Roswell, It Happens Here!

The Roswell Daily Record Newspaper ran the following article I wrote to help promote the “2017 Roswell Daily Record’s Roswell Incident” festival June 30th, thru July 2nd. My sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer and I will be speaking Saturday, July 1st at 9:00am, kicking off a great day of speakers. Roswell Daily Record […]

8 Cave Paintings depicting Aliens

All over the world there are unexplained cave paintings that archeologists struggle to explain. Here are 8 cave paintings depicting aliens / UFOs. It is believed that prehistoric caveman used to draw whatever he used to see, hence the existences of the images of UFOs and aliens in the various […]

Was the Miracle of the Sun a UFO sighting?

99 years ago something happened to three shepherd children in the town of Fátima, Portugal. What became know has the Miracle of The Sun is maybe one of the most important UFO (and maybe alien) sightings in Europe’s history. Starting on May 1, 1917, the children began to describe seeing […]

Incredible 1989 Nashville UFO Photographs Provided by Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy

The photographs of these UFOs were provided by Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy. He obtained these photographs of a FS-143 saucer from a close friend who claimed to have rendezvoused with another intelligence and requests anonymity. These photographs were allegedly taken on September 27, 1989, near Nashville, Tennessee and used to build […]

Chuck Berry, Rock n’ Roller for Aliens, Dies at 90

      Chuck Berry, the father of rock n’ roll, passed away Saturday at 90 years old. His music was sent to space for aliens to find, and for Back to the Future fans, he’s the guy on the phone who heard Marty McFly perform “Johnny B. Goode” and […]

Remembering The UFO Cult, ‘Heaven’s Gate’

      March 26 is the 20th anniversary of a grisly discovery in Rancho Santa Fe: the corpses of 39 members of a religious group called Heaven’s Gate. They committed suicide believing their souls would travel on a UFO to new bodies in a better world. By John WilkensJohn […]

UFO – Lights in the Sky – Interview with Kate who had an encounter of the first kind!

Encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects have been categorized into five groups. When a person sees a UFO within 150 meters, it’s an encounter of the first kind. L. A. Marzulli sits down with “Kate” who had an encounter of the first kind. She was able to film the event although […]

Strange beam of light over Mt Etna during major eruption

Mount Etna is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Metropolitan City of Catania, between the cities of Messina and Catania. The volcano is 10,900 3,329 meters tall with a base circumference of about 150 kilometers while historical observations of Etna’s eruptions go back as […]