UFO Sighting in Andisheh New Town, Tehran Province on 2017-03-14 00:00:00 – Fleet of glowing objects fly across sky for 3 hours during national fireworks night in tehran

The night before the last wednesday of each iranian new year, the country celebrates with bonfires, fireworks and lit balloons. on this day in 2016, i saw a constant stream of glowing flying objects travel across the sky, but only during the duration of this festivity, once the fireworks etc. started the objects starting arriving and once the fireworks etc. had finished, there were no more flying objects. this was the first time i had been in this location on this specific night in 2016. i reported the sightings of 2016 to mufon.

exactly the same night, exactly the same thing has happened this year (2017). watching, everything was the same as 2016. glowing yellow balls all travelled from one direction to another and appeared to follow the same path and destination. every few minutes one would appear from as far right out of my window i could see and travel right across the sky to the left (as far as i could see).Watching with binoculars (cheap, not very strong ones) the objects could accelerate and slow down easily and could move up and down and hover and move in any direction without any difficulties. the ones that passed nearby appeared to have a light shining (like a torch light type of thing).

there were fireworks going off but from the many videos i took, you can see the objects were not fireworks, nor were they the fire balloons which people release in iran as part of the celebrations because looking at the travel path and how the objects were moving, it was very obvious they were craft of some description.

the fireworks night lasted about 3 hours in total and so did the flying objects – starting around 7pm and finishing around 10pm approx. there were a couple of aeroplanes i saw flying while the glowing objects were in near vicinity.

it is interesting that these glowing objects have appeared only during the fireworks night when the sky would be lit up with fireworks, small glowing lanterns and a lot of bonfires are happening in iran and the exact same thing happening in 2016, has happened in 2017.

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244. Free Show: The Phoenix Lights, 20th Anniversary

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, former Phoenix City Council member during the Phoenix Lights Incident, Frances Barwood talks about her struggles just trying to speak to 700 witnesses who called in, she looked for answers and got into trouble. Support the show for $2 or more per month to listen as Dr Lynne Kitie comes on to speak about her experience during the sightings, her intense research and where things stand 20 years after the fact. Guest Steve Lance talks about making the Phoenix lights documentary, his experience as a licensed pilot and his own personal sightings including what he thinks may have been telepathic communication. The Everything Else Show is including as a podcast for subscribers.

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Ten Extremely Weird Documents in the CIA’s Online FOIA Archives

On Tuesday, the CIA uploaded 12 million declassified pages onto a searchable online database — the first time that these documents had been viewable anywhere other than on four computers in a single room in Washington D.C. The CREST database, which stands for CIA Records Search Tool, contains an astounding number of documents on a […]

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UFO News Article: “More UFO tales emerge from northcentral Montana”

12 March 2017
(Great Falls Tribune, Montana)
The article reports on the UFO experiences (both nighttime UFO incidents) of Curt Moseman (rancher) and his family (live 10 kilometres (6 miles) west of Roy) and Gerald Rapp (farmer) and his family (live 23 kilometres (14 miles) west of Fairfield on Highway 408).

The Moseman family UFO incident (involving a possible cattle mutilation) occurred on 7 March 2007. The UFO incident that the Rapp family witnessed occurred in 1974 or 1976.

The Moseman family ranch is located about a mile west of a (Malmstrom Air Force Base) missile silo near Roy. This is the same missile silo where the ICBM malfunction happened involving Robert Salas in March 1967, according to the article.


Map of Roy, Montana (city-data.com)
(city-data.com image)

Satellite photo of Fairfield, Montana(tageo.com)
(tageo.com image)

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The Unseen Realm and the Mission of the Cross (the Church): A Common but Significant Question

This may be controversial in terms of the illustration I’ll use to, but I find the illustration has explanatory power. I think our real problem isn’t how darkness has adapted, but how believers have changed (i.e., their thinking). I’ll try and explain. I just posted this over on the Faithlife Group for Lexham Press. It’s off-the-cuff in many respects since it’s forum material, but it seemed worth posting here as well.


