Mike Back on the Voice of Olympus

Readers will recall that I blogged about being on the Voice of Olympus podcast some time ago. This is the talk show hosted by Hercules Invictus, who embraces the gods of classical Greece and Rome. I was back on that show this past week. As was the case the first time, it was once again a lot of fun. Hope you find it interesting!

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Don’t mess with aliens, warns director Ridley Scott

Another chapter in the “Aliens” saga is about to be released, and that gives director and “Alien” franchise founder Ridley Scott a chance to talk to the media about aliens again. This time he is warning people not to mess with any visitors from advanced civilizations or else you might be “taken out.”

Ridley Scott. (Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

Ridley Scott. (Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

First, I have to brag a bit. Sorry. But as I write this I am excitedly awaiting a sneak peek of “Alien: Covenant,” the second prequel to the legendary franchise. While writing is not always lucrative, it can get you some perks, like early press movie screenings. The movie is set to officially release in the U.S. on May 19.

I am not as used to thrillers as I was when the first “Alien” movies came out, or even the first prequel, “Prometheus,” so I hope I do not squeal in the theater, or worse, wet myself in terror. This one is supposed to be pretty scary.

Even scarier than watching aliens wreak havoc on innocent human colonists seeking to find a new life on an extraterrestrial planet is the real-life prospect of getting annihilated by visitors from outer space.

“I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely,” Scott recently told  Agence France-presse (AFP). “An expert I was talking to at NASA said to me, ‘Have you ever looked in the sky at night? You mean to tell me we are it?’ That’s ridiculous.”

However, if you “see a big thing in the sky,” Scott says you better run for it. Because, according to Scott, “they are a lot smarter than we are, and if you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds.”

In his movies, Scott’s aliens dispatch humans even faster than that.

This, of course, is not the first time Scott has shared his ideas about extraterrestrial life. In the first of the “Alien” prequels, “Prometheus,” suggested that life on earth was seeded by an intelligent alien species. This idea is the focus of the television series Ancient Aliens, and was referred to as the “ancient astronaut theory” in the 70s. It was popularized by a series of books written by Eric van Daniken. Books that Scott has apparently read.

While promoting “Prometheus” in 2011, Scott told the Hollywood Reporter:

NASA and the Vatican agree that is almost mathematically impossible that we can be where we are today without there being a little help along the way . . . That’s what we’re looking at (in the film), at some of Eric van Daniken’s ideas of how did we humans come about.

One of my favorite scenes from “Prometheus” is when the protagonists are landing their spaceship in a valley surrounded by mountains. It is a beautiful shot. At the far end of the valley is a mountain that looks like an ancient extraterrestrial ruin, and, of course, it turned out it was.

Extraterrestrial valley from a scene in “Prometheus.” (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Scott’s reference to the growing belief that life must exist elsewhere in the universe, coupled with the burgeoning private space industry, makes his version of the future more and more likely. The idea that humans may discover ancient alien relics one day, like in the landing scene, fuels my deep interest in these topics. I just hope that when, or if, we do discovery intelligent alien life, it has more regard for us earthlings than the aliens in Scott’s movies.

Fortunately, I would argue, most scientists do not share Scott’s pessimistic outlook on our galactic neighbors. Sure, Stephen Hawking is often talking about how aliens might treat us like the Europeans treated Native-Americans, but others, such as Carl Sagan and Michio Kaku disagree. In fact, Time Magazine recently posted an article on why scientist do not think aliens will eat us.

So sleep tight tonight, and do not fear being mauled by aliens (fingers crossed). However, I will not blame you if you take Scott’s advice and run the opposite direction if you see a UFO. Better safe than sorry, right?

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Daily UFO Headlines 5/11/2017

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Citizen Science Association Aims to Bring Everyday People into Research

Researchers to share knowledge and best practices in establishing high standards while engaging volunteer support St. Paul, MN

Scientists, community members, and educators from around the world will gather at the Citizen Science Association (CSA) “CitSci2017” Conference to share innovations and best practices for significant research collaborations between scientists and everyday citizens. CitSci2017 will be held in St. Paul, MN, May 17 – 20.

Even as the discipline of citizen science i

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Out-of-this-world citizen science just for you!

You can be a space scientist!

Take photos of the upcoming solar eclipse, help map the surface of the moon, document seal populations from satellite images, and more! Here are out-of-this-world citizen science projects we think you’ll love. Find more projects and events on SciStarter, to do now or bookmark for later.

The SciStarter Team

Eclipse Megamovie

On August

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Massive Lava Tidal Waves Churn on Jupiter’s Moon Io

On Jupiter’s moon Io, a huge lava-filled basin is home to dual tidal waves that regularly sweep across its surface.

The Loki Patera is a lake of molten rock some 8,300 square miles in size with a large island in the center, first imaged by the Voyager spacecraft that flew by Jupiter in 1979. Periodic swings in brightness, imaged both by spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes indicated that something was disturbing the surface on a semi-uniform basis.
Pulled In Different Directions
Io is

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Ancient Babylonian Tablet Proves the Tower of Babel was REAL

The Tower of Babel is a Near Eastern etiological myth that is recorded in the Jewish Tanakh’s first book (Genesis); it is meant to explain the origin of different languages.

Despite the account in Genesis makes no mention of any destruction of the tower, it said that the top of the tower was burnt, the bottom was swallowed, and the middle was left standing to erode over time.

Amazing discovery of an ancient tablet confirms the Tower of Babel was real.

An ancient tablet which was discovered over a century ago and dates back to the sixth century BC remained in the private collection of Norwegian businessman Martin Schøyen for years.

Only recently the tablet has been studied by Dr. Andrew George of the University of London who noted that the stone bears an image seemingly depicting the biblical tower and it describes the building process and the man behind it: Mesopotamia’s most famous ruler, King Nebuchadnezzar II.

Besides the first-ever image of the real Tower of Babel is depicted on the tablet it proves that the tower of Babel is not a myth but it really existed.


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Photographer caught two UFOs after seeing strange flashes in the sky over Weaverville, North Carolina

On April 15, 2017 a resident of Weaverville, North Carolina noticed two strange bright flashes of light in the sky and decided to step outside to take several photos of the sky.

Upon viewing the photos, which he has reported to Mufon under case 836525, he saw two unknown flying objects depicted in one of the photos which do not seem like conventional aircraft.

Where have these objects come from?

Are these UFOs arriving to Earth through some sort of portal from another dimension?

Or given the quick bright flashes of light, could it be possible that it has something to do with time travel and these two brown/black objects are time capsules?

Below the original photo. Click image to see its original size of 1024×768.

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Kap Dwa: The (Real?) Story Behind the Two-Headed Giant

What is this thing? Where did it come from? If it’s a taxidermy fake, who made it and why? Martin Clemens recounts the history of Kap Dwa.  As one story goes, the giant was captured by Spanish sailors and taken away on a ship.  He broke free and was then skewered in the heart by a pike, ending […]

The post Kap Dwa: The (Real?) Story Behind the Two-Headed Giant appeared first on Alien UFO Sightings.

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