Peeranormal Podcast Episode 08: Do Transplant Recipients Take on the Personality of their Donor?

There have been dozens of documented cases where the recipient of a transplant, often involving the heart, apparently take on the personalities of the organ donor. Recipients also report memories of the donor, and memories that belong to the donor, despite never having met the donor. These cases range from very young children to adults. How can memories and behaviors be transmitted from one person to the next when brain and neural tissue is not involved? Does this phenomenon relate to the question of consciousness?

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Jelly Belly: Elusive Deep Sea Octopus Takes Its Gelatinous Meals To Go

The seven-arm octopus, Haliphron atlanticus, lives a hidden life deep in the dark depths of the oceans. These massive cephalopods—females of which can grow to be more than 12 feet long—earned the moniker for their habit of folding one of their eight arms away. What little is known of their daily lives has largely been gleaned from dead animals pulled from the sea by trawls, as inhabitants of the deep sea, their activities are nearly impossible to observe. Now, a new paper in Scientific Repor

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How meteoroids built up Iapetus’ mountain ridge

Moons in the solar system come in many different forms. Some are boulder-sized, while one is larger than the planet Mercury. Some are mixtures of rock and iron, while others hide oceans and rocky cores under icy surfaces. Two even look a bit like walnuts, each hosting a bulge of material around its equator. Interestingly, both of these, Iapetus and Pan, orbit Saturn. And had I written this post a month ago, “two” would have been “one.” Scientists discovered March 8 that Saturn’s tiny satelli

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Base X: The Isle of Anthrax

Requisitioned from farmers, blitzed with anthrax-laden bombs in the 1940s, and made inhospitable to human and animal life for decades, the tiny Scottish island of Gruinard now serves as home to a flock of healthy sheep and a disreputable monument to the birth of biological warfare. The research conducted at Gruinard during the second World War was the very first of its kind, providing proof of concept of a natural microorganism that could be massively weaponized to inflict environmental damage a

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“Real” Men In Black look for hotel manager after UFO sighting over Niagara Falls

Fans of the wildly popular “Men In Black” film franchise may only be vaguely aware that the action-comedy movies are based on a long history of reports about alleged, mysterious entities who have approached UFO witnesses. One of the more compelling accounts reportedly occurred in the spring of 2009 at a Sheraton Hotel on the […]

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WATCH: Industrious Badger Buries Cow 3 Times Its Size

Badgers don’t mess around. Of course, we already knew that, but researchers in Utah say they’ve found further proof of the American badger’s industrious ways while studying scavenger behavior in Utah’s Great Basin Desert.

To watch how scavengers behave around a carcass, Evan Buechley, a doctoral candidate at the university rounded up calf remains and staked them out in the desert under the watchful eye of a camera trap. He expected to find coyotes, ravens, bobcats and turkey vultures pick

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UFO Sighting in Canby, Oregon on 2017-03-29 20:30:00 – Bright white light/orb hoovering stationary then moving slowly across clakamas, county, oregon

On the evening of march 29th, 2017 i was walking out to take out the garbage at around 8:30pm. i live in rural clackamas county, oregon. i was admiring the constellation of triangulum when i noticed a giant white ball of light hoovering right above me silently (my zenith). as soon as i noticed the light i pulled out my cell phone and began filming it. it started to move east as soon as i noticed it. i am unable to upload the video as the file size is too large but i did also take one photo before i started filming. at first i thought the photo was just the black night sky but you can see a white object when you zoom in. while observing the silent, large white light proceed across the night sky, a plane starting to approach from the south. the object was as large, if not larger, than the plane. as i was filming you can see the plane is blinking and has red & white lights, the object on the other hand did not have any blinking lights or sound, and was much brighter than the plane. i go from the object, to the plane, and back. finally the plane flew right in front of the object, blocking out it’s light for a second. the object continued it’s path e, ne, until i could no longer see it. it was eerie that the object was directly above me just sitting there until i noticed it. the video is about 2 1/2-3 mins long. this is not my first sighting, but it is the first one that i have ever been able to catch on video. i do have pictures of another craft i photographed in the daytime during 2010. it was two white balls that then turned into 3 balls, 2 white one red, and they appeared to be flipping over one another, in a triangular shape. the reason i photographed this craft was because the 3 yr. old i was watching pointed at the sky saying plane, and i realized very quickly it was not a plane and started photographing the phenomena. i can only call it phenomena as i have never seen something change shape, color & quantity right before my eyes, in real time. i got 4 photos of this sighting.

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Microbiologist Knits ‘Resistor Hats’ for Science Advocacy

These days, a march on Washington, D.C. isn’t complete without the requisite headwear.

Heidi Arjes, a microbiology postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and knitting enthusiast, is combining two of her passions to help science advocates make a bold statement during the upcoming March for Science on April 22.

Arjes, who identifies herself as both an optimist and a yarn addict, started “science-knitting” over 14 years ago. Her early designs, which she mostly made for friends and fam

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UFO Sighting in La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca on 2014-02-06 08:00:00 – No me gusta creer ver figuras en las nubes ,pero por más que no quiero admitirlo yo veo una figura en la nube con forma de nave y dos ventanas.

Era una hermosa mañana y quería grabar los farallones de cali cuando regrese a casa revisaba el video que había grabado pude observar que parecía haber una figura en la nube y en especial cuando el sol brilla deja ver mejor la forma de lo que parecen ser unas ventanillas en un dibujo de un platillo al cual también le pude observar las patas de aterrizaje dibujadas también en la nube me sorprendí mucho y volví inmediatamente al lugar ,pero el dibujo ya se había desvanecido.

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Alien Encounter in GB on 2017-03-05 03:10:00 – Did not see a ufo

The first event was about 4-7 weeks ago. it was a figure like our human form. it was in my bedroom approx ten feet away. it was dark and i had gone to the bathroom, on return i saw part of this figure i stopped immediately as i had no clothes on. the figure gave off a feeling of being frightened but i was more worried that he could see my body. he had a head shaped like a large plate with curly wire twisted around the head with a little a piece extended. his colour was a dark bronze colour and made of metal, he had similar features to us. he stood about between five feet and five foot eight.He relaxed then and i got into bed and went to sleep. the seconed event took place about two weeks later. like the the first on the way back from the bathroom i notice our security lights had come on and was shinning on our ramp to our door. i could see this through the window and as i looked a tall figure about eight feet or more was coming up the ramp. he had an egg shaped head. he was slim with longer fingers and arms than normal. he was covered from head to toe in a blueish grey rubber suit he was slim, unable to see any facial features. because i was not covered again i just went to bed. i am not sure if you would be interested in these events.

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