The Definitive Ranking of Netflix’s Alien Documentaries

Deep in the chasm of Netflix lies a subcategory for the inquisitive and likely stoned, titled “alien and UFO documentaries.” Government conspiracies, flying saucers, and crop circle mysteries abound in the few films hosted here. Netflix currently has just five alien documentaries, but if you’re looking to really get after it, there are two available […]

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Behind the ‘Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs’

A new documentary captures the comedy and tragedy of Christo Roppolo, a man who’s been seeing UFOs since he was 8. Christo Roppolo was eight years old when he was contacted by aliens for the first time. He was at home with his younger brother when a creature that looked like Bullwinkle emerged from a […]

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The Myth of Double-Row Teeth and Elongated-Skull Nephilim

I’ve blogged once before about this point of pseudo-research as it relates to using the Talmud for its justification. In biblical thinking and history, however, the nephilim (who were unusually tall) died out in biblical times. That means there were no modern nephilim in North America of anywhere else.

I know all about the books that (allegedly) chronicle giant clans in North America. They are entirely based on 19th century and early 20th century newspaper reports. While I believe that it’s certainly plausible for someone to come across a human skeleton of unusual height (say, 6’6” on into the 7-foot range, the height of the biblical giants) during those periods (after all, we have such people living among us now – lots of them), I don’t believe there is any solid evidence for a “race” of such people in North America or anywhere else that descend from the nephilim.[1] Nephilim descendants and races in North America is, of course, part of the modern Moundbuilder myth. It is a fact of history that the Moundbuilder myth was created to deny the indigenous native North American races the ability and credit for such creations.[2] While I don’t believe modern nephilim enthusiasts intentionally seek to denigrate the non-white European people in ancient North American, that’s actually where this idea leads – because that was the milieu in which it arose.

Associated with 19th-early 20th century newspaper reports of giant skeletons are certain “findings” of skeletons with “double rows of teeth.” This feature and, supposedly, elongated skulls, is proof of nephilim races. I’ve blogged before about how these skulls have nothing to do with nephilim. I want to shift attention here to the other feature: the “double rows of teeth.” Anthropological archaeologist Andy White has done a good bit of research into these reports. His efforts conclusively show that such language in giant skeleton reports does not refer to skeleton that was double-jawed, or that had four rows of teeth inside the mouth. Rather, “double rows of teeth” is a stock description during the 19th-early 20th era for having two nice rows of teeth (the normal uppers and lowers). Nothing abnormal is indicated by the phrase. I recommend Andy’s excellent research on the matter, specifically:

The Modern Mythology of Giants: “Double Rows of Teeth”

More Misinterpretations: “Giants with Double Rows of Teeth” from Ohio

Four Individuals with a “Double Row of Teeth” to add to your Giant Nephilim File

The long and short of this is, as I have pointed out before, is that it’s important to put forth real, extant data for ideas (and, therefore, to base beliefs on real data). When Christian researchers refuse to do this, they are not being honest. When they lack the research skills to test an idea, they are being inept. I’m grateful for Andy White’s tenacious research on the double-row teeth. It’s a shame that no Christian researcher was as earnest.




[1] I think the alleged evidence for North American giant “races” is a combination of (1) misidentified fossils; (2) inept researcher bunk; (3) and journalistic contrivance. On the latter, newspapers literally made up stories for readership; the era is infamous for this sort of journalism. See for example, Arthur Wrobel (ed.), Pseudo-Science  & Society in the 19th Century America (University Press of Kentucky, 1987). For those who will charge me of “denying the Bible” in regard to this, let me ask for the chapter and verse of the Bible that either requires or says nephilim lived on after the biblical time period. There is no such passage. The modern nephilim race myth has nothing to do with biblical integrity, on this or any other point. It’s a modern myth. On the unusual height of the nephilim and their kin in biblical material, see The Unseen Realm, chs. 12-13, 23-25.

