247: Free Show: Ryan Sprague

Jordan Boneparte fills in for Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, guest Ryan Sprague checks in from NYC to talk about his book, Somewhere in the Skies, where he explores the human connection to encounters, he also talks about many fascinating cases including a bizarre drive-in movie theater incident and much more. Support the show to listen to full shows, plus the Everything Else Show for only $2 per month or more!

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City Nature Challenge 2017: Get started with iNaturalist and SciStarter

April 14-18, 16 cities across the United States will participate in the City Nature Challenge by going outside to document species through the iNaturalist app!  The widely anticipated event, brought to you by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences, also makes it easy for participants to earn credit for their iNaturalist observations through their SciStarter dashboards!

Here’s how:

Download the iNaturalist app and select a username
Add your iNatur

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UFO Sighting in Mount Vernon, Washington on 2016-03-25 20:30:00 – Flying saucers hover over hills, move like an insect flying around, one ejected other lights. very bright, saucer shape.

Over 4 sightings of strange craft occured within 2 weeks of this event. it was about 8:40 at night. i had walked out of my room, and, due to the fact i had seen what appeared to be flying saucers in the sky for 2 weeks prior, i decided i should look out the window and see. then, over the hills of conway, wa, i saw an extremely bright light hovering by a radio tower. even before noticing it’s very odd movements, i recognized the light to be just like the previous craft i had seen. it was incredibly bright, like a star, but bigger. it also appeared to have a crescent shape to the light, as though part of it were darkened, exactly like the previous lights. after noticing it, i watched carefully it’s position in the sky compared to the hillside. i am a trained aircraft observer, so i am certain it was no aircraft i have ever seen. i saw it begin to move in insect-like patterns, to my surprise, exactly like the last sightings. i had recently returned from flight training in california, and was staying with my parents. my mother had been very skeptical about my previous sightings, so i went quickly to get her. she came upstairs to the window with me, and i had her watch while it moved in strange ways, darting hundreds of meters in random directions. i believe seeing this made her uncomfortable, so she left after trying to disregard the lights as a helicopter. after she left, i watched as the light suddenly dissappeared, then reappeared about a mile to the south, much closer to my house. i grabbed binoculars, and looked at it. to my shock, it was a saucer, like the other ones. i watched through the binoculars as it moved strangely again. i ran quickly to get my mother, so she could join in the craziness. i flashed my phone lights at it, like i had previously done. it seemed to flash back the same pattern. it’s response was unnecessarily bright. being an airman, seeing that while flying would have been highly distracting, and no aircraft i know of would have any reason to flash lights so bright.
after this, there appeared a second light, brighter than the first. it moved around, and then stayed in place for the remainder of the event. while it was moving, the first light appeared to eject several smaller lights out of it. upon exiting the craft, the smaller lights were either too dim to see, or they simply dissappeared.
shortly after, the first saucer moved below the treeline, and slowly continued south. upon doing so, 3 equally bright saucer shaped craft appeared by the radio tower, about a mile north from the current position of the lights. i was very shocked to see this. they began to move in a steady path to the area where the other 2 lights were. both my mother and my sister were now watching. next, i saw something i cannot accurately describe. the light furthest to the north was very big. it was moving slower than a helicopter, and had flashing lights brighter than the moon. i can only relate it to how a police car flashes its siren lights, but only with the color white. it was like a diamond. or, perhaps the flashing of the lights made it appear that way. if i had been flying close to that light, i would have been blinded. nothing i can think of even relates to the light i saw, other than a flying saucer. this strange object continued to the south, and dissappeared behind some tall trees. there were 3 remaining lights above the horizon for a while, then they vanished in an instant and left only the 2nd brightest of the objects in the sky. it remained there, pulsating for quite some time. i remember that my final observations were recorded at 11:45 pm. i went to sleep that night with a flying saucer hovering less that a mile away from me. strange times. i cannot help but wonder whether their interest was in me, as i am actively investigating them. please comment if anyone has seen something like this.

*message to investigator, not for website*
i apologise for not submitting this sooner. i did not know how to describe what i saw, and i was bewildered. then i went to the san juan islands for a week. i am now back and am devoting myself fully to further investigation. we should request radar data asap. i have some sightings from march 10th-16th that we should also request radar data for. time of sightings were all from 8:30pm to 12 am. thank you, i look forward to hearing from you.

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Alien Encounter in Lewiston, New York on 2012-03-31 00:00:00 – Sudden telepathic download of several pieces of information followed by a direct “empathic” mental connection to an alien mind and seeing the alien living being.

