic tunnel system looks both amazing and impossible

Elon Musk wants to build intricate underground roadway systems beneath the country’s biggest and most sprawling urban centers. It may not be his most ambitious idea; let us not forget the plan to colonize Mars and turn humans into cyborgs. But The Boring Company, as the tunnel idea is called, is still pretty outrageous. For evidence, look no […]

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UFO in the San Francisco Bay? | VIDEO

UFO in the San Francisco Bay

     When the rest of the world is setting off firecrackers high in the sky, 69-year-old Eric Staller hopes to be wowing the crowd on the San Francisco Bay, dazzling onlookers in his wacky Bubbleboat, a converted farm silo set on aluminum platoons festooned with 600 twinkling lights.
By Lisa Fernandez

“I always like to flash around Pier 39 and the Embarcadero,” Staller said in a recent interview. “I jfust like to see the looks on people’s faces, like ‘What is THAT?’’’

… Staller said he was paid $60,000 to create the fun piece, which he categorizes as one of his many “Urban UFO” projects. As part of the deal, he got to keep the Bubbleboat for the rest of his life.

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Dr. J. Allen Hynek: Ufology is a Mess

J Allen Hynek

     “Ufology today is in the state I would say chemistry was when chemistry was alchemy, a mixture of superstition, wild ideas, unproved claims, and yet out of that whole mess, finally the very first class science of chemistry evolved. And I think the same thing is going to happen eventually with Ufology, but right now, it is a mess. …”
By Curt Collins
Blue Blurry Lines

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