NIKOLA TESLA affirmed to have seen Present, Past and Future at the same time, in experience of 1895

In 1895, during research with its transformer, Nikola Tesla had its first indications that time and space could be influenced by the use of highly charged spinning magnetic fields.    Part of this revelation came from Tesla’s experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere. […]

Alien detection in the age of social media

IF WE DETECT aliens, Facebook and Twitter will surely melt down from the hysteria of it all. Anticipating that, a pair of astronomers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland has released a set of recommendations for how to distribute news of detection. It is meant as an update […]

World’s Tiniest Race Cars Will Cover 100 Nanometers in 36 Hours

Four racing teams from around the world will gather in France this spring to compete for a first-of-its-kind title. Their vehicles will “inch” to the starting line and explode into motion to kick off a marathon 36-hour race that will have covered less than the width of a human hair […]

UFO Rises Up Out of The Water in the Gulf of Mexico

     A crew member of an offshore supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico claims he saw a UFO ‘fives times’ the size of his vessel and UFO trackers are now looking for more witnesses to come forward with any information possibly related to the sighting. By Mike Schulergcaptain.com3-24-17 […]

Military Reporting Channel For UFO Incidents? OPREP-3

– Part 1 –      While going through the officially declassified and release that relate to the spooky 1975 US/Canadian border Northern Tier “over flights”, as well as other 1970’s–era UFO cases, I noticed a specific term repeatedly appearing in the documents that piqued my interest. The term was […]

Claims Of UFOs Near Space Station is Crappola, says NASA

     For years, UFO hunters have waged an ongoing battle with NASA, the United States’ space agency. Armed with nothing more than an internet connection, anyone can spend hours on end, searching for unexplained objects that might fly through the view finder of one of several HD video cameras […]