FrankenFungus Armed With Venom Toxins Could Join The War Against Malaria

People are often surprised when I say that mosquitoes are the deadliest venomous animal in the world (the deadliest animal period, really, if we don’t count ourselves). Mosquito bites—and the venoms delivered by them—kill upwards of 750,000 people worldwide every year thanks to the deadly diseases that harbor within. Most of […]

Image of strange blue orb over Merrimack, New Hampshire confuse witnesses

A photograph that shows a strange blue orb has people questioning what that strange light in the sky over Merrimack in New Hampshire. Trish Wilson sent in the above photo to NH1 News asking, “What is this?” NH1 meteorologists took a look at the photo and said it looked like […]

UFO Documentary Film Transcript (Excerpt): “UFO også i Norge?” (“UFO also in Norway?”)

Transcript of the interview with Major Espen Steffensen, Royal Norwegian Air Force. Transcript in Norwegian: Intervjuer: “Mange lurer på hvordan Det norske forsvaret stiller seg til UFO-meldingene. Kommer det inn slike meldinger til Forsvaret? Og i tilfelle, blir disse registreringene tatt på alvor? Espen Steffensen er major. Han har i […]

UFO Sighting in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina on 2017-06-28 00:00:00 – Taking pics of a pretty sky.

Was taking pics of a nice sunset. when i got home and was a little surprised at what i saw. couldn’t make it to anywhere more picturesque so i took some pics through the power lines. i remember seeing the round shape and just thinking it was one of the […]

Nearly Perfectly Preserved Fossil Puts This Reptile Back on Land

A new, beautifully preserved specimen of a reptile from the Triassic boots the species out of the water and back onto land. The fossil in question is a small reptile dating to around 241 million years ago called Esaurosphargis dalsassoi. It was found by researchers from Switzerland in the eastern part of the Swiss […]

Elon Musk’s futuristic tunnel system looks both amazing and impossible

Elon Musk wants to build intricate underground roadway systems beneath the country’s biggest and most sprawling urban centers. It may not be his most ambitious idea; let us not forget the plan to colonize Mars and turn humans into cyborgs. But The Boring Company, as the tunnel idea is called, is still pretty […]

UFO in the San Francisco Bay? | VIDEO

     When the rest of the world is setting off firecrackers high in the sky, 69-year-old Eric Staller hopes to be wowing the crowd on the San Francisco Bay, dazzling onlookers in his wacky Bubbleboat, a converted farm silo set on aluminum platoons festooned with 600 twinkling lights. By […]

Dr. J. Allen Hynek: Ufology is a Mess

     “Ufology today is in the state I would say chemistry was when chemistry was alchemy, a mixture of superstition, wild ideas, unproved claims, and yet out of that whole mess, finally the very first class science of chemistry evolved. And I think the same thing is going to […]