[The following information is sourced largely from renowned British Ufologist Andrew Collins’s report – The Aveley Abduction – compiled January 1978, along with other supporting online sources. At the time Collins called The Aveley Abduction “probably the most important British case ever” and it still gets heralded today as such […]

Google Website Searches/Google Searches: INA (National Audiovisual Institute) (France) UFO TV News Reports

Website:é (Search term: Objets Volants Non Identifiés (OVNI (OVNIs (Soucope Volante (Soucopes Volantes (Extraterrestresés+INA (Objets Volants Non Identifiés INA) (Videos) (OVNI INA) (Videos) Related posts: article: “Institut national de l’audiovisuel”: Quote from the […]

‘Ancient pyramid’ discovery key to Nikola Tesla’s communication with aliens, says expert

THE “discoverer” of the world’s most ancient pyramids claims to have found a theoretical form of energy coming from the alleged ancient structures. Pseudoscientist Semir Osmanagić claims a series of triangular-shaped hills in his native Bosnia, are artificial pyramids that are bigger and older than those in Egypt. Despite mainstream archaeologists saying […]

Forget Blood Moons: Cameraman claims ‘lunar wave’ he filmed proves Moon is a ‘HOLOGRAM’

A SKY watcher who spends hours filming the Moon with high-definition telescopic cameras says years of research has convinced him the ‘moon is a hologram’. A YouTube user has published a series of videos which crazily suggest the moon is a man-made illusion and covering something else up.He developed the […]

With Iron Nanoparticles, Cryopreserved Tissue Springs Back to Life

Every year, thousands of donated organs go to waste because they cannot be matched with recipients in the brief window of time in which they are still viable. Extending the shelf-life of organs could help alleviate this problem, potentially cutting into waiting lists for organs where many patients languish for […]

6,000-year-old ‘wand’ discovered in cave

A nondescript cave in Israel was the location of a major discovery recently: a lead and wood artifact believed to be the earliest example of smelted lead in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The object, which looks like a wand or small dagger, was found attached to an intact wooden shaft […]

Oldest Fossils Ever Found Give New Clues to Life’s Origins

Four billion years ago, as a faint young sun beat down on the newly-formed Earth, a cluster of creatures—each less than half the width of a human hair—were already thriving around volcanic vents. In a study published Wednesday in Nature, researchers say they’ve found the microfossil remnants of organisms that, […]


A scientist has put forward the extraordinary idea that one of the reasons we haven’t found alien life yet is because the universe is, in fact, an alien. Caleb Scharf, Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University has postured the theory that perhaps the universe is in fact the ‘brain’ of a […]

Urine Is Sugary and Swimming Pools Are Sweet

Calorie-free, artificial sweeteners aren’t metabolized in the body—they go in, and they come out unscathed. With that in mind, take a moment to metabolize the title of a new study: “Sweetened Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs.” Indeed, in a study published Wednesday in Environmental Science & Technology Letters, researchers describe a new test that measures […]

Close UFO encounter in outer space – The Phobos 2 incident!

Government agencies keep the existence of UFOs from outer space secret from the public is well known. Most UFO encounters and pictures are classified material, which to this day have not been shown. But on 28th March 1989 Tass, the official Soviet news agency reported that the Soviet mission control […]