UFO Sighting in Baldwin, Maine on 2011-05-31 03:42:00 – Observed bright saucer shaped craft fly directly over me!

I was out on my porch at my mountain top home at 3:42 am when i observed a bright triple tiered saucer shaped craft fly directly over me. then it headed out over sebago lake where it turned due north and sped up out of my line of sight in seconds.The craft flew directly over me tilted at 45 degrees which let me see its top tiers.The craft appeared to be 100 feet wide and was at 5,000 feet altitude. it made no sound at all and was moving quite slow and steady at about 100 mph.The illumination appeared to be all internal. around 20 minutes later a very unusual military aircraft which i was not able to identify flew over on the same course and directions but at much higher altitude.

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UFO Sighting in Lake City, Michigan on 2017-04-07 22:30:00 – On sunday night 4-7-17 about 10:30pm seen white light at east end an red an blue light on west end about 10 ft. apart . look like a car parked there but no way for car to get in there thick woods called police they could not find anything seen lights 1

I went out to my fire pit to see if i had some lighter fluid to start my barb a q to cook a steak at 10pm i drove to the location because i have a bad knee its hard for me to walk as i was getting back into my car i seen lights in the woods the one set of white were like headlights but there was no beam they were on the east end the other lights were on the west end they were red an blue about 10 ft. apart i took my car an pointed it at the lights an turned my brights lights on it but could not see any shape and there was no noise i turn my lights off an the lights were still there there was no kind of noise coming from there i’am a veitnam vet it takes a lot to shake me . well i came in the house an called the police i’am about 20 miles from town so it took them about an hr. to get here i showed them were i had seen the lights they said they could not find anything on the ground i went in there on 4-10-17 at 2pm on my quad an rode all over in there but could not find any thing on the ground. at 12:55am on 4-11-17 i seen the lights fly over the tree tops heading east coming from were i seen the lights on the ground can not figure out why it would land there there is all kinds of places to land were it is a clearing ??? never did see it leave that nigh i have cameras out side because i feed the deer i also have caught an orb flying around also i had a tahoe parked there an had a light appear in the window one night an it faded out an the light would have come from behind the camera i have those on my lap top but do not know how to send them iam 70 yrs old.Lol the video with the orb the lights were about 10 yrds. to the right an 20 to 50 yrds in the woods the orb is about a yr. or 2 ago

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Our Brains May be 100 Times More Powerful Than We Thought

The human brain is so powerful that some intelligent computers called neural networks are patterned after how the human brain works. As such, figuring out how the many processes of the brain work continues to be the subject of much research. A recent study published in the journal Science by a team of researchers from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has […]

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Researchers Think Portals May Link Our Visible World With The “Dark Sector”

Long ago, physicists identified and categorized the components of the visible universe. Up until recently, 16 particles formed everything in the known universe. But now, thanks to the efforts of physicists at CERN working with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), we have added another particle, the Higgs boson, to the Standard Model of physics. Credit: Institute for Basic Science However, there is […]

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Man’s Best UFO Witness?

We all know that dogs are man’s best friends, but could they also be our best UFO witnesses? With their vastly superior sense of hearing, smell, and ability to see in low light, perhaps every field investigator and researcher should consider getting a canine companion!

Over the years of collecting accounts of UFO activity from the tri-state region of the Hudson Valley of New York, northern New Jersey, and western Connecticut, I have heard numerous eyewitness accounts of how dogs alerted their owners or neighbors to a UFO. Generally, the dogs’ reactions are those of fear, accompanied by barking or howling. Such cases are frequent enough that NICAP has a separate classification (Category 4) for “Animal Effect Cases,” and MUFON had a Special Publication in 2005 entitled “Animal Reactions to UFOs.”

