Black Triangle Sighting in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia on 2017-05-05 22:21:00 – Ufo flew over at varying speed, changed directions and flew off extremely quickly

At 10:17 or so on may 5th 2017, i stepped out to have a cigarett and after lighting the smoke i did as i normally did and looked up to see the few starts peeking out, i looked to my left and this bright white orb of light was moving accross the sky, at first glance i thought the moon, but it was in the wrong location and quickly became aparent it was moving quickly. as it got closer while moving accross my path from south west to north north east i noticed it looked like a bright orb of light centered gyroscopically in a smoothed triangle with, 3 smaller orbs of white light that appeared to act as thrusters ?. when i say gyroscopically centered i mean it appeared as though the outer part of the craft (triangle) rotated around the bright central orb to propel it in direction. i wasnt sure of what i had seen but i am open to life other than that of our planet. at the same time i didnt want to speak out to anybody and be looked at like im crazy. it wasnt until the next day when speaking with a friend of mine who lives close by that he happened to mention that he had a neat video he took the night before to show me, he pulled up the video on his phone and there is the craft, exactly as i had seen it, i immediately told him that it was amazing to have it on video, and that i had seen it as well. and that brings me to contacting mufon, i feel its important

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UFO Sighting in Palatine, Illinois on 2017-05-07 18:40:00 – Diamond, clear sky, min of 10

I was leaning backwards on car having cigarette and on day with bright blue sky, what appeared as a low star during daylight caught my attention. the one became 4 in a diamond shape with a reddish appearing light in middle. i didn’t have my cell phone so i called in to have a family member come see what i was… the strangest thing was whatever we saw was transparent, unless you trained your focus on that area of the sky. my family member said she was going inside to retrieve camera but returned with binoculars. while transfixed i noticed there were at least 10-20 more at progressive altitudes. then, an airplane leaving contrails approached this ??? from the east. as it did, an area of smoke-like haze was all that remained where the ??? had been observed. they were gone before the aircraft intercepted the area.

i have no photos nor video but know i have another credible witness. also, others had to have observed this and hope someone did take photographs.

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Creepy Sounds Captured in an Abandoned Mine in Australia

Disturbing, strange sounds. That’s exactly what I caught on video while filming and documenting the abandoned Waldeck Mine in Wiluna, Western Australia using the ThruNite TN12 flashlight.

The abandoned mine itself is over 150 years old located deep in a forested canyon in the high country and still has a lot of awesome yet dangerous timbering in its furthest reaches.

I went there on a stormy night in order to document the mine and although there are upper levels in the Waldeck Mine, I only explored and documented the main haulage tunnel.

While filming I heard some strange sounds and although I not believe it was something paranormal I cannot explain what caused the creepy sounds.

Below the footage filmed by ‘Exploring Abandoned Mines’, the sound begins at 12:10. Let me know what you think.


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Big fish with odd patterns in its body caught by fishermen in Philippines – Can you decipher it?

Fishermen of Mindanao, Philippines caught a big fish and to their surprise they noticed that there were strange patterns in its body.

After the photo of the fish was posted by GMA News on their Facebook page the online community came up with different theories and conclusions.

According to Philnews maybe the cause of the odd patterns came from plastic waste being thrown in the ocean or it could be a warning that something is going to happen.

How this fish got symbols, letters, numbers, etc in his body remains a mystery but could it be that the fish was sent by something supernatural to deliver a message to humanity?

Can you decipher it?

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In Search of America’s Darkest Skies (24 Photos)

After a three-year journey of over 150,000 miles (241,000 km) traveled and 3,000,000 pictures taken, timelapse filmmakers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan introduce SKYGLOW; a 192-page hardcover photo book and Blu-Ray timelapse video series exploring North America’s remaining magnificent night skies and the threat of light pollution to our environment. SKYGLOW explores the history and mythology of […]

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Changes at Area 51

Changes at Area 51

Little ALe’Inn

     I have been interested in Area 51 for many years, and in fact was at the gates of the secretive base in 2006, when I was asked to do lectures at Rachel, Nevada. The little town of Rachel is probably best known as the location of the “Little A’Le’Inn, located on SR 375, the “Extraterrestrial Highway” not far from the entrances to the base. (Advertised population of Rachel is 98 humans, ?? aliens.) Many

Dennis Balthaser
By Dennis Balthaser
The UFO Chronicles

people try to associate Area 51 with Roswell, thinking it’s in New Mexico, when in fact it’s located some 800 miles from Roswell in Nevada.

Since then I have discovered a web site that probably is one of the best sources on the internet to obtain new information about the base.

Dennis Balthaser at Area 51 Entrance

While in Rachel I had the opportunity to visit with Chuck Clark, who at the time was one of a few authorities that had obtained a lot of information about the secretive location about 85 miles north of Las Vegas Nevada. I went out to the gate by myself, traveling down a 13.8 mile long gravel road to the entrance where I was met by “cammo dudes” sitting in their pickup trucks on the hill behind the entrance, watching me with a pair of binoculars. This is the gate or entrance to the base that is the most well known and shown in TV documentaries. They know your coming down that road long before you get there.

