UFO Article (Blog): “Recent US Department of Defence Manual Contains Instructions Regarding The Photographing of UFOs By Armed Forces Personnel”

By Paul Dean, 4 May 2017
(UFOs – Documenting The Evidence, Melbourne, Australia)
Quote from the article:
“The US Department of Defence (DoD), and components of the Armed Forces, routinely produce ‘doctrinal’ material to aid in the efficient and lawful running of the US military. Such doctrine falls into several categories, including, but not limited to, ‘Regulations,’ ‘Instructions,’ ‘Manuals,’ ‘Directives’ and ‘Guidelines.’ Historically, the US military handled the reporting and investigation of ‘UFOs,’ or ‘unidentified flying objects,’ through such published doctrine, much of which has been declassified and released to the public. When the United States Air Force (USAF) terminated its long running UFO study program, Project Blue Book, on the 17th of December, 1969, it was commonly accepted that no government agency, including within the military, would further accept or investigate UFO reports. Thus, one would expect that no formal publications dealing with UFOs would be promulgated beyond 1970. We know, of course, that this is not true. Numerous examples of classified military doctrine that deal with UFOs have come to light, as I have highlighted in previous blog posts.
On the 10th of April, 2001, the Assistant Secretary of Defence for Public Affairs (ASD-PA) promulgated a DoD Instruction titled ‘DoD Instruction 5040.6, Life-Cycle Management of DoD Visual Information (VI).’ Amended on the 21st of October, 2002, and totalling twenty-seven pages, it details the ‘life-cycle’ of DoD ‘visual information’ (VI), which includes ‘…still photographs, digital still images, motion pictures, analog and digital video recordings….’ The Instruction references, and works in conjunction with, a DoD Manual titled ‘DoD Manual 5040.6-M-1, Decision Logic Table Instructions For Recording And Handling Visual Information Material’ (DoD Manual 5040.6-M-1). This Manual was also published by ASD-PA on the 21st of October, 2002.
Curiously, one of the topics listed is UFO’s and other unidentifiable aerial phenomena.
Section 21 of Chapter 5, on Page 53, of the Manual is titled ‘UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT (UFO) AND OTHER AERIAL PHENOMENA IMAGERY.’ Beneath this bold heading, it is stated:
‘The following table concerns imagery that records UFOs and other aerial phenomena not obviously identifiable as conventional aircraft or missiles. The table also lists the priority assigned to each category of imagery and provides relevant handling instructions.’
The table is titled ‘UFO and Other Aerial Phenomena Imagery’ and contains just two columns. The left-hand side column is headed ‘Subject Description,’ and the right-hand column is headed ‘Instructions.’ Listed, in the left-hand column are two categories of aerial oddities that can be photographed or filmed. They are:
‘Aerial flying objects not obviously identifiable as conventional aircraft,’
‘Aerial phenomena (including moving lights and similar phenomena).’ ”
Wikipedia article: “United States Department of Defense”:


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UFO Article: “The UFOs and Nukes Book (Second Edition—Revised and Updated) Available at Amazon”

Press release, 13 May 2017
(The UFO Chronicles, 14 May 2017)
Quote from the article:
“The reality of UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons facilities has been convincingly established. Hundreds of U.S. military veterans now openly discuss these ominous incidents and thousands of declassified government documents substantiate their revelations.
Over the past four decades, renowned researcher Robert Hastings has interviewed more than 150 of those veterans regarding their involvement in these astounding cases. On September 27, 2010, CNN live-streamed his UFOs and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C. during which former U.S. Air Force officers described numerous nuclear missiles mysteriously malfunctioning moments after a disc-shaped craft was observed hovering near their underground launch silos.”


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UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2017-05-20 04:40:00 – 1sr an electrical short sound then a loud almost sonic boom sound flash of orange bright light then electricity went out then the same order then electricity came on

I was laying in bed asleep i suddenly woke up i was looking out my window when i heard something that sounded like an electrical shortage then i heard like a sonic boom sound so loud i shook with a flash of bright orange light i sat up and looked out the window the object (or whatever) was no more than 20-30 feet from my window at tree level in the apartment parking lot my son walked in my room and asked if i saw the flash of light i said yes the power then went out we talked a minute no more than 2 minutes he walked out back to his room and i laid back down a minute or 2 later then it happened again in the same order a static electrical shortage sound a big sonic boom a flash of bright orange light and then the electrical power came back on i stood up and looked out my window thinking someone crashed into an electric pole didn’t see anything so i laid down and about 20-30 minutes later a police car was across the street i was sure there was an accident i then went back to sleep in the morning i look to see if there was a sign of an accident or a fire or a power pole knocked down and i saw nothing not really sure what it was that i witnessed but i felt a little more assured i didn’t dream that and that my son saw the same thing we just really do not know what it is it can’t be explained i don’t know what i even witnessed just wondering if anyone out there has seen the same thing

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UFO Sighting in Westlake Village, California on 2017-05-19 19:40:00 – Two black objects flying close together and sometimes appeared as one then separated . looked as if there was turbulence causing them to bounce up and down slightly. moving at a high speed. about 10,00-15,000 feet or possibly much higher. they were small.