[2] Archaeologists are well aware of this situation and sensitive to it. The archaeological report that destroyed the non-indigenous moundbuilder myth was published in 1894: Cyrus Thomas, Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology (Smithsonian Institution Bureau of Ethnology, 12th Annual Report, Washington, DC. For more recent treatments, see Robert Silverburg, Moundbuilders of Ancient America: The Archaeology of a Myth (New York: Graphic Society, Greenwich, CT, 1965; and Robert Silverburg, The Moundbuilders (Ohio University Press, 1970).

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How an Alien Autopsy Hoax Captured the World’s Imagination for a Decade

In 2016, aliens are enjoying a renaissance. The sequel to alien-centric 1996 blockbuster Independence Day opens in theaters this Friday. New episodes of The X-Files aired this year for the first time in more than a decade. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has announced that if elected, she would open classified files on Area […]

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Rancher Recalls UFO Near Nuke Missile Silo

Rancher Recalls UFO Near Nuke Missile Silo


     “All of a sudden, this thing was 90 to 100 feet away from us and it lit up,” Curt says. “There were seven lights, all eight foot in diameter. Poof, poof, poof. … All seven lights came on. It was probably 90 feet wide, 20 feet high. It didn’t give off no light on the outside of whatever it was. All the light was inside.”
By Scott Mansch
The Great Falls Tribune

Curt and his son were stunned in the pickup. The object, he says, was not moving.

“It was sitting on the ground, 100 feet from the road,” Curt says. “All the big lights came on, all seven of them, and when they all came on, this thing started going straight up. Real slow. It went up 10 or 20 feet and went across my hayfield. We started chasing it with the pickup, but all of a sudden it took off and got ahead of us and we lost track of it.”

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UFO News Article: “UFO discussion held at library”

18 September 2013
Austin American-Statesman, Texas
The article reports on Robert Powell’s lecture at the Pflugerville Public Library.
Powell is one of the co-authors of the book, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry.

Robert Powell, Director of Research for the Mutual UFO Network
( image)

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U.S. Government UFO Document: “Subject: RADCAT Listing: Sep 16, 1947”

By Jan Aldrich , 10 July 2009
The whole document:
“*DATE: September 16, 1947     TIME: 2305 local CLASS: R/ air radar
LOCATION:                  SOURCES: AIR 203
Fukuoka                                            Air Defense Command, Air Intelligence Reports, Jan. 1948
Japan                                               Air Intelligence reports
                                                              AIR 203
            RADAR DURATION: 10 minutes overall
            (6 separate episodes)
EVALUATIONS:    Project SIGN – no explanation
                                Air Intelligence Division, HQ USAF Intel/Office of Naval Intelligence–unknown/Soviet  aircraft,
                                Defensive Air Branch, Air Intel Div, HQ USAF Intel – Possible Soviet photographic mission
                                FEAF – Possible Soviet Rocket (however this was felt very unlikely.)
Air Intelligence Report serial number: KO-94297
Added Case: Aldrich
Web Reference: AIR 203
page 15
b.  On 16 September 1947, an MEW radar at Fukuoka, Japan, picked up a target at 89 milesand trailed it to 19  miles, where it faded. Speed was 840-900 mph. The speed measurement, made by a good crew through a 70-mile track, is believed accurate.
INITIAL SUMMARY: Extract from the Air Defense Command=s AAir Intelligence Reports@ January 1948, page 7-8 of AE@:
    Fukuoka M-E-W Radar Site No. 1 (33-41N, 130-18E) reported detection of an unidentified target at approximately
1230/I, 16 September 1947.  The target was estimated to be traveling between 840 and 900 mph, altitude 10,000 to 20,000 ft.  It was originally picked up at 98 miles 40 degrees from radar site; first plot made at 89 miles 40 degrees, and carried to 19 miles45 degrees.  Target plotted within 13 miles of Northwest Airlines flight No..841.  Four to six identified aircraft were in the scope coincidentally with the target and were plotted at normal speeds.  Controller is reported of superior ability, and scope readers as good with average or better intelligence.
    Assessment given the incident by the Air Defense Section of this Headquarters [FEAF] is that AIt is possible that the explanation of such targets lies in the field of radiation phenomena, with particular regard to dual reflection transmission paths.@
    Subsequent investigation by this Headquarters established the following additional information:
     ……Interrogation of Northwest Airlines crew was negative.
     ……Weather: Cloud bases 2,000 to 5,000 ft., scattered to broken (.4 to .6) during the morning becoming broken to overcast during the afternoon; visibility never less than 6 miles; winds aloft; 50 knots from 30 degrees in the morning, 25 to 30 knots from 330 degrees in the afternoon.
    …….Target was tracked through entire course on low beam of AN/CPS-1.
KO 94297 B-2                                                                 Secret
NOTES: Air Intelligence Report also ran this unattributed press report on the Japanese radar trackings.  It is interesting that most of the information on these incidents was classified Secret or Top Secret, but that the story still reached the press.
                                                               RADAR TRACKING
    Army Radar stations in Japan have been tracking fast planes through the skies over Northern Japan on overcast days  — they aren=t U.S. planes. Presumption is that the Russians are using them to map the territory by radarscope.
    The Defensive Air Branch, Air Intelligence Division, HQ USAF Intelligence in Memorandum for the Assistant Chief of Staff  – 2, Subject: Radar Pick-ups of High Speed Targets in the Far East, dated 26 September 1947 could not come up with a satisfactory explanation for this incident.  The speed was excessive for the this time period, and it was felt that the object might be a rocket, however the length of time of the object was seen on the radar scope seemed to rule out this possibility
STATUS: TBP”                   
This UFO case is mentioned in the book, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry (Page 43).

