TimeTree’s New Look At Evolution — And It’s Free!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do. And a renovation of open access evolution database TimeTree is a treasure chest of data for the taking.

The idea of a tree of life has been an element across many cultures for millennia, but since the days of Darwin it’s become a handy way to visualize how species diverge from common ancestors over time.

TimeTree, a self-described “public knowledge-base” about the evolutionary timeline for life on Earth, has been around for seven years. It’s th

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9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public

Ever since I looked more into the 9/11 attacks, I have seen some things about the Pentagon that is interesting. For example, the Pentagon had confiscated the video from the gas station across the street, and a video from a hotel.  Those were from online rumors apparently. The owner of the gas station filed a […]

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TRAPPIST-1: Good News and Bad News

TRAPPIST-1 opens up an exciting field for astronomers: a small, nearby, compact planetary system with seven Mars- to Earth-size worlds orbiting in days or weeks instead of months and years. What’s more, because their star is small and cool, all the planets may be habitable.

Maybe. Two new papers are out on TRAPPIST-1. One makes the chances for life even more ripe, while the other virtually strips away all chances of habitability.
The Bad News
Let’s step back: until the last decade or so

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UFO Sighting in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England on 2017-03-24 00:00:00 – Fast paced moving, flashing lights, strange aura

I was on my way to somebody’s house on my own, noticed a strange ring surrounding the moon (pretty sure this was natural) i took a photo of it and noticed strane lights within the image but upon further investigation i noticed they were visible to my eye, massive with windows, glowing with a strange aura to them. there were two, one larger than the other and both shaped slightly differently but with prominant windows and definite solid. i felt cold whilst looking at them and felt an odd presents kind of like when being followed, my mind started thinking all kinds of things and i tried to inspect closer by moving up higher on top of a shed, the lights/object was now closer to the ground, aproximetely 25ft away from me hovering. i noticed an orb like structure on the top and a rounded bowl like structure on the bottom, i attempted to take an image of the object but the image file corrupted upon taking a photo however i do still have the original image of the mood i tried to take which shows both strange objects in the sky.

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UFO Sighting in San Bernardino, California on 2017-04-02 16:20:00 – Bright reflective sliver chrome leaving dark side of moon from my telekenetic focal point.

Outdoor standing in front yard with moon half full above my face. placing her from human to skull i charged her rapidly into silver craft. then placing my hand around ship saying a few words…Launched her nw from behind moon at high rate of velocity and it’s size was miles wide.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Rockville, Maryland on 2017-03-09 19:00:00 – Bright lights, silent, almost invisible body, triangular, black underbelly with tiny lights

I was driving south at 7 pm, saw bright lights near a landmark i know, about a quarter mile away. i wondered why they would have stadium lights there, as that’s the height they appeared to be and the brightness of a nighttime football game with stadium lights. but, that landmark would not, does not have lights. the bright lights seemed motionless. after about a minute i turned west in the direction of my destination, to pick up my daughter from work, and parked my car because i noticed the lights were slowly moving in my direction. i watched the bright lights shaped in a triangle, as if they were the front lights on an aircraft. there was no body of the craft visible. all i could see was bright lights coming in my direction. when it came closer to me it passed directly over me making absolutely no noise. i could then see a large, black triangular solid shaped body, no wings, with tiny little lights like twinkling stars on the underbelly of the craft. i couldn’t make out that there was any body until it flew directly over me and i saw the underbelly, like camoflauge in the sky. it blended in perfectly with the sky. i then opened my skyroof in my car to continue looking, but it was gone and when i looked out the passenger window to the right it was gone. it was a little above tree top height. when i was watching it i was wondering if anyone else was seeing this, as there was a lot of traffic. i was amazed that it was nearly invisible and silent being so close to me. it was huge and very low. nothing i know of can fly that low and be silent. i thought i either saw some sort of a military craft, or a ufo.

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UFO Sighting in Jacksonville, Florida on 2017-04-06 09:45:00 – Looked like a missile chased by a black ball. steve hudgeons, dir of investigations, asked me to fill this out.

While on the way to work i was traveling on interstate 10 eastbound. i looked in the sky about 35 degrees above the horizon and saw a fast moving object emitting a plume of white billowy smoke moving from right to left (as i saw it, right would be south, left would be north). this caught my attention because the plume of smoke was much thicker than contrails left by airliners, and the object was very low (i am guessing 1000-1500 feet) and moving very fast. i can only compare the smoke trail to the smoke you typically see in skywriting done by aircraft. i am guessing, but the object appeared to be about 3-5 miles away. it was going in a gentle downward and away from me trajectory (moving nne). i could not really see the item that was leaving the trail of smoke, but it looked like a black dot on the end of a white line (the white line being the smoke). my first thought was the object is a missile, as i have seen military missiles launched before, and this was very similar in speed and appearance. while glancing up at it several times, i noticed another black round (could not really identify the shape) object coming from right to left, flying just above the plume of smoke, traveling even faster than the object emitting the smoke. it appeared to be chasing the object, and as it got close to the object it passed behind the plume of smoke, made a loop around the plume of smoke, and appeared to go into the object emitting the plume of smoke (made a corkscrew around the smoke trail). both objects then disappeared, the smoke stopped, and the trail of smoke dissipated very quickly (within 10-20 seconds). i am pretty sure someone else must have seen this since there were several cars on the roadway. i also noticed several commercial jetliners (much higher in the sky) after the smoke dissipated.

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This Massive Tunnel in South America Was Dug by Ancient Mega-Sloths

Researchers have found several colossal burrows in South America that are so huge and neatly constructed, you’d be forgiven for thinking humans dug them as a passageway through the forest. Turns out, they’re far more ancient than they look, estimated to be at least 8,000 to 10,000 years old, and no known geologic process can […]

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UFO Sighting in Wath upon Dearne, England on 2017-04-06 21:45:00 – Bright white ufo ascends with red burner then vanishes

Actually 2nd time in a week witness exact same event.
white light going through sky with no sound gradually ascending getting smaller then a red glow then vanishes.
both times in distance a commercial plane coming towards ufo and one following behind the ufo at a slower pace both planes with flashing lights.
on 2nd event it was pretty much identical to the first time i see it with planes again but on 2nd event a helicopter arrived within minutes to circle around several times but at a much lower altitude, quite possibly just a coincidence.
i am convinced it wasnt anything other than a ufo and if i see this from ground level then both airliners definately see what i saw alot clearly than i did.
this happened in the same area im convinced theres a portal which my wife also see with me and we also video the event and posted it to facebook for a friend to see (he was amazed)some time ago and it was deleted from facebook along with any other copy even from phone!

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The Mysterious Cauldrons From Siberia’s Valley of Death

For many people, Siberia is a dark and foreboding place, a place where governments have sent people to suffer, starve and die for hundreds of years. Despite this, there are many nomadic groups who have made Siberia their home. These peoples have carved out a way of life from these harsh steppes, where even a […]

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