UFO Sighting in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York on 2015-05-31 00:00:00 – Light came along side of mt.At treetops entered my yard and descended as to land thought it was a helicopter then observed me and as i reached for cell phone camera it shot straight up at incredible speed until i could no longer see it

Sitting on deck of house under construction having a beer and looking at sky
i saw the light coming across the treetops
helicopter it came in smoothly over trees and descended as if to land, i was angry because i thought some idiot was landing a helicopter in my backyard!
jumped up and came around the deck to the side where it was coming down. i stayed there observing because i didn’t want to approach it while it was landing. i couldn’t see what it was because of the light, i assumed it was a searchlight on the front of a helicopter. extremely bright and unusual as it was like the color of light from a full moon. i assumed it was a military helicopter with high tech lighting, west point military academy and stewart airport are nearby. i am in between these two and often see helicopters flying over.
the light was extremely bright and i couldn’t see behind it as it was pointed straight at me.
as i waited to ball the pilot out i realized it wasn’t making any noise, and it just seemed to be looking back at me.
then i realized i had my phone in my side pocket. i began to reach for it and the object shot straight up like it thought i was reaching for a gun or something.
the speed was incredibly fast and in moments it was so high it looked like a star and kept going until it disappeared before my eyes. i knew it was a ufo at that moment and not a helicopter. and knew no one would believe me. incredible.I never heard a sound from it and it was within 40′ of me before it took off. no wind or air displacement was noticeable either.
the two trees it passed seem to have been affected as they are visibly damaged.The weeds grew extremely high ( 6′)where the object hovered.
i can’t say i know what it was as the light was so bright, i thought helicopter size but the light could have been the whole thing.
this really happened.
900′ elevation on storm king mountain new side


2 December 1896
(San Francisco Call, California)

Source: California Digital Newspaper Collection (cdnc.ucr.edu)

The article reports on two 1896 Oakland, California, UFO sightings. The unknown objects (or the same object) (described by the journalist as “the strange aerial navigator”) was sighted by Case Gilson, Gilson’s friends and Percy Drew.
Quote from the article:
“ ‘The airship was moving very rapidly from the southeast toward Lorin, and not a light was visible,’ said Gilson. ‘It was about 1000 or 1500 feetin the air and looked like a great black cigar with a fish-like tail. If it had side propellers they were revolving so rapidly that I could not see them. The body was at least a hundred feet long, and attached to it was a triangular tail, one apex being attached to the main body. The surface of the airship looked as if it were made of aluminum, which exposure to wind and weather had turned dark. I saw all this distinctly, and I am willing to take any oath to the truth of what I say.’
‘The airship went at a tremendous speed. As it neared Lorin it turned quickly and disappeared in the direction of San Francisco. At half-past 8 we saw it again, when it took about the same direction and disappeared. ‘It was an airship; of that I am convinced.’
Gilson and his friends saw the airship twice during last Thursday (26 November 1896) evening at 8 and 8:30 o’clock. The skies were perfectly clear, and a strong northwest wind was blowing. The airship was moving rapidly from the southeast toward the north in the teeth of the wind. No light was visible, merely the weird, peculiar body silhoueted against the clear skies. Case Gilson, his brother, and the Petan brothers distinctly saw the strange sight, and Gilson describes its appearance very graphically.
Gilson is also an amateur astronomer and declares that he could not mistake a star or a cloud for an airship.
Percy Drew was another individual favored with a glimpse of the airship. He says it visited Oakland Saturday (28 November 1896) night. It then carried a red light and moved with its usual quickness. Both young men agree that the ship was of enormous size, measuring at least 100 feet in length.”


Satellite photo of Oakland, California(tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

Black Triangle Sighting in Guadalajara, Jalisco on 2017-03-19 11:35:00 – We were flying out of guadalara mexico and my sons girlfriend decided to take pictures out the window she saw what was flying outside

We were flying out of guadalara mexico yesterday and probably 10 minutes after we took off when we were at the altitude that we flew at my sons girlfriend decided to take pictures outside the window. she was not sitting at the window seat so she reached over a passenger that was sitting at the window and took a picture she looked at the the picture and saw the weird images i sent you so she got excited and told us and started taking more pictures at that poi t i handed her my phone and she took these images that i have sent you. i am not sending you any of her images because i dont have them. to me one of the images looks saucer like with lights. she kept on takin pictures and the objects diappeared.This was a ufo

UFO Sighting in Northford, Connecticut on 2017-03-19 01:20:00 – Saw a single glowing reddish lighttraveling from 130′ toward the nw very slowly. two more lights appeared, but were not close enough to be one object.