This painting is called the “Madonna and Child with the Infant St John.” It is a nativity scene estimated to be perhaps as old as the sixteenth century in which it appears a man and his dog are looking at a UFO in the background. (Credit: Blastr)

This painting is called the “Madonna and Child with the Infant St John.” It is a nativity scene estimated to be perhaps as old as the sixteenth century in which it appears a man and his dog are looking at a UFO in the background. (Credit: Blastr)

One of my favorite NICAP case involves “Thunder,” the 175-pound Great Dane who “went crazy” barking by the sliding doors toward the woods of his Sandy Hook, CT home at 8:30 pm on the night of March 31, 1983. After several minutes of incessant barking, his owner went to see what was causing Thunder so much distress. There was a massive V-shaped craft which remained hovering in the sky for 20 minutes. Thunder “appeared fearful and barked” the entire time, and the next day he refused to go outside. Anything that would provoke such fright in a 175-pound dog would certainly be enough to make me think twice about going outside!

I recently interviewed a woman from Cresskill, New Jersey who had a German Shepherd named Hans, who had a similar reaction back in 1968. Hans was just two years old; strong, and very protective of his owner. While walking Hans near a schoolyard, the woman and her friend spotted a dumbbell-shaped craft hovering silently over the school field. They were mesmerized by the sight, but their “trance was broken” by Hans, who was “cowering, trying to dig a hole in the dirt on the side of Rose Street (which was unpaved at that time) and whimpering.” This fearful reaction by the usually fearless dog caused them all to run for home.

Book cover to Linda Zimmerman's Hudson Valley UFOs.

Book cover to Linda Zimmerman’s Hudson Valley UFOs.

Another dramatic case involved a golden retriever in Putnam Valley, NY in the fall of 1984. The witness, “Joe,” told me that one night his dog began to whine, so Joe assumed he wanted to go out. However, when he opened the back door, the dog began to tremble and whine even more. Joe finally got the dog outside, where he promptly curled up into a tight ball and whined in terror. It was then that Joe noticed the entire sky above him was blacked out.

A massive black triangle, “the size of two football fields,” was hovering no more than 250 feet above him. Yelling for his wife, she came out and was also stunned and frightened by what she saw. The craft “just sat there” over them for at least five minutes. A week later, strange figures began appearing by Joe’s bed at night, he developed uncontrollable nose bleeds, and this activity continued until the following summer when he finally decided to move out of his house. Perhaps Joe should have paid more attention to his dog!

Another case I just covered in my new book “More Hudson Valley UFOs” involved four witnesses on a hot, summer night in 1988. The four friends were by Lake DeForest in Congers, NY—a location I have written about on several occasions, and where I had my own intense experience. The dogs in the neighborhood “began howling crazily” and then an odd “snake-like” UFO appeared in the sky with alternating red and green lights composing the “body,” with a bright, white beacon at the “head.”

Throughout the sighting, the “Dogs were barking and howling and making a total racket,” one witness told me. Another witness described the incredible sounds as “The dogs of Rockland (County) going out of their skulls.” As dogs are capable of hearing at distances four times greater than humans, and can hear at much higher frequencies, can we conclude that these craft—which are often silent to us—are emitting sounds that are alerting our dogs to their presence long before they come into our view? Should investigators consider utilizing sound detectors in the roughly 20,000 to 60,000Hz range to replicate the superior capabilities that dogs have over us?

There were other cases of dog reactions with which I have dealt that may bear this sound theory out. During a cold winter’s night in 1985 in the town of Wallkill, NY, a man told me his dog “was barking frantically outside.” He tried several times to quiet the dog, to no avail. Then a 40-foot diameter sphere of multi-colored lights appeared over a field across the street. This bizarre craft, which looked like a “massive ball of Christmas lights” began rotating and moving, almost as if it was rolling down the field, only it definitely remained above the ground. After this craft “shot straight up into the air” and was gone, an enormous triangular craft passed directly over his house. How did the dog know these craft were in the area before they could be seen, and why was he so frightened by them?

Dog looking at UFO. (Credit: Bill Moyers/Mother Jones http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/voter-id-laws-charts-maps)

Dog looking at UFO. (Credit: Bill Moyers/Mother Jones http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/voter-id-laws-charts-maps)

More recently, on January 4, 2013, a man in Pine Bush, NY, who works in law enforcement, couldn’t get his dogs to stop barking out in the yard. As he was trying to calm them down, he realized “There was something huge in the sky that blocked out all the stars.” The object was an incredibly large, silent rectangle at an altitude of about 200-250 feet. There were several white lights along the edges, one in the center, and one red light, as well.

