UFO Sighting in Grimsby, Ontario on 2017-04-15 08:40:00 – Lasted 3 minutes in air at 10-20 feet floating

The object floated in air looked like a two face object with sails and wasp like lower half with egg shaped items 3 on front and disk like same in back. its looked like a ship crossed with a egg and a wasp. very odd.

its was observed on a cloudy day south of grimsby ontario and in the leamington area.

police were advised and no other sightings were called in on this item.
still waiting for radar contact information.

i have speculations however lets see if it exists in the physical sense.

if you have ever seen this item or something that looks like it let me know.
thank you.

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Alien Encounter in Dayton, Ohio on 2016-03-11 00:00:00 – Alien telepathy encounter.

I am a ex nsa, ex military veteran. sometime in the first half of march 2016, i was in the va homeless program. one day, it became alarmingly apparent to me that some of the people around me could hear my thoughts. i immediately thought they were aliens until i became aware that there seemed to be two different groups of people accessing my thoughts. i thought aliens were one and military or government were the other. i completely freaked out and panicked, even fleeing the va just to get picked up by police officers and they took me back to the va. i was finally able to leave when my brother picked me up. it’s late at night and we arrive at his apartment and i’m still completely panicked and paranoid. a song began to play and as the song played, it seemed like my brother was going to kill me, paranoia maybe, but i swear he too could hear my thoughts. i immediately fled his apartment after a slight scuffle, leaving all of my belongings behind. and it was at this moment i truly believe aliens began talking and controlling me from in my head. the first voice was that of a black male, accent and all, telling me a bizarre story of what the va was doing. this lasted for approximately 20 mins until i saw a church, and that voice told me to run full sprint to it and to drop the rings i was wearing on my pinky fingers. upon arriving at the church, i saw shadows and i dropped to the ground. when i dropped to the ground, two new voices began talking to each other in english, but they sounded like they were very old raspy robots, but still sounded partially human maybe. there conversation lasted no more than a couple minutes between each other and the only thing i remember from the conversation was “he is a new specimen”. once there conversation stopped, my body just sprung to upright and i was on my feet. i could hear like a pendulum in my head, and it felt as though my brain was being put to sleep, but i was still in the background and a weird language was flying through my brain and my hands were moving uncontrollably. i thought i was going to be in this state forever and it just stopped. this event still haunts me to this day.

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UFO Sighting in Leesburg, Florida on 2017-04-06 16:31:00 – Reviewing cctv footage and caught it. changed my perception completely. no fabrication/altercation made

While reviewing cctv for a private residence (my home), i observed a strange phenomena which appeared firstly, as a bird or bug, though it did not seem natural (4h:31m:53s). the system by which i review my video material allowed me to slow the video down enough to capture six frames of images out of thirty frames/second the camera is set at. i measured approx. distance of event duration at ~200′ linear. according to online table, an object travelling 200′ per second is moving approx. 136 m.P.H. if the object travels this distance in 1/5th of a second it can be approximated then, to be travelling between 600-700 m.P.H. minimally. this rules out any natural species, and most man-made devices of this size and of similar type/function. supernatural or gov’t. project. you be the judge. i have not fabricated or altered any of this event or material-display thereof. after realizing the seriousness of my discovery, further scrutiny of dvr footage reveals far more than i would have ever imagined, had i not have witnessed this event. i will occasionally be submitting select future activity to mufon to spread awareness of a very real presence of the unknown.

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US Military Advantage in Cyberspace is Challenged

     The superiority of the US military in cyberspace, which once could be taken for granted, is gradually eroding, says an Army Field Manual published this week.
By Steven Aftergood
Secrecy News

In the past decade, “U.S. forces dominated cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) in Afghanistan and Iraq against enemies and adversaries lacking the technical capabilities to challenge our superiority in cyberspace.”

“However, regional peers have since demonstrated impressive capabilities in a hybrid operational environment that threaten the Army’s dominance in cyberspace and the EMS,” according to the new Field Manual.

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Magazine Issues: “STIGMATA”

(Project Stigma, Paris, Texas)
Source: Archives For the Unexplained (AFU.se), Norrköping, Sweden
The magazine’s subtitle read “The Project Stigma report on the continuing investigation into the occurrence of animal mutilations.”
Project Stigma was run by the late Thomas (Tom) R. Adams.
Adamswas one of the pioneer cattle/animal mutilation investigators.
Many of the articles in the magazine point out that there is a connection between animal mutilations and UFOs.


The late Thomas (Tom) R. Adams
(youtube.com image)

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UFO News Article: “ ‘I’ve got to think it’s UFOs’ ”

7 January 2006
(Casper Star Tribune, Wyoming)
The article reports on cattle mutilations that have occurred in Coloradothroughout the years.

Truckton (El Paso County) area rancher James Richard White had one of his cows mutilated in January 1996. White reported that he had seen black, noiseless helicopters in the area – and on the night that the mutilation occurred, his television flickered.

Tructon is located 57 kilometres (35 miles) south east of Colorado Springs.

Map of Colorado (lib.utexas.edu)
(lib.utexas.edu image)

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Extraterrestrial Being Caught Shapeshifting into a Ghost Wolf

There are many reports of Ghost wolves, Werewolves also called as Dogmen or Skin Walkers, extradimensional entities with the ability to shapeshift into therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creatures.

The Michigan Dogman is such a creature allegedly first reported in 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan. This creature was unknown to most of the modern world until very late in the twentieth century. It is said to have been stalking the area around the Manistee River since the days when the Odawa tribes lived there.

In Navajo Diné culture, they call it a skin-walker, a creature who has the ability to turn into an animal, or to disguise themselves as an animal, usually for the purposes of harming people.

These creatures really exist or is it just mythology or folklore?

You will be surprised after watching the next video in which L.A.Marzulli talks with Josh and Christina about their discovery of a video showing a possible extradimensional being that has turned into a Ghost Wolf. (The ghost wolf appears at about the 4.55 mark in the video).


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Possibility of Alien, Silicon-Based Life Grows

Possibility of Silicon-Based Life Grows
     Science fiction has long imagined alien worlds inhabited by silicon-based life, such as the rock-eating Horta from the original Star Trek series. Now, scientists have for the first time shown that nature can evolve to incorporate silicon into carbon-based molecules, the building blocks of life on Earth.
By Charles Q. Choi
Astrobiology Magazine

As for the implications these findings might have for alien chemistry on distant worlds, “my feeling is that if a human being can coax life to build bonds between silicon and carbon, nature can do it too,” said the study’s senior author Frances Arnold, a chemical engineer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. The scientists detailed their findings recently in the journal Science.


Still, researchers have long speculated that alien life could have a completely different chemical basis than life on Earth. For example, instead of relying on water as the solvent in which biological molecules operate, perhaps aliens might depend on ammonia or methane. And instead of relying on carbon to create the molecules of life, perhaps aliens could use silicon.

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UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Victoria on 2017-03-27 05:15:00 – Golden ob blinking traveling sw {avalon} to nw {ballarat} between myself and the ob a commercial aircraft was turning from nw to ne

Golden ob blinking traveling sw {avalon} to nw {ballarat} between myself and the ob a commercial aircraft was turning from nw to ne
i was driving .I first notice the very bright glow between the houses as i left my home, when i was clear of the housing area, i saw this very bright glowing ob and saw 3 other lights which were green,red and white, which i recognized as an aircraft which was turning, but the ob was traveling so fast it didn’t seem like a normal aircraft, i was so confused about the lights that i had to google the question as to what colour lights aircraft had , it was only then that i realized that the very bright golden ob was not a normal aircraft.

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