UFO Sighting in Casper, Wyoming on 2017-03-16 00:00:00 – Observed a solitary white light, no green or red strobe, in the due north sky, flying in a due south path

I was sitting in my hot tub after work, enjoying a beer, which is my normal routine, on this warmer than normal spring night. i just happened to glance to the north and noticed a solitary dull white light moving in a due south path. i only observed the light for approximately 4 seconds before it went out. it’s speed seemed faster than i would consider an aircraft to be going, but not streaking across the sky. there were some broken thin wispy clouds over casper at the time and the moon was somewhat illuminating them. nothing so thick that it would conceal the light. there were no strobe lights of any color adjacent to this single white light. i continued to watch the assumed flight path with no sign of the white light, outline of an aircraft, no strobes and no sound. it vanished. my guess at an altitude would be around 20000 feet.

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Weapons Physicist Posts Declassified Nuclear Test Videos to YouTube

A trove of footage from early U.S. nuclear weapons tests has just been declassified and uploaded to YouTube.

The film release was part of a project headed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) weapons physicist Greg Spriggs which aimed to digitize and preserve thousands of films documenting the nation’s nuclear history. The endeavor required an all-hands-on deck approach from archivists, film experts and software engineers, but the team says that this digitized database is alre

Earth’s Original Crust Still Hanging Around

Researchers who want to study the nature of Earth’s original crust find themselves between a rock and a hard place: Our planet’s top layer is constantly wearing down in one spot and building up in another, continents colliding or slip-sliding past each other in the great mosh pit of plate tectonics. You might have figured none of the early crust was even still around. New research shows you would have figured wrong.

Today in Science, researchers announced they’d found bits of Earth’s orig

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UFO Article: “Airline Pilot Recounts Enormous UFO | 20th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights”

By Captain Trig Johnston
(The UFO Chronicles, 14 March 2017)

Airline pilot Trig Johnston recounts the 13 March 1997 Phoenix, Arizona, UFO incident.
The only video recording of the enormous UFO which was sighted over Phoenix, Arizona, on 13 March 1997:
(Source: Alexander Gottfridsson (YouTube channel))   

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Freeze-frame from the only video of the enormous UFO which 
was sighted over Phoenix, Arizona, on 13 March 1997
(Source: Alexander Gottfridsson (YouTube channel))   

Satellite photo of Phoenix, Arizona (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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UFOs, Kenneth Arnold and the American Bible

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UFOs, Kenneth Arnold and the American Bible

     Kenneth Arnold was the original credible witness, a straight-shooting, down-to-earth ex-Boy Scout. Jacques Vallee wrote, “I now think of referring to the (flying saucer) problem as ‘the Arnold Phenomenon’ after that celebrated witness, businessman Kenneth
By Curt Collins

Arnold.” (11 April 1963 entry, Forbidden Science Volume I.) However, in the years since, Arnold’s role as the herald of the UFO age has been diminished by the overemphasis and promotion of the Roswell crash franchise. His role is important, and there’s a lot more to his story.

Shortly after his encounter, Arnold had the first of many other sightings on his flight to Maury Island, a trip that began his informal role as the first civilian UFO investigator. He became interested in Charles Fort’s books of phenomena and joined the Fortean Society. Over the years, he came to believe that the objects he’d seen were living creatures, possibly related to what Ezekiel had described in the Book of Revelation. There’s a lot more to Kenneth Arnold’s story than just his first sighting, but UFO history has largely ignored the story.

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UFO Sighting in Cheadle, England on 2017-03-15 10:32:00 – At 10.32am i went to open my bed room window as it was a nice day. i was looking out of the window. i had noticed a bright object with contrails it looked strange. so i got my camera i tooken a picture of a disc shaped object.

At 10.32am i went to open my bed room window as it was a nice day. i was looking out of the window and i had noticed a bright object with contrails moving in the east. the object was moving at a fast speed and it had no sound. it was a disc shaped object. so i got camera tooken a photo of the object.

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We Deserve Half the Blame for Declining Arctic Sea Ice

Natural variability in atmospheric conditions could account for as much as half of the recent decline in Arctic sea ice, according to a new study.

While the masses of ice that float atop the planet have been in steady decline over the past few decades, scientists haven’t been able to say how much of the losses are attributable to human-driven climate change and how much is simply the result of periodic swings in climate conditions. While the scientific consensus is that human activities h

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Study shows dogs know how to lie.

We know that dogs have a guilty look, but can they actually be guilty? Well, according to this study, the answer is… kind of. Here, researchers show that dogs are capable of “deceptive-like behavior.” In a set of experiments, dogs tended to lead a human “competitor” away from food when that human would keep it for himself. However, the same dogs happily lead their “cooperative” owner to the noms, who would give the food to the dog. Bad dog!

Deceptive-like behaviour in dogs (Canis famil

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Lightning produces extremely rare giant blue jet (Video)

A network of professional astronomers and Brazilian amateurs, BRAMON, recorded a very rare sky phenomenon, called blue jet, on March 13, 2017 in Campina Grande, Paraíba.

The video shows a cumulonimbus cloud that produces a strong lightning followed by a rare gigantic blue jet.

Strange sky phenomenon seems to be the norm these days, like the gigantic jet. It was the first record of this phenomenon in Brazil.


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