( image)

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UFO Sighting in Eungella, Queensland on 2017-03-14 06:50:00 – Cylinder sighting in north queensland

At approx. 6:50 a.M. at eungella, north queensland, i was outside smoking a cigarette with my wife while our son played near to us. he looked up at the sky, pointed and said “moon?” my wife and i looked to see what he was pointing at and we saw a white, cylindrical or rectangular object above the clouds and travelling from south to north at a fast rate. the wind was blowing in the same direction, however this object did not look like a balloon, but a solid reflective structure. i quickly ran inside the house and retrieved my wife’s tablet, turned the camera on and zoomed in on the object, managing to take three digital photos and one short video. my wife suggested the object might be a glider, but no person was seen and it did not have the shape one would expect to see. this was definitely cylindrical or rectangular in shape. it was also quite high, at least 400-500 feet or more above us, and made no sound or noise we could hear. the object appeared to be quite big, possibly 10-20 feet in length or longer, and was moving in a straight-line. we live in a sparsely populated area with thick rainforest, so this was a strange sight to see. this object was witnessed by me, my wife and son. the entire event lasted not more than 5 minutes before sighting of the object was lost over the trees.

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UFO shoots out of the Popocatepetl volcano towards the Live Cam

The volcanoes in Mexico continue to surprise us.

A new amazing footage has been released showing a UFO that shoots out of the Popocatepetl volcano.

The live cam, which is located at about 6 kilometers from the volcano captured the moment the UFO shoots out of the crater moving very fast towards the camera.

The mysterious Rod-like UFO was recorded on March 11, 2017 by Marte Salas.


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Strange ‘Spacecraft’ looking cloud filmed in the sky over South Lake Tahoe, California

Iconic looking clouds are becoming a normal part of our landscape these days inside of our little ‘sphere’. Rotating craft-like clouds are popping up quite frequently.

Despite lenticular clouds have been regularly confused for UFOs due to their round or oval shaped structure it is not uncommon that UFOs use this kind of clouds to hide itself.

But what about the strange cloud filmed in a further completely cloudless sky over South Lake Tahoe, California on March 12, 2017.

Despite meteorologists say that lenticular clouds don’t move it seems that this spacecraft looking cloud is not just hanging around, it seems to move given the strange dark trail behind it.

Whether it is a UFO hiding in the cloud or just a lenticular cloud with a shadow cast from the sun behind, it remains a strange appearance in the sky.


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