I was asked a few weeks ago in Arkansas how the material of the Unseen Realm helps us with our mission as Christians. I’ve been asked that many times. I told the lady who asked about this that I didn’t see ANY institution being the answer to the world’s problems — not government, not the institutional church, nor institutional Christian ministries. The answer is CHRISTIANS. If we honestly had a vision for who we are, by God’s providential design (imager-members of God’s family-council, participating with him and his unseen imagers in advancing the kingdom (releasing the lost from the lies their spiritual overlords have told them — human and non-human), the world we change. It’s winning hearts and minds through sacrifice — like the apostles did. It’s really BELIEVING that this world isn’t our home and then acting like it. It’s taking risks and letting providence guide us, believing that what we do is part of an intelligent plan that we cannot see, but that God is rolling out — person to person.

My controversial illustration was ISIS. Every member of ISIS is single-minded. They are the Borg, for Star Trek fans. Their first thought every day is advancing their agenda. Their last thought every night is what they’ll do tomorrow to advance their agenda. Their vision of what they want the world to be never goes away, never changes, is always the center. Any individual interest is secondary.

How many Christians really think and live like that when it comes to the kingdom of God?  Not enough.

THAT mindset, motivated by the love of Christ, belief in the reality of our hereafter destiny, and confidence that God will use any service of ours to further his end, is, in my view, how spiritual warfare ought to get done, and how it was done in the first century or so. The vision was CONSUMING. Our vision of the kingdom (at least in the West it seems) is peripheral. We don’t see the vision, and so we can’t believe in it, and so we lack power — we fail to assert the power that is already there over darkness, to convince people by our words and actions and sacrificial sharing of our resources and time that the lord of the dead (Satan) is powerless over those in Christ (so let’s act like this life isn’t our real life), that the gospel can heal the self-destructive things we do (something “accelerated” by the Watchers / fallen sons of God in Jewish and earliest church theology), and that the authority of the gods of the nations, put in place by Yahweh as a punishment at Babel has been revoked — and the nations (Gentiles) are now being called back (commanded to return) to the family of God through the seed (Christ) of Yahweh’s inheritance – Israel (cf. Deut 32:8-9; Gen 12:1-3; Paul in Acts 17, and the range of passages where Paul — for some reason! — links the resurrection to the defeat of those fallen gods). Believers in the first century BELIEVED these things, and those things changed the way we live. We don’t believe we have cosmic role to play because we don’t believe in the cosmic arena in which the game is being played. We have lots of sincere Christians who are, basically, believing skeptics. And that affects how they think about their own lives, which in turn affects their vision.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. It’s about vision and abandonment to that vision. Doing what you do every day, no matter how small, to move the mission toward its goal, one person at a time, and believing God incorporates such obedience into his end game. 13 men had that in the first century, and they turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6). We have the same truth and the same Spirit, but we lack the person-to-person, day-to-day obsession with being salt and light in the way that ISIS wants what it wants (and I for one believe they aren’t acting alone — they are part of what is ultimately a spiritual war).

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Amazon Has a Plan for Delivering Packages to the Moon

hen human beings eventually colonize the moon, they’ll have to live with the bare essentials first: food, water, shelter, air, and Amazon Prime. According to a seven-page white paper obtained by the Washington Post, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s private spaceflight company Blue Origin has a plan to start up a space delivery service […]

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Amazon Has a Patent for Floating Blimp Warehouses

Way back in April, Amazon quietly received a patent for “aerial fulfillment centers” — massive blimp warehouses that would float 45,000 feet in the sky and deliver products with precision-guided UAVs. In other words, in the future, you could order something online and have it literally fall out of the sky minutes later. U.S. patent […]

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Westall UFO Sighting Witnesses to Speak

Westall UFO Sighting Witnesses to Speak

     At 6am on April 6, 1966, Clayton South became host to one of Australia’s most intriguing mysteries when more than 200 school students witnessed an unidentified flying object.

It was Australia’s largest mass UFO sighting.

Sam Bidey
Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader

More than half a century later and a select group of witnesses will share their story at Victorian UFO Action’s event Westall — The Witnesses Speak.

Sue Savage, who now lives in Springvale North, was 13 at the time of the encounter; she was in science class at Westall High School when a fellow student ran into the class room shouting “there is a flying saucer outside”.

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One in Five Americans Would Choose Hyperloop Over Space Travel

lon Musk’s idea for the hyperloop, a vacuum-sealed train system capable of traveling up to 700 miles per hour, could completely change the way we move around the world — and some people are so excited by it, they’d rather ride the tubes than go to space. According to a YouGov poll conducted by Liligo, […]

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