254. Free Show: Don Ledger

Alejandro Rojas with extended UFO Updates, Don Ledger discusses Shag Harbour which will be having a 50th anniversary this coming October 4th. Don discusses what he has learned in almost 20 years research, along with Chris Styles while interviewing witnesses of “Canada’s Roswell”.

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Google Website Searches: Focus On UFO Incidents Involving Helicopter Observations

Time and again, UFO witnesses have reported that a helicopter (or more than one helicopter) was observed at the same time that the UFO incident took place or a short while after the incident had occurred.

Witnesses to animal mutilations have also mentioned that they have observed a helicopter (or helicopters) during the same time frame that the mutilation occurred.

Many of the incidents involve UH-1 (nicknamed “Huey”) helicopters, according to the witnesses.
In their book, The UFO Cover-Up, Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood theorise that a U.S. government agency monitors/investigates UFO incidents.

They write that the easiest way to monitor UFO activity is to travel in a helicopter to and from UFO incident sites.

Wikipedia article: “Bell UH-1 Iroquois”:


U.S.Army Bell UH-1D Iroquois
(wikimedia.org photo)

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Witness describes helicopter chasing ball of light

A Kansas witness at Lawrence reported watching a military helicopter apparently chasing an orange ball of light moving overhead under 1,000 feet, according to testimony in Case 83535 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness went outside upon hearing a low flying helicopter on May 4, 2017. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness went outside upon hearing a low flying helicopter on May 4, 2017. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness was inside an apartment watching television when the sound of a helicopter was heard at 11:15 p.m. on May 4, 2017.

“It sounded very low and powerful, so I figured it had to be military, and I, being a total nerd, had to run out to the parking lot to get a look,” the witness stated.“By the time I was out my door and in the parking lot, I had just enough time to watch a small, orange ball of light being chased by what I assume to be a Blackhawk helicopter (because of size and sound) disappear behind the rooftops of the buildings east of me.”

This struck the witness as bizarre.

“I saw something similar some months ago in the same general area – the skies south of Lawrence. I live on the south side of town, not far from Baker Wetlands.”

The witness saw a military helicopter apparently chasing an orange ball of light. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness saw a military helicopter apparently chasing an orange ball of light. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness described the event.

“The light was small and orange in color and was about 50-100 yards ahead of the helicopter. It made no erratic movements, but was travelling at a fair clip as the helicopter was tracking it at almost the exact speed and it was moving pretty quickly.”

The witness does not believe the orange light could have been a sky lantern.

“I have my doubts that this could’ve been a paper lantern – though the color and intensity of the light were similar to one – and the distance ahead of the helicopter rules out a refueling boom. I’d give the altitude of the two objects to be between 500-1,000 feet AGL and the speed of both to be about 100 knots at the time I saw them.”

The witness noted there was one other object in the sky.

Both objects were flying under 1,000 feet. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

Both objects were flying under 1,000 feet. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

“I saw another object in the sky in the general area at the same time, though it may not have been connected. This object seemed to be an aircraft judging by the red and white lights it had on it, but it hovered in place for a moment until the lights slowly faded out with no apparent change in location. The direction I was looking toward would be about a straight line to KCI, so I wasn’t immediately suspicious, but – having seen plenty of air traffic heading to and from KCI on that flight path – this didn’t look like anything I’d seen before – and no landing lights. I mention this because it was odd and because the previous sighting of a few months earlier of the same kind of event had two helicopters chasing the light instead of just one. Maybe this was the second.”

Lawrence is the sixth largest city in the state of Kansas and the county seat of Douglas County, Kansas, population 87,643. Kansas MUFON State Director Stan Seba is investigating. No photos or videos were included with the report which was filed on May 5, 2017. Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

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Unknown Objects captured during Space Walk outside the ISS

NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer are preparing for an unscheduled spacewalk outside the International Space Station Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

Whitson, Expedition 51 commander, and Fischer, flight engineer, will replace a critical computer relay box that failed May 20. The relay box, known as a multiplexer-demultiplexer (MDM), is one of two units that regulate the operation of radiators, solar arrays and cooling loops. They also route commands to other vital station systems.

During the spacewalk the live camera recorded not only the astronaut’s activities outside the ISS but also two unknown flying objects. Is it just a reflection or the objects may have been UFOs?


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Seed Beetles Are Locked in a Brutal ‘Sexual Arms Race’

Cowpea seed beetle sex is complicated.

During copulation, the male seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus, uses his sharp, spiky penis to damage females’ reproductive tract while depositing sperm. All the while, the female vigorously kicks at her suitor—it hurts! As studies have shown, males with longer, harmful penis spikes enjoy more reproductive success, to the detriment of their partner’s health.

But the process of evolution has a way of balancing the scales. In a new study, Liam Do

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With Improvements, Humanity’s ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault Is Safe, Probably

Just nine years after its official opening, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway is undergoing renovations to protect it from climate change.

The work was prompted by accidental flooding that took place last week, as melting permafrost seeped into the vault’s access corridor. While the seeds were in no danger, the flooding is nevertheless a worrying sign at a facility meant to endure the worst this planet can throw at it.

The list of vault improvements includes a ditch to divert me

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UFO News Article & Video Interview: “ ‘Something extraordinary happened here’ – Colonel Charles Halt returns to UFO site in Rendlesham”

Updated: 22 May 2017
(East Anglian Daily Times, Ipswich, UK)
The Rendlesham Forest, UK, UFO incidents occurred on
26 December (reported as 27 December by Charles I. Halt)
and 28 December 1980 (early hours), according to an article (rendlesham-forest-mod-article) by Nick Pope called “Rendlesham Forest – MoD Article.”

The twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge were
joint Royal Air Force-U.S. Air Force bases at the time of the UFO incidents.
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Colonel Charles I. Halt, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
(youtube.com image)

Aerial view of RAF Bentwaters, UK
(whale.to photo)

Aerial view of RAF Woodbridge, UK
(controltowers.co.uk photo)

Map of RAF Bentwaters, RAF Woodbridge, UK, and the 
December 1980 UFO landing site (2.bp.blogspot.com image)

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Conquering the ICU atop Mt. Everest

A trek to base camp at Mount Everest will leave you short of breath in a hurry.

A push to the summit begins in thin air, 17,000 feet above sea level — higher than any peak in the Rocky Mountains. Once you reach the “Death Zone,” above 26,000 feet, oxygen levels drop to a third of what they are at sea level. Few climbers reach the summit, which rises 29,029 feet above sea level, without bottled oxygen.

To acclimate their bodies to diminishing oxygen levels, climbers ascend Mt. Everest i

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