The 9/11 Prophet said that ETs will help humanity

Many have heard of the visionary Baba Vanga , but even those who already know it is worth refreshing our memories a bit:   Baba Vanga – as she was commonly called – lost her sight when she was only 12 years old. After being ‘swept’ by a storm, the girl somehow survived, covered with […]

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UFO Sighting in Turangi, Waikato on 2016-04-16 21:30:00 – I saw a ufo approach a small cluster of several stars. one of the ‘stars’ shot out a brilliant white light at the ufo.

My husband and i were in our backyard around 9 pm. we often watch the skies both during daylight and nighttime. we have seen some amazing things! i first noticed a rapidly moving light which i took to be another ufo. it was headed towards a group of several stars. it was flying in a straight line. to my surprise, the apparent star shot out a brilliant white light at the ufo. it was not a laser beam straight-edged type light. the ufo took off in the opposite direction.
i was so excited! after a lifetime of sky-watching i had never seen anything like this before.
i regret that i have no photo or video of the very brief event. but it is something i will never forget.

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UFO Sighting in Martinez, California on 2004-04-24 01:30:00 – Ship flew over my vehicle on a desolate highway.

I was traveling in a gasoline truck on rt 4 just west of martinez and i saw a very strange puffy cloud hovering at the southern edge of the city 1 mile east of alhambra ave. this was my third time through the area and the cloud was by itself in the night sky. as i was cresting the hill west of martinez, what appeared to be a gondola flew slowly over me, the bottom of the ship looked si ilar to the buck rodgers ship in the way that it was blowing bright green sparkly flames from under it. as it passed by i saw that it had huge thrusters on top in the rear. it kind of resembled a stealth aircraft, but it was only going about 50 mph. it passed me and within 15 seconds it swooped upward and dissapeared. the whole time i heard a very high pitched whistling.

within 3 days i started having very interesting dreams.

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UFO Sighting in Chetek, Wisconsin on 2015-04-10 00:00:00 – Contrail suddenly appearing in sky, corkscrewing, bullet shaped object.

Driving north from eau claire to chetek i was amazed to see the sky filled with contrails, no visible planes or objects having made them. a few clouds around and all the contrails going east and west, normal for plane paths.

ever since cern, my retirement, and past experiences, i probably spend more time than the average person looking into the sky.

coming back from chetek towards eau clair the contrails were just as numerous, and they did not seem to dissipate. as i’m looking out my front windshield into the sky a contrail “suddenly” appears out of nowhere.

it is corkscrewing and i can see there is something causing it as the contrail is making a path. then i can see the bullet shaped object that is making it. it goes out of sight over the roof of my car.

since then i am always watching the skies, and have seen anomalies looking like clouds, lights that go out and back on, etc.

most importantly, i believe i can verify at least 2 accounts of being alien abducted, maybe 3 as i have put forth in my case report #82825. i have a lot of blocked memory that gives me the feeling there is more.

these instances cannot be adequately explained through this type of reporting. i look forward to talking with a trained interviewer. but most importantly i would like to have contact with individuals who share the same anomalies,……Like the woman who describe “grey wolves on the roof.”

i thought the greys would be done with me, but they aren’t. why they would still be around with a 72 y/o man baffles me. and btw, they are demonic! in there anger their facial features change, very much like the preying mantis descriptions. when they move to attack, they give the appearance of moving/running on all fours,……Looking like grey wolves to a mind that is/has been affected.

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UFO Reported Over Cooper Nuclear Station, Declassified Documents Reveal

UFO Over Cooper Nuclear Station - Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) (Pg 2)


     According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC):

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was created as an independent agency by Congress in 1974 to ensure the safe use of radioactive materials for beneficial civilian purposes while protecting people and the environment. The NRC regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials, such as in nuclear medicine, through licensing, inspection and enforcement of its requirements.

John Greenewald
By John Greenewald
The Black Vault

Over the years, many UFO reports have surfaced regarding unidentified craft being seen over sensitive nuclear installations. It only makes sense, that the NRC would be a prime target under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for documents relating to the phenomena.

The documents were received relatively quickly. They were requested by The Black Vault on February 27, 2017, and were declassified and released to me on March 23, 2017.

Most surprising, there is new information never-before-seen within these records. It is revealed that a former security guard of the Cooper Nuclear Station witnessed a UFO sometime between the years 1986 and 1989. The report described the UFO encounter as the following:

While posted at the intake structure one night, he observed an “unidentified flying object” fly down the Missouri River about 150 feet in the air and hover in front of the intake. He observed it for a few moments and then contacted a fellow security officer who also observed it (he could not recall the individual’s name exactly but his first name was [REDACTED] and his last name was either [REDACTED ]. After they together observed the UFO, it turned and went back up the river and did not come back that shift. He and the other officer shared their observation with their peers who did not believe them.