I think it’s important that i first mention/cite my previous report that i made today (report number 82981) because the event in that report happened roughly 8 hours before this event. these two events have no direct provable connection and they are very different from each other which is why i decided to make two separate reports (which i mentioned in the previous report as well) to better organize the information and sequence of events that occurred. the event i’m documenting in this report happened in april 2012 shortly after sunrise. my boyfriend and i had just driven the 10-15 minute drive back to his house (where i lived as well) from our friends house. our friend had had a bonfire in the woods behind his house that night and a small group of our friends had been there hanging out and socializing until sunrise. (my previous report 82981 documents the ufo that we all had heard/observed flying around us there at the bonfire that night.) anyway, the first thing i did when my boyfriend and i got home was lay down on our bed in our bedroom to relax. when i layed my head down on my pillow and closed my eyes, within mere seconds i started to relax and let my mind relax into a meditative-type state. the moment my mind relaxed is when things that are very hard to describe started happening, so i will try my best to describe it accurately. the moment my mind relaxed is when i had a very sudden of events happened. i had my eyes still closed but i was now unaware of my body as i saw black space around me being “sucked” through a type of tube-like space. like i zoomed through the tube of a huge vaccuum cleaner and in the next instant i had a sudden “download” of information pour into my mind. i say “download” because that’s the best way i can describe how this happened. the information that was injected into my mind was factual in essence, which is something that was obvious and encoded within the information itself. this is very hard to describe. another way i describe this feeling is that i was receiving a stream of information telepathically somehow. or that i “tapped into” a computer bank or stream of facts that exists somewhere somehow. (these feelings/concepts might be easier for me to describe if i had a wider vocabulary, but unfortunately this is my best explanation.) the facts that i was being “told” were very basic and straightforward. they were these: the very first thing was that aliens are real. as basic as that. they are directly involved with the american gov’t. (no specifics on the details of how/etc). they had something to do with the ancient maya or aztec civilization. (not sure which one or both). the battle between good and evil is real and happening – in a biblical connection/way. again, no info on the details of what that means exactly, but connotations to the christian bible were there. as well as the connotation of the “apocalypse” being a real possible thing. this information was not saying that the christian bible is true, but that the bible may reference things which aliens were involved with which people are unaware have anything to do with aliens. (i think it’s important to note here that i had never subscribed to any religion and was never raised with religion in my life. i was actually essentially agnostic my whole life, and certainly disbelieved in apocalyptic ideas and disbelieved in “the battle between good and evil.”) those pieces of basic information were passed to me in sudden succession, and then something even more intense happened directly after the stream of information. i then saw in front of me an alien entity. absolute terror. absolute terror. grey-ish washed-out color skin. giant pure black cliche alien eyes. giant wide skull/brain area in comparison to its small mouth/chin area. no defined nose or very defined mouth, though i seem to recall the mouth having very very thin “lips.” the sight was so shocking that my mind didn’t think to try to observe it in great visual detail because i was horrified and scared for my life in a moment of the worst panic i’ve ever experienced in my life before or since. it was about 20 feet away from me. it was as if i were “remote viewing” or astral projecting because i didn’t feel like i was in my body. (which, by the way, has never happened to me before. nothing remotely similar has ever happened to me. i use those terms because i have heard of those practices described before and those descriptions seem similar to what i had happen here.) i felt like a was an energy spirit in the corner of the room, looking slightly down at the being. very similar to dreams where you are looking down at yourself and the situation from a third-party type viewing position. i’m not sure if i was looking down because i’m taller than the being or not. i didn’t get an impression of how tall he was. i do “feel” as though the presence could be male. but i am more apt to say “it” than to give it a gender. my mind was very focused on the face of the being. so i can’t describe the body because i didn’t really see it. also it was a lowly lit room, and i think the being was standing behind some type of solid object that covered most of its body from my point of view. like podium-type object. behind the being i believe was a serious of control-looking panels and things. i know this being was real as well as one knows a cat on the street is real. when you see a living animal your brain recognizes life before you even realize exactly what you’re looking at. that was a defining factor here. i had of course never seen an animal with as much presence as a human. and it was an instinctual, immediate mental reaction when i realized i was looking at this very alive life-form in a form i’d never been able to comprehend – potential predator. something that lacked human empathy like an animal, but with more intelligence and capability than a human. nothing is more scary, i promise you that. at the same time as i saw this being i was also experiencing what i can only refer to as a fully empathic mental connection to its mind and psyche. i felt the alien mindset. the alien mind that i was connected with was so utterly different than a human mind. so completely different that it is impossible to describe. the only way i’ve managed to find words to describe how truly “alien” the aliens mind is, is to describe that the major factor that differs between human and alien is that this particular alien species has a complete lack of emotion or empathy, which is impossible to comprehend unless you actually experience it. and that is impossible to do unless you “become one” with the alien mind. to truly comprehend the alien mind is to lose your human mind temporarily in doing so. i never could comprehend such a thing unless i have experienced this. to me, the experience of the alien mind in and of itself is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that aliens are very very very real because it would truly be impossible to experience this without being in the presence of an alien. the feeling is outside the capacity of the human mind. i also want to mention that i’m unsure if the alien knew i was there or not. because of its pure black eyes, i was unable to tell if we were making actual eye contact even though we were face-to-face. all i know is that in these few moments of seeing and “feeling” the alien, and realizing what i was seeing, my first few reactive thoughts were “i need to get out of here before it sees me, i hope to god it isn’t seeing me. i hope to god it didn’t see me.” and when i thought those thoughts i came back to my body on the bed in my bedroom and shot-up in bed in pure terror. i don’t know exactly how much time went by between me laying down in bed and coming back to my body because the entire experience was outside of time as we know it. there was no time during this. but according to my boyfriend and my observations of the time before and after, only a few short moments had gone by between laying my head down on the pillow and then abruptly rising as i came back to this reality. my initial reactions/feelings were just pure pure terror and sense of despair. i felt “the weight of the world” was on my shoulders. i felt like i couldn’t tell anyone what has just happened to me. i couldn’t even tell my boyfriend what had just happened because i was so devastated and shocked and terrified afterwards. i ran in the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and buried my head in my hands in despair and horror. i believe i cried. i felt alone. i had no idea what to do. but i thought i was supposed to do something to “help” the battle against evil. it took hours for me to stop pacing around the room in terror trying not to freak out. this experience was so straight-forward and real, yet so taboo that i knew i couldn’t tell anyone without risking being thought of as psychotic or absolutely insane. the level of impact this had on my mind and psychological state was far beyond any other thing that’s ever happened to me. i consider this experience to be the “most important” and certainly most profound and impactful experience i have ever had. i believe that i have ptsd from this experience. i am certainly traumatized beyond belief and i think i will always have a deep fear ingrained in me from this. i never used to be a scared person. i don’t get traumatized easily. but this experience shattered my entire life. i’ve never been the same. i think it’s important to say that while i had thought about and considered the possibility of life on other planets before in my life, i never spent much time researching or being into the idea of aliens or anything like that. ufo’s had always been something that interested me when i’d heard about them, but i never really spent time seeking out information about them or aliens. certainly never believed or spent time learning about information that could be regarded as “conspiracy theory stuff.” i only thought about aliens from a scientific standpoint. i only ever regarded the idea as logically sound that there would be other intelligent life somewhere out there. and i certainly never ever even considered any of the information that i “downloaded” during this experience. these things where so far from anything i thought about that it added to my shock factor and made the effect of learning these things so much more difficult for me. so much of my foundation of reality was ripped away from me. i was forced to drastically change my perception of reality and life after this experience.