At 12.20 am sat 3/18/17 i went out to get firewood. i observed a glowing red light toward the se. it was either moving very slowly toward me or hovering. i watched for a couple of minutes, and as it is in the same direction as tweed new haven airport, i see low flying planes, and as sikorsky is near , helicopters often. i ran in to get my cell and videoed this light. the distance to this light had to be over 10? miles. another reddish glowing light appeared, then another. they didnt seem to be close enough to be from one object. no noise. no news reports. these lights were pretty bright , thank god i got video, as poor quality as it is.

Alien: Covenant unleashes intense new international trailer

Fox has unleashed an intense new international trailer for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. The new two-minute trailer doesn’t show an awful lot of new footage, but does give us a bit more Xenomorph attack action as one stalks the unfortunate crew of the titular colony ship Covenant. Basically, they’re probably all screwed. The new trailer […]

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Think getting your alcohol through an IV will prevent a hangover? Think again.

We’ve heard of “eyeballing,” and even trying to get drunk by soaking your feet in vodka, but this is the first we’ve heard of getting drunk by IV. Thank goodness it’s not for recreational purposes! These researchers wanted to know whether “drinking” alcohol through an IV — a practice used for understanding the physiological response to alcohol — would give similar hangovers as drinking the old-fashioned way. Turns out, it does. There goes our plan for Saturday night 🙁


The Evidence that the Ancient Lost City beneath the Antarctic Ice still exists!

Are we about to hear that ancient ruins have been found in Antarctica? Is there an Alliance working to defeat the greatest threat humanity has ever faced on earth? Could the Antarctic Atlantis be part of a full or partial disclosure?

According to Charles Chapgood, whose 1958 book ‘Earth’s Shifting Crust’ featured a foreword by Albert Einstein, around 12,000 years ago the Earth’s crust shifted displacing the continent that became Antarctica from a location further north than it is today.

This more temperate continent was home to an advanced civilization, which is said where “Pre-Adamite” giants with elongated skulls who appears to have crash-landed on a continent we now call Antarctica some 55,000 years ago.

But the sudden shift to its current frigid location doomed the civilization’s inhabitants – the Pre-Adamite” giants, the Atlanteans – and their magnificent city was buried under layers of ice.

Atlantis is Antarctica? Plato described Atlantis as follows:

First they say that the soil was high above the sea.
All around the city reigned plain…its surface was smooth and steady.
All this part of the island was situated on the south, and protected against the north wind. The mountains that surrounded surpassed, says that fame, in number, size and beauty all those we see today.
She had a rating of three thousand stadia…471 km. and from the center to sea, over two thousand, over 315 km.

The description of Plato is amazing, but the most extraordinary is that it was the “Egyptians” who told Plato that, more precisely the Builders of the pyramid, with a message written with stones on the Great Pyramid.

Since 2003 NASA has used a satellite, ICESat for observing polar ice and with Operation IceBridge dataset BEDMAP2, obtained with laser and ice-penetrating radar, we can observe bedrock topography of Antarctica.

As we know, the Greenwich meridian, the longitude is the prime meridian of the world. Now if we mirror effect the Greenwich meridian then it indicates the location of the Captital of Atlantis, exactly the same way as the message written with stones on the Great Pyramid.

This area, consists of islands close to the sea level is the place of the Capitla of Atlantis, Poseidopolis.

As described by Plato:

“When we went through the three external ports, there was a circular wall beginning at the sae and everywhere distant fifty stages of larger enclosure and its ports. This wall was close at the same point the channel inlet side of the sea.”

Now if we take look at the location of the secret entrance, discovered by the Nazi’s, and we compare the longitude of the entrance with the longitude of the Greenwich meridian you will see that it runs parallel.

Moreover, if we take the map showing the detailed route of how to get to the Land or Underground Base beneath the ice, see map below…

then we see that the 1,530 km long route points to a place which is exactly on the coordinates of the Capitla of Atlantis.

If the researchers are correct with their analysis of the location of the Capitla of Atlantis and we connecting the dots we come to a stunning conclusion that all the stories about that ancient ruins have been found in Antarctica indeed could be true.

Now, according to David Wilcock, various groups we collectively call the Alliance are working to defeat the Cabal / Illuminati / New World Order succeeds, their plan is to begin the disclosure process by telling us about the ancient ruins and that there was an advanced civilization, who maybe still lives beneath the ice sheet, then we are on the verge of major new releases of information that will transform everything we thought we knew about life on earth.

See video below for more information on the lost city and read also the following very interesting links from the researchers on this issue.


Additional: See also David Wilcock’s explanation on the Antarctic City. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGcsfa-GyZk


See video See link: