UFO News Article: “Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters”

4 November 2014
(BBC News, London, UK)
The article reports on France’s Unidentified Aerospace Phenomenon Research and Information Group (Groupe d’Études et d’Informations sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés) (GEIPAN).
GEIPAN is attached to the French government’s space agency (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) (CNES).
Wikipedia article: “GEIPAN”:
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UFO Sighting in I-5 freeway and Snow Rd., California on 2013-10-30 00:00:00 – Star-like ufo that would turn off it’s lights completelely and then turn them back on and show itself further out.

I was at home with my mom and my infant when i received a telephone call from my sister saying she and my brother-in-law can see a ufo from their apartment and it appears to be closer to my house. she said i could probably see it from my front yard, but when i went outside and looked, i couldn’t see anything in the sky. i rushed over to their apartment and saw it from their front door area. it appeared to be a bright light in the sky to the west of bakersfield, ca. it was very bright and was larger than a star or planet. as i was watching it, i noticed it would become very bright for a minute or two, and then would quickly dim the lights and then completely turn them off.

as we all watch this, my sister and brother-in-law said when they noticed it, it was changing colors; however, i didn’t notice any other colors than white at that time. we watched it there for about ten minutes, thinking it would quickly go away, but it didn’t. we then decided to get in the car and see if we could get a closer look. it took at least 30 minutes to get out to where it was, which was just west of bakersfield and east of the i-5 freeway nearest to snow rd.

whenever i would start to get close to it, it would turn it’s lights off for a minute or two and then reappear a couple miles west. it did this about another five times before it completely disappeared for good that night. it should be noted, every time i got closer to it, i began to have the feeling of fear and dread.

later on that night, the news put a picture up and did a story about it since they received so many calls about it. they also covered it the next night too since it was seen that night as well. i took a picture and video of it, but because it was just on my iphone, it doesn’t appear as big as it was. also, the news reports are on youtube.

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UFO Sighting in Ahwahnee, California on 2013-05-03 00:00:00 – Star or satilite-like ufo going at an amazing speed and making a 90 degree turn without slowing or banking

I was gazing up at the stars above me in ahwahnee, california, while on an anniversary trip to the yosemite area. i could also see a lightning storm that was over the bass lake area. a large part of the sky above me was clear at the time. all of a sudden, i had a feeling i needed to look to the west and knew what i would see ahead of time. when i looked, i saw what appeared to be a satellite-like object that was very high up in the sky, but it was flying much too fast to be a satellite, airplane, helicopter, or drone. this thing had to be going thousands of miles an hour at least. also, it didn’t have the red or orange tinge like a satellite. it was bright white like a very bright planet. i watched this thing come from the west and then make an abrupt 90 degree turn as it just passed me toward southbound without slowing down or banking. at the speed it was going when it made the sharp turn, i thought it would be impossible for a pilot to do such a maneuver while encountering the g-force of it. the hole event happened within maybe five seconds at most due to the speed it was going and it quickly went out of my frame of view. i thought it was interesting to see this, but it made me want answers to so many questions. it also concerned me that i had some connection to the pilot inside of it and i’m not sure why that was.

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UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2017-05-03 21:37:00 – Loud unusual noise, then about 5 flashing bright lights above back yard in a straight line then above and below the straight line

Around 9:36 my husband and i muted the tv as we heard what sounded like a very loud helicopter right above our house, but it sounded off like a propeller was missing. i grabbed my phone and we ran out back and looked around as the noise was fading like it was powering down, as i got to the opening of the trees there were 3 lights blinking on and off in a straight line then other lights would blink the same way above and below and each side of the first set of 3 lights. this lasted for about 20 seconds, then they stopped. they were right above the power line tower in our back yard, so close to the tree top and in a very large area, i’d say about the size of a house about 500 ft above us. we then felt like we should get inside, this was a frightening situation as it was real and so close to us. i did record it but being night time, i only got a quick shot of the lights. also on a quick note, the day before today, i saw a large thick white object hovering higher up towards the north moving slowly east,it was pure white and i wouldn’t have noticed it if i wasn’t showing my grandson an airplane that flew past it and my 2 year old grandson thought it was a star, but this was at 3pm and a clear sky.

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UFO Sighting in Fallon, Nevada on 2017-04-21 10:17:00 – Contrail with 90 degree turn

I was working in the yard when i noticed this strange contrail, moving from south to north. i saw it make what appeared to be a 90 degree turn. so i ran in and got my camera. as i was taking pictures the contrail disappeared.
i have been around airplanes my whole life and have never seen anything like this. the event was over nas fallon in northern nevada. might have been an f-22 or f-35 showing of for the navy.
i never saw what kind of craft was leaving the contrail, couldn’t even see a speck.
nas fallon is 25 to 30 miles from my property.

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This striking new movie shows Cassini’s view as it swooped low above Saturn’s cloud-tops

With Cassini already preparing for a third dive between Saturn and its rings, NASA has released this spectacular movie from the first dive

I can’t help it — I’m just enchanted by the imagery coming back from Cassini as it has been swooping through the gap between Saturn and the giant planet’s rings. The latest is the movie above, made from a sequence of rapid-fire images acquired by Cassini as it made its first dive on April 26th.

From NASA’s release about it

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UFO Sighting in Northfield, New Jersey on 2016-10-09 07:48:00 – Took this photo on i phone from my front porch notice object in photo not sure what this is. looks like figures in the light

Standing on my porch taking photos of flood water as my street
had just been paved by the city. only saw object on my i phone
when i checked photos later that day. it is a really
strange object when photo enlarged appears
to be 2 people in the light. it freaks me out….

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How Can We Measure Human Oxytocin Levels?

Is oxytocin really the love and trust chemical? Or is it just the hype hormone? A new paper suggests that many studies of the relationship between oxytocin and behaviors such as trust have been flawed.

The paper is a meta-analysis just published by Norwegian researchers Mathias Valstad and colleagues. Valstad et al. found that the level of oxytocin in human blood, often used as a proxy measure of brain oxytocin, has no relation to central nervous system oxytocin levels under normal co

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Why Our Brains Are Split Into Right And Left

Your right brain is creative and your left brain is logical. This widely accepted dichotomy cleaves the brain neatly in two, but research has shown the actual division of labor in the brain is not nearly so straightforward.

Because the physical structures of both hemispheres appear identical, it wasn’t until the 19th century that scientists started hashing out the differences between brain hemispheres. That crucial insight came thanks to a physician by the name of Pierre Paul Broca who wa

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