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Ancient cannibalism may not have been as nutritious as previously thought, a new calorie-counting study finds, which means ancient cannibalism may have been more complex than often thought.

Nowadays cannibalism is associated with fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter or by desperate souls as a last resort, such as the Donner Party or the survivors of the Andes flight disaster. But studies suggest cannibalism was practiced since prehistory, and even performed by extinct human lineages. F

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Archaeologists discover unknown Pyramid near Ancient Egyptian Burial Site

A previously unknown Egyptian pyramid dating back about 3,700 years has been discovered by archaeologists near an ancient burial site in Southern Cairo.

Credit images: Egyptian Antiquities Ministry 

The location of the pyramid is to the north of the so-called Bent Pyramid, which was built by King Sneferu in about 2,600 BC.

The newly found pyramid dates back to the 13th Dynasty, according to Egypt’s Ahram website, and is located within the Dahshur Necropolis – an area along the west bank of the Nile constructed for the burial of royal family members, reports RT.

King Sneferu’s Bent Pyramid is regarded as one of the first attempts at building an above ground burial monument in Egypt.


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The Trouble With The “Journal of Stem Cells”

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a paper describing possibly unethical stem cell injection treatments for children with autism. That paper was published in 2015 in the Journal of Stem Cells.

I’ve since discovered additional problems with this journal.

It’s important to note at the outset that the Journal of Stem Cells is not some obscure operation. It’s indexed in MEDLINE, something that the vast majority of ‘predatory’ journals could only dream of. MEDLINE is the gold standard, or

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Chevron Shaped UFO Reported Over New Jersey | UFO CHRONICLE – 1965

Chevron Shaped UFO Reported Over  New Jersey

     On August 1st, 1965, at 9:15 PM, the local 1010 WINS, 24 hour news station, out of New York city, announced sighting of objects in the 4-corners region of the US southwest. I instantly grabbed our dad’s 10 by 50 binoculars, and raced out to the front lawn of their
Reader Submitted Report
The UFO Chronicles

Teaneck, New Jersey house. I lay on my back for about 15 minutes without seeing anything, and so trained the binocs on Vega, almost directly overhead. With my arms tiring I began pulling the binocs away from my eyes, when all of a sudden a fast moving ‘something’ emerged from the edge of the roofline of our parent’s house. I instantly trained the binoc’s on this object, and could see it was a perfect chevron in shape, and glowing a dull orange. It traversed about 40 degrees of sky in about 1 and a half seconds. It took up 1/6th of the width of my field of view in the binoc’s. Unbeknownst to me at the time sightings were occurring also in southeast New Hampshire. I later calculated that the great circle route between these two regions, would pretty much pass over northeast New Jersey, where I was located.

My gut feeling was this object was miles up in the atmosphere. As a ballpark estimate I figured it was at least 20 miles up. Using the mile long estimate of the width of the Phoenix boomerang, if what I saw was the same width, then it would have been approximately 45 miles up in the atmosphere, as it passed over northeast New Jersey.

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