Finally, there is the remarkable case from Monroe, NY in 1982. A woman, Donna, was in bed with her husband when her two Samoyed dogs “started going crazy” as if there were intruders in the house. Donna tried to wake up her husband, but he somehow remained in a deep sleep despite all the barking.

“Then there were these bright lights shining in the bedroom window, as if a Mack truck had just pulled up.” The next thing Donna knew was that it was morning. Her skeptical husband didn’t believe a word of what she told him about the dogs and the lights, and her being unable to awaken him—until he went outside to look for any signs that something had been there.

Running back in the house, white as a sheet, he told Donna that the huge pile of sand that was in the driveway (which was going to be used for a construction project) was completely gone. All that was left was a few concentric circles of sand which had been compressed and fused into the blacktop! Fortunately, they had the presence of mind to take photographs, so we can estimate the size of the outermost circle, which was about 12 feet in diameter. And while the original circles have been paved over, Donna told me that I would be welcome to uncover and study them, if I can find the appropriate scientific team to do it.

So what are we to learn from “man’s best friends” and their reactions to UFOs? They are able to sense a lot more than we are, and can sense whatever it is at greater distances and long before our eyes and ears can pick it up. Researchers and investigators should always include questions about witnesses’ pets, as well as inquire about the reactions of birds, livestock, wild animals such as deer, and insects.

There is more to UFO phenomena than we can probably imagine, but with the help of the faithful family dog, perhaps we can gain a little more insight and knowledge into the nature of the phenomena. And if your big, strong dog is terrified to go outside, maybe you should stay in the house, too!

From the editor: Author and occasional OpenMinds.tv contributor Linda Zimmerman was inspired to submit this entry after a recent story about a deer watching a UFO. For more about Linda, visit her website at: www.gotozim.com.

Header image is the logo of the UFO World Cup Frisbee Dog Series.

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Daily UFO Headlines 5/10/2017

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After Mosquitos, Moths Are the Next Target For Genetic Engineering

Though genetically modified crops may steal the spotlight, similarly reprogrammed insects may have just as big an effect on the agricultural industry.

Biotechnology company Oxitec is moving forward with plans to develop genetically engineered diamondback moths in an attempt to reduce populations of the invasive crop pest. Their plan is to release males that will pass on a gene preventing female offspring from reaching maturity and reproducing, eventually eradicating the moths in North Ame

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Indian UFO Investigator intrigued by UFO mystery Kongka La Pass, Ladakh

In January 2017, the CIA declassified and shared 930,000 UFO documents on its website. (Note: The sudden release of all these documents is part of the disclosure project.)

One of these included a document from 1968 detailing six UFO sightings in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Indian UFO sightings thereafter have been sporadic compared to countries like the US and Russia. But this relative paucity does not deter a small (but determined) community of UFO investigators in India.

UFO Investigator Vaishnav told to Hindustantimes “I’m intrigued by why many sightings are from Rajasthan and West Bengal but especially the sightings from Kongka La Pass in Ladakh.”

Kongka La Pass is surrounded with mystery.

People have seen besides UFOs landing and UFOs emerging out of the ground, strange colorful orbs and in 2004, a UFO sighting was reported in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, south of Ladakh by a five-member expedition of geologists and glaciologists led by Dr Anil Kulkarni of the ISRO’s Space Applications Centre at Ahmedabad. They had filmed a four-foot tall ‘robot-like’ figure that ‘walked’ along the mountain ridge, took off vertically and disappeared in the sky when excited scientists moved closer.

Even Google Earth blacked out the possible entrance of secret UFO base at a mountain peak, named The Snow Saddle, of the Himalayas which is located in the same area as the Kongka La Pass, Ladakh, Lazai and the mysterious Aksai Chin Lake. On Google Earth a black hole can be seen at the bottom of Aksai Chin Lake.

Blacked out part on The Snow Saddle: 27°47’43.40″N 86°49’6.40″E
Black hole in Aksai Chin Lake: 35°10’39.74″N 79°50’27.91″E

Although Indian UFO sightings have been sporadic, the sightings from Kongka La Pass in Ladakh can be seen as one of the greatest UFO mysteries in modern times.

The video below shows several remarkable UFO sightings that occurred in the skies over India.


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