The next day Chuck took me out to another gate I wasn’t aware of, located not far from the town of Rachel. Unlike the first gate I visited, this one had the guard shack right by the entrance. At the other location your on the property before you get to the guard shack behind some sand dunes. It wasn’t a good idea to cross the property line since the signs at both gates back thenwarned “the use of deadly force is authorized.” Curiosity seekers are not welcome.

The base was operated by the CIA when it was opened, and originally opened in 1955 to test the U2 spy plane. The Department of Energy was involved with the base, and today it’s controlled by the U.S. Air Force. Years later, in the 1980’s, we found out about the base through a Russian satellite photograph. So it existed without anyone knowing about it for some 30 years, proving the government can keep secrets for a long time as they did with the atomic bomb, new military aircraft, and still do with the 1947 Roswell Incident.

The warning signs and presence of the security guards keeping an eye on you as you get to the gates only adds to our curiosity of what really goes on behind those gates. Very few know what transpires there above and below ground after all these years of the base being located there.

Several things related to the base still exist as they did when I was there, while other things have changed in the past 11 years. Many employees are still shuttled to the base on a fleet of six, Boeing 737 “Janet flight” airplanes from the McCarran airport in Las Vegas where they have their own terminal (only a few blocks from the Las Vegas strip), also under high security. The airplanes are unmarked, painted white with a red stripe down the side, and no identification other than the aircraft number at the back of the planes. They make daily flights to and from the base, in addition to taking employees to other locations with other secretive projects such as Lockheed and Northrop. Between November 2008 and June 2009, all six 737-200 Janet Flight airplanes were replaced with 737-600’s purchased from Air China. The old planes are in the military bone yard in Tucson, Arizona.

Another means of transporting local employees to and from the base is still the use of white buses. Again, the buses have no identification on them other than a government license plate. White appears to be the preferred color of transporting vehicles. Employees living in the general area are picked up and returned in these buses. As a side note, the license plates are government issued, and the first two numbers on the plate are the year of the vehicle. As an example, a truck, jeep or bus having the numbers 98 as the first two numbers on the license plate would indicate when the vehicle was put in service.

No Drone Zone - Aea 51

Warning signs at the entrances have been replaced and changed. The signs no longer say, “The use of deadly force is authorized.” The new signs make it illegal to fly drones in the area. Also, the gate area now has concrete barriers and razor wire. Some of the guard shacks have been improved or replaced at the gates since I was there, so I assume with building improvements, more cameras, sensors, etc., the security at the gates is more stringent then it was in 2006.

Several new large hangers have been constructed, one of which according to satellite images appears to be 215’ x 215’, and about 85’ high. One has to wonder what a hangar of such size would be needed for.

Over the years we have heard rumors that the base has been moved or shut down. Obviously with all the improvements that have taken place in recent years, that cannot be true. The base is very active and probably more active than in the past.

As a researcher, I would like to know what goes on inside the base, including the suspected or reported 22 levels below ground, and in some of those gigantic hangars. Also, what is the purpose of the runways that are some of the longest in the world? Knowing that all of the military aircraft we have had over the years have been test flown there, such as the U-2, SR-71 Blackbird, F-22 Raptor, F-117, B-1 and B-2 bombers, etc., I believe it is a vitally needed facility and still highly secretive, as it should be.

Rumors about aliens and alien craft being there is always mentioned when referring to the base, however, proving this has really never been verified. Possible– I suppose, when one thinks about all the other things that might be taking place there. So Area 51 continues to mystify us with only bits and pieces of information being released.

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Aliens Previously Populated Our Solar System?

Astrophysicist: ETs May Have Already
Lived and Died In Our Solar System

The big question: Did they leave artifacts behind for us to find?

Aliens Previously Populated Our Solar System?

     As science continues to search the cosmos for evidence of intelligent extraterrestrials and, at the very least, for habitable planets that might harbor even non-intelligent life, one scientist is raising another eye-opening question: Was there a time in the far distant past when an advanced civilization actually lived on one of the planets of our solar system, long before earthlings evolved?

Pennsylvania State University astrophysicist Jason T. Wright suggests that ancient aliens may have lived on nearby planets hundreds of millions of years ago, before vanishing without a trace.