The next evening he again was posted at the intake and observed the UFO return again. This time he didn’t call anyone until the UFO had traversed into the protected area and hovered above the protected area just north of the Reactor Building. He said it was roughly triangular in shape with a circle of rotating lights on the bottom. He could not hear any propulsion noise from the UFO. He believes that it was roughly 1/3 the size of the Reactor Building. Once the UFO hovered in the protected area. He called the security break room and most of the officers on shift observed the UFO.

Interestingly, after the report was taken by the NRC, the documents were compiled and sent to Cooper Nuclear Station in 2010. Although no formal response was requested, Cooper Nuclear Station was told only to tell employees there that were on a “need to know” basis.

The declassified records also include reports submitted by the public to the NRC about UFO activity, and even alien technology. The NRC gave the standard response to all of the letters sent in, that the NRC mission did not include the topics they were writing about.

The declassified documents can be seen here, in their entirety. They are unedited and appear exactly how they were received by The Black Vault from the NRC.

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UFO Sighting in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin on 2005-07-10 00:00:00 – I call it the barrel in the sky.

It was during the summer months, again the sky was cloudless, a perfectly clear morning.

a friend and fellow employee was driving me over to pick up my truck being worked on at penske shop in our area. we turned off the main road (melby st.) to a side road. almost immediately i could see out our front windshield, straight ahead, something very odd in the sky. as we got closer i knew we/i was seeing a paranormal anomaly.

as we turned the corner to go towards penske, my driver had noticed it also and i told him to pull over. he did and we sat there observing it.

i could tell that he was speechless. the object hovered over a scrub-brush area, with no dwellings in that area. i thought to myself that finally i have another reliable witness to verify what we are seeing.

i asked him, “do you see any tethers fastening it to the ground? do you see any movement?” he answered “no” to both. after watching it for a few minutes and nothing changed, i wanted to pick up my own truck so i could come back and hopefully get a better/closer look at it. however, in only the 2-3 minutes it took me to get back it was gone.

i was still elated that someone else had seen it with me and was anxious to discuss it with him once i got back to the shop. that ended up being a terrible disappointment. being a deeply religious person, he went into total denial, claiming that he had seen a tether connecting it to the ground.

my description of the object is rectangular, barrel shaped, very dark brown in color, and most amazingly, it was one dimensional. we had viewed it from a different angle, and the only way i can best describe it is that it was as if it had been “painted” into the sky, against the sky-blue background.

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UFO Sighting in Osseo, Wisconsin on 2004-11-23 15:00:00 – As reported in my previous case report #82826.

Repeat of my case #82826 report, the day before thanksgiving as i was running my regular route delivery a day early, due to the holiday.

north on i94, near osseo, wi, another perfectly clear, cloudless sky. from what i had seen in the previous week i was hoping to see the object again and try to get a better view, although i knew the chances were slim.

i did see the object again, in what seemed to be roughly the same location. again metallic, disc or saucer shaped, hovering motionless.

this time i was on a long stretch of straight road with no obstructions to worry about. the object could be seen out of my upper right side windshield. i was able to keep the road and object in view simultaneously.

i focused intently on the object as it slowly morphed into a tiny white cloud, being the only cloud in the sky. then the cloud slowly began to disappear so the object was invisible, but looking intently i could discern an “air disturbance” where the object was/had been.

by that time i was again going into a hilly area where i lost sight and was unable to pick it up again.

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Aztec UFO Incident Still Debated 69 Years Later | VIDEO

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Aztec UFO Incident Still Debated 69 Years Later

      AZTEC — Saturday marks the 69th anniversary of an incident that is still up for debate. Some claim that March 25, 1948, an alien spacecraft landed or crash-landed in Heart Canyon.
By J.R. Oppenheim

“Hundreds of military and intelligence documents that since the Freedom of Information Act and research shows that something happened here, and something happened in and around Aztec,” Brooks Marshall as he stood below the bluff where a few books and other research claim the craft landed.

From below, there isn’t much to see. A photo Marshall produced showed that the site below the supposed crash site used to have many tanks used for some manner of gas production. Marshall said he can confirm the picture, he moved to the area in the 1970s, working at El Paso Natural Gas.

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Alien Probe decloaked itself for three seconds before fading away over Popocatépetl Volcano

The live stream camera which constantly monitors the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico picked up a mysterious display above the volcano around midnight on March 23, 2017.

The eerie footage reveals an unknown object that decloaked itself for about three seconds before fading away into the night sky.

Although there is no concrete proof it might have been a technologically advanced alien probe.


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