At approximately 7:40 pm i witnessed two objects flying across the sky towards los sngeles from my home in westlake village ca. small black dots together and bouncing as if there was turbulence. no sound. very high. above 10,000 feet lasted about 20 seconds. not time to film. i tweeted about it right after event.

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Aliens are using Free Energy similar to Tesla’s Free Energy Theory to power their UFOs?

The new documentary “Unacknowledged” was created to bring out hidden information about UFOs, alien intelligence and Free Energy covert by illegal operations within the Military-Industrial-Financial complex.

One of the secrets explored in the documentation is Tesla’s ‘Free Energy’ theory which could power manufacturing and agriculture in a clean, sustainable way, but …we do not use it!

Then WHY we not use free energy for little or no costs here on Earth?

Because free energy is suppressed by government, powerful oil corporations or advocacy groups whose business model would be threatened. Even they have suppressed, harassed or killed individuals like Thomas Henry Moray, Stanley Meyer and Eugene Mallove for their research on this issue, only to retain their dominant position.

It could also explain how UFOs travel such long distances as it is suggested the aliens use free energy for the drive of their UFOs by harnessing the space all around us that could be converted into energy needed to power the UFOs.

Just imagine how Tesla’s Free Energy could have changed the World!

Below the trailer of the film ‘Unacknowledged’ and a short clip, uploaded by Inverse and taken from the documentation, in which they are talking about Tesla’s free energy theory.


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UFO Group’s Public Funding Investigated

Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group

     A group of UFO enthusiasts has come crashing to Earth with a federal minister ordering an urgent probe into their taxpayer funding.

The Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group on the NSW Central Coast has pocketed nearly $6000 in government money since 2013.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter, whose department dishes out the volunteer grants, is in disbelief.

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UFO Sighting in Muscatine, Iowa on 1966-06-30 00:00:00 – Having bbq and ufo appeared out of nowhere

Having a summer bbq in the back yard. suddenly a cloud was over us and we looked up. knew it was an other worldly craft. a saucer with a lower extension with windows around it in witch i could see movement of outlines of some creatures. i felt in awe and didn’t move. i just looked at it. i lost sight of it when it moved slowly away to the east.

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UFO Sighting in Newton, Massachusetts on 1970-07-31 00:00:00 – Ufo appeared slowly from behind my neighbors house. it moved very slowly in straight line toward rear of yard where i lost sight of it bc it moved behind their huge barn. my sister was with me. we both watched in awe

I was outside in my yard playing with other kids in the neighborood. it was still light out but after supper hours. my sister and i were standing in our yard, together when i noticed the ufo appear slowly from the left side of my neighbors house. i was totally fixated it was unreal! the craft moved very slowly, from the left to the right(toward my neighbor’s rear yard). it made no sound. it had multiple lights around the outer edge of the bottom of the craft. the lights were different colors (primary colors) red, green, yellow. they were alternating in their blinking pattern. the bottom of the craft was circular. i was fixated on the lights. i said out loud, to my sister,who was standing beside me, “what is that?” . as the ufo continued to move from left to right, i saw the entire craft between the house and the barn that is also situated on mt neighbors property at the rear end . this gives a very good indication if the size of the craft. i only saw the (whole) craft briefly as it continued to move slowly in front of the barn, out of my sight. i expected to see it reappear once it passed the barn so i kept looking to my right, toward my backyard. the craft did not appear. i was so stunned. after a few moments, i cautiously began walking across my yard, and into my neighbors yard looking for the craft. it was no where. i looked up into the sky. nothing.The craft just disappeared i guess. just gone!! nothing !! we called the police to report the incident. i still think about it to this day. my sister and i know that what we saw was a craft not of this world. our sighting was over 40 years ago. although i have moved, i recently visited my neighbor who still lives in the house next to the one i grew up in. i visited her with my eldest son whom i have recounted my story to many many times. as we were leaving my old neighbors house, i told the story again. i would love the opportunity to show and tell what my sister and i saw to an investigator. it was and still is a most amazing event.

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Alien Encounter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on 2015-06-28 11:42:00 – The ufo that i saw was white cylinder object

I was going to my friend house to play with outside before lunch. i was on the driveway and i look up at the sky and saw a weird looking object. the object was a cylinder, white, 30 feet wide, and 12-14 feet tall. the object had no tail section, no wings, or propeller. the object had no sound and was flying east through the cloud because it was partly cloudy. i felt kinda worried a little bit than i wasn’t then. i lost sight of the object when it flew away. the object was flying 575-600 mph.

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