243. Free Show: Preston Dennett

Preston Dennett discusses his new book: Inside UFOs, True Accounts of Contact, and various accounts of people who he interviewed. He further discusses varying entities people claimed to have interacted with, as well as discussing some of his past books including UFOs over California.

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Stunning 700-year-old giant cave used by Knights Templar found behind a rabbit hole in the British countryside

The cave, beneath a farmer’s field in Shropshire, was used by the medieval religious order that fought in the Crusades and these stunning images were captured by photographer Michael Scott. The stunning labyrinth is lit with candles (Photo: Michael Scott/ Caters News) It is thought the cave was built as a place to worship (Photo: […]

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UFO Sighting in Crab Orchard, Tennessee on 2017-03-05 03:00:00 – Black metallic orb covered with octagon shaped orange lights had a red shooting-star like tail.

I was driving on i-40 near crab orchard, tn when i saw an object in the sky. at first i thought it was a drone, but realized it had a large red tail/trail and a very peculiar appearance. it was black metallic-looking sphere covered in orange octagon-shaped lights. it moved in a straight line from my view and disappeared over the tree line of the nearby mountains.

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Good News! It Looks Like We Can Grow Potatoes on Mars

A project attempting to grow potatoes in Mars-like conditions has reported positive preliminary results.

Based in Lima, Peru, the International Potato Center (CIP) is dedicated to collecting and altering potato varieties found around the world. The CIP began as an effort to alleviate global hunger by introducing special strains of the hardy vegetable to places with arid soils and harsh environments. As researchers have begun experimenting with earthly technologies in a bid to extend our r

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Ailing Neanderthals Used Penicillin and ‘Aspirin’

The stuff that clings to teeth can tell an interesting story.

On Wednesday, scientists revealed new insights gleaned from dental plaque stuck on the teeth of five Neanderthals from Europe. From a few teeth, scientists learned how Neanderthals used natural medicines and how their diets varied by region. They also learned that modern humans and Neanderthals were swapping spit long ago.

Given time—and negligence—dental plaque will harden into a substance called calculus, which is comp

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Ultimate ‘Selfie’ Taken By Photographer On Rim Of A Hawaiian Volcano With Milky Way Background

Stop taking selfies. There’s no point. The game has been ended by an Ohio man who recently snapped himself on the rim of a volcano, silhouetted against the sky, with a second active volcano in the background, alongside the Milky Way, the moon and several planets. All the while, you’re posting pictures of yourself in […]

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The Gulf Breeze Six, UFOs, The NSA, Military Intelligence and The Mission To Save The World

Revisiting the Gulf Breeze Six

GIs' Mysterious Appearance Sparks Rumors About UFOs (Header)- The Morning News Tribune 7-19-1990

     I recently made a decision to add inquiring about the Gulf Breeze Six to my ongoing FOIA requests. I initially emailed James Carrion to get his input on most effectively composing the requests. In his response, James mentioned he would take a look around for some material he might have on the case and send it along in the event I’d find it useful. He soon emailed copies of dozens of relevant newspaper clippings, messages posted on listservs, interviews, and similar documents I very much appreciate and find of historic value. With James’ permission I am sharing a 117-page pdf file he provided. In the post below I’ll explore the case, discuss some of the many interesting points in the material James offered, and describe the resulting FOIA requests filed.
Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer

The Gulf Breeze Six

“Disembodied Voice: I’m the Virgin Mary, how many personnel are currently occupying your NSA listening station in Germany?”

– Kandinsky, commenting on Gulf Breeze Six case, Above Top Secret

A long time ago in a UFO community far, far away, some interesting things actually happened. It might be hard for some to imagine, but events went down in ufology other than self-described disclosure activists frantically building urgency around what chronically amounts to nothing and a podcaster persistently trying to extract cash from email lists like third world con men hacking Yahoo.

The 1980’s gave ufology a series of eyebrow-raising evolving into jaw-dropping events, compliments of the intelligence community, that included Airman Simone Mendez and her run in with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and FBI; Paul Bennewitz and Linda Moulton Howe targeted for deception by OSI Special Agent Richard Doty; and in 1989, writer and researcher Bill Moore took the opportunity as keynote speaker at the annual MUFON symposium to declare he’d been collaborating with Doty and other members of the IC to distribute disinformation.

While that was happening, the Florida community of Gulf Breeze gained global attention due to reported dramatic UFO sightings and, in particular, the controversial case of Ed Walters. As a result, Gulf Breeze was the site of the 1990 annual MUFON symposium, at which time – just a year since Moore cannonballed into the last gig – a crew of a half dozen AWOL intelligence analysts partial to using a Ouija board arrived at the home of a local psychic as the conference came to a close down the street. The group became known as the Gulf Breeze Six.

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Seeing Stuff Cut In Half Gives You A Whole New Perspective

Have you ever wanted to break something open,  just so you could see the inner workings of that item? I know I have. This could be anything from a car to a jawbreaker to a rock. However, I do understand my own strength, well more the like lack there of. This realization has lead me […]

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UFOs Sighted Over Plata (Huila) | COLOMBIA

UFOs Sighted Over Plata (Huila) | COLOMBIA

     n March 3, 2017, starting at 3:00 p.m., a phenomenon was recorded over Plata (Huila) that left locals looking for answers. Three mysterious UFOs were sighted in the skies over the community. According to eyewitnesses, the objects remained static most of the
By Inexplicata

time and as evening grew closer, they flew toward each other quickly until they vanished.

A witness to the event remarked: “Three unidentified flying vehicles remained static most of the afternoon until dusk, then flew quickly toward each other until they vanished,” according to Lucas Martinez.

UFO sightings over Colombia are on the rise with many more cases reporting everything from small lights to possible structured craft flying over towns, municipalities and even some of the nation’s cities.

Photos show white objects, clearly distant from the witnesses. A drawing depicts the manner in which the craft were described by witnesses.

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