Lee Speigel
By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

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Alien Encounter in Indiana on 2016-11-01 00:00:00 – I want to report entities contacting and torturing me in recent years

I have not seen a ufo. i want to report that entities have been walking through my walls and talking to me (and i think, researching on me) especially during the past 5 years. i do not know what i am experiencing. i have been posting some of my experiences on reddit in the psychosis forum (i can give you my reddit username if you want it). i do not know if i am in contact with aliens or having psychotic hallucinations or if these are the spirits of dead people. i need to stay anonymous because my extremely religious family members would be angry with me for even talking about the subject of “aliens.” i used to be extremely religious too but the experiences i’ve had have completely changed what i know about the world. now, i don’t know what to think. i belive in the aliens now.

these events usually happen every 2 to 3 months. i am in the midst of a long stretch of not having “contact,” which is good and unusual. what happens is i will be sleeping. i then will awaken into paralysis. then sometimes people will appear as though they’ve walked through my walls. they will usually stand or sit beside my bedroom walls or beside my bed. most of them don’t look like aliens. they look like people- beautiful people, even. there is an aura about them that is overwhelmingly evil and terrifying. there have been both men and women. there have been teenagers and adults. these beings do not feel like a dream or a hallucination. they feel as real as if i were encountering a regular person. usually they will start speaking to me or about me. one middle aged blonde woman appeared suddenly one night and went on a verbal rampage, saying things like “you’re so evil.” when the two teenage girls appeared, they spoke to each other about me (specifically, about my habits such as the fact that i usually take a nap at that time of day). they had a long dagger and held it over my belly and were about to stab me. i was able to break free when i was able to use all my strength to barely move 2 of my fingers. i was fighting for my life. there’s no way to describe how scared i was. there have been other horrific experiences like this. and i met one called pharoah, who i actually sort of liked. he looked regal and did not speak to me or try to hurt me. he seemed only interested in watching me.

the only one that i have encountered who doesn’t look like a person is janus. she looks like a woman combined with a scorpion and a machine. her presence radiates the worst terror that i have ever felt. she paralyzes me with fear. she has been present at my house about 4 times that i can remember. unlike the others, she does not walk upright. she crawls. she is like a crawling woman with a lot of mechanical spider legs. she has never been allowed to directly touch me, which means somebody must have power over her- or i think she’d have killed me and my whole family by now. she has been in very close proximity to me though, crawling around my bed.

there is so much more that i could tell you. i am suffering from the trauma of what these beings have done to me and the fear that they will come back to hurt me- and worse, to go after my family. i believe these “people” have been researching and experimenting on me for years. when i am sleeping, sometimes i feel like i am being experimented on. i have painfully felt things inserted into my rectum and vagina. one moring i woke up and felt like tissue had been removed from my vagina. also, once, i felt something like an exacto knife pushed into the bottom of my foot. when the two teenage girls held the knife over me, it seemed that there intention was to cut something out of my belly.

the thing is- i’ve suffered from severe undiagnosed illness for the past 15 years. i started having severe gynecological complaints followed by agonizing chronic diarrhea (with profound rectal burning) and stomach upset. i also have problems with my brain. i have a constant brain fog and strong feeling of discomfort inside my brain. i have an extensive medical record, including undergoing exploratory surgery out of desperation. everything always comes back as normal, but i continue to suffer daily from these overwhelming symptoms. i am starting to believe that these entities have done this to me, and that they are somehow able to hide it from my doctors. i can’t find any other explanation. how do i cope with the fact that i think supernatural entities have been rearranging my body parts? if a person did this, i’d call the police. but a person is not doing this. if an alien is doing it, then there’s nothing i can do to save myself.

during the past 10 years or so, my dreams changed. they became more vivid and very violent. this is suprising because i am extremely afraid of violence and its not something i think about. i don’t tend to play violent video games or watch violent movies. i started having traumatic nightmares almost every night. these nightmares involve being tortured in experiments. being part of a group that is forced to have our organs harvested. being part of a group that is forced to fight against other groups (kind of like the hunger games). in one dream i was with a group of other doomed people and i asked “how much longer will we be here?” and a man said “6 years.” in another dream, i saw myself evacuated in a space craft with a group of others like me.

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UFO News Article: “Prescott Lights: UFOs over the First Territorial Capital”

2 April 2017
(The Daily Courier, Prescott, Arizona)
The article reports on an 1865 midnight UFO sighting.
The luminous unknown object was sighted over Prescott’s Granite Mountain.
The observation was recorded by Daniel Ellis Conner, who was a member of the famed Walker Party and an early member of the Territorial Legislature and member of the surveying team that laid out the Prescott town site, according to The Daily Courier.

The article also mentions the 13 March 1997 Arizona UFO sightings.

Satellite photo of Prescott, Arizona (
( photo)

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UFO Report Index: “National UFO Reporting Center Monthly Report Index For 03/1997”

(National UFO Reporting Center, Davenport, Washington)
The March 1997 report index contains the many 13 March 1997 Arizona UFO sighting reports.

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Freeze-frame from the only video of the enormous UFO which 
was sighted over Phoenix, Arizona, on 13 March 1997
(Source: Alexander Gottfridsson (YouTube channel))   

Map of Arizona (
( image)

Satellite photo of Phoenix, Arizona (
( photo)

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