Say, WHAT? After one of the strongest El Niños on record, another one may brewing

The equatorial Pacific Ocean is suffering from a split personality disorder: El Niño-ish in the east; La Niña-ish to the west. El Niño is likely to win out. Climate forecast models are predicting a full-fledged El Niño by summer or fall. If it should happen, it would bring all manner […]

UFO Sighting in Three Forks, Montana on 2017-04-04 14:36:00 – I was outside taking photographs of the land and unknowingly caught these objects in the picture. a neighbor of mine did observe it directly.

i was outside taking photographs of the land surrounding my home for my aunt. i did not see the objects until i reviewed the photographs later that evening. i was outside for several hours before,during and after the photo was taken. several pictures were taken within the same minute and […]

Eye Movements Betray ‘Eureka!’ Moments

You’ve likely seen some version of this scenario on television or in the halls of a university: A researcher runs out of the lab in a frenzy, electrified after suddenly arriving at the solution to an impossible problem. These “aha!” moments are supremely satisfying, whether you’re a scientist, a hard-bitten detective or […]

UFO Sighting in Half Moon Bay, California on 2016-12-22 06:20:00 – Whatever it was it wanted my apple timemachine backup.

At a starbucks downloading a software update first noticed the object about 4am – these objects were surveying me longer than that. my motor home was pitching far to the lower left felt like it was almost going to tip over.

Aliens and Demons: New 90-Minute Documentary

This has been quite a while in coming, and I had to keep it under wraps. My employer, Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) has a relatively new streaming TV channel called Faithlife TV. They’re about to launch a documentary featuring some of my thoughts on an immensely popular fringe […]

What are “Neural Correlates” Correlates Of?

In a thought-provoking new paper called What are neural correlates neural correlates of?, NYU sociologist Gabriel Abend argues that neuroscientists need to pay more attention to philosophy, social science, and the humanities. Abend’s main argument is that if we are to study the neural correlates or neural basis of a […]