No, GM Mosquitoes Didn’t Start The Zika Outbreak.

A new ridiculous rumor is spreading around the internets. According to conspiracy theorists, the recent outbreak of Zika can be blamed on the British biotech company Oxitec, which some are saying even intentionally caused the disease as a form of ethnic cleansing or population control. The articles all cite a lone Redditor who proposed the connection on January 25th to the Conspiracy subreddit. “There are no biological free lunches,” says one commenter on the idea. “Releasing genetically alt

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Microsoft Patent Targets Virtual Nutrition Labels

A Microsoft patent idea sees the future of eating for smart glasses wearers going something like this. You’re about to chow down on a juicy hamburger when a virtual nutrition label pops up that says: “Typically a hamburger of this size may have 800 – 1200 calories.” Ignoring the information, you pick up the greasy burger and take a large bite. As you chew, another floating warning pops up in your vision: “This is your second big meal today — are you sure you want to do that?”

Having your

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Black Triangle Sighting in Zillah, Washington on August 25th 2001 – Black Triangle Shape

As stated in the year (2001) I was pretty young, only in about 5th grade. I was staying the night at my friend’s house. We couldn’t sleep so we went outside to play (around 0200 or later). To the North, I saw an orange light that was occasionally flashing coming towards us. I figured it was an aircraft or something. It took quite a while for it to reach my friend’s house. As it got closer I noticed it was a triangle shape, we just learned about different airplanes from a field trip we took and I thought it looked like a concord jet. As it got even closer we realized it didn’t have wings. It was an actual triangle, all black. The orange light was located at the front of the aircraft and was slowly flashing. There was another black triangle, slightly higher in altitude escorting the object, both moving at the same slow speed. The second black triangle didn’t have a flashing light or any light at all. We could see both aircraft because of the size and the lack of starlight where the aircraft was located. The lowest aircraft flew almost over the top of us and was flying very low to the ground. The aircraft was not a normal size (it was MUCH larger) for the airplanes we usually see flying in the area, nor was it flying at the altitude we usually see airplanes flying. At no point did it make any sound, even when it was at it’s closest point it made absolutely no sound. We both figured it was just some airplane… We watched it slowly move across the sky to the south until we couldn’t see it anymore. From what I remember it didn’t have any effect on my friend or myself, or the several dogs he had.
One of the things that stood out the most, besides the lack of sound, was how slowly the object was moving.

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UFO Sighting in Bakersfield, California on January 31st 2016 – I seen light blu-ish objects that didn’t look like stars , went inside called my Mom to come see this , we observed multiple hovering lights

It was about 9:30 pm,just got back from buying milk at 7-11. I was in the driveway, I always look at the night sky when I get home that late . When I looked up , I seen something that didn’t seem right. I seen like light blu-ish stars but they seemed to be moving. I ran inside real quick , called my Mom , She came outside and and didn’t know what to say. All I know is that She knew Herself that what we were looking at were not airplanes. We stood outside in for about 15 minutes observing these objects. They would appear out of nowhere in the southern night sky with a bright light blu-ish light , and them seemed to be going in a South to North direction. There were at least 20 or more.

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New “UFOs and Nukes” Film Trailer: The Amazing Big Sur Incident

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By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

     I have recently begun to receive a steady stream of inquiries regarding my documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, which was first publicized on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, over a year ago, and more recently at my website. The latter update noted that the film had finally been finished last summer and that efforts were/are currently underway to have it licensed-for-broadcast by one or more television networks. A five-minute trailer is available online.

Meanwhile, I offer here a second film trailer, inserted above, relating to the nearly unbelievable, still-Top Secret Big Sur UFO Incident. Two former U.S. Air Force officers—Drs. Robert Jacobs and Florenze Mansmann—have publicly discussed the inadvertent and totally unexpected filming of a UFO shooting down a dummy nuclear warhead in flight during a 1964 missile test at Vandenberg AFB, California. Private correspondence relating to the event, written years later, reveals the stunning details of the encounter

According to then-Major (later Dr.) Mansmann, two CIA officers confiscated a 16mm version of the film, following a screening of it in his office, attended by Lieutenant (later Dr.) Jacobs and a few other individuals. By that time, the original, 35mm film had already been flown “back East” on a special military flight, probably to be delivered to the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center, the unit that famously discovered Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962, resulting in the near-disastrous Cuban Missile Crisis.

Interestingly, a couple of UFO “skeptics”, James Oberg and Kendrick Frazier—long affiliated with the UFO-debunking group CSICOP, now CSI—have diligently attempted to discredit the Big Sur case, claiming that it never happened as Jacobs and Mansmann describe. While portraying themselves as “scientific” investigators of UFOs, attempting to find logical explanations for alleged paranormal phenomena, both men have rather interesting backgrounds which have received very little publicity over the years.

From 1970-72, Oberg was an Air Force officer whose assignments with the Battle Environments Branch at the weapons lab involved the development and utilization of computer codes related to the modeling of laser and nuclear weapons. Oberg also served as a “Security Officer” while at the weapons lab and was, therefore, responsible for monitoring the security procedures used to safeguard the classified documents generated by his group.

After Bob Jacobs went public with the UFO shoot-down story, Oberg wrote to him, chastising Jacobs for revealing “top secret” information. In a 1989 MUFON UFO Journal article, Jacobs wrote that after he broke his silence, “…James Oberg, a frequent ‘mouthpiece’ for certain NASA projects and self-styled UFO Debunker wrote to disparage my story and to ask provocatively, ‘Since you obviously feel free to discuss top secret UFO data, what would you be willing to say about other top secret aspects of the Atlas warhead which you alluded to briefly…?’

It is almost certain that Oberg would not have criticized Jacobs for exposing “top secret UFO data” had he known that Jacobs would subsequently publish his remark. So, here we have one of CSICOP’s leading UFO debunkers—whose public stance is that UFOs don’t even exist—angrily asking Jacobs in a private letter whether he would also openly discuss “other” top secret aspects of the missile test.

For his part, Kendrick C. Frazier is the executive editor of Skeptical Inquirer, the official CSICOP/CSI publication. Many years ago, I discovered that Frazier was in fact employed, beginning in the early 1980s, as a Public Relations Specialist at Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yes, the same Sandia Labs that has been instrumental to the success of America’s nuclear weapons program since the late 1940s, through its “ordinance engineering” of components for bomb and missile warhead systems.

In my opinion, Frazier’s affiliation with Sandia Labs—he retired after working there for over two decades—is highly significant, given the hundreds of references in declassified government documents, and in the many statements by former military personnel, which address ongoing UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites over the past seven decades.

Considering these disclosures—which clearly establish a link between UFOs and nukes—I find it interesting, to say the least, that the longtime editor of the leading debunking magazine—whose pages routinely feature articles discrediting UFOs and those who report them—worked for over 20 years as a public relations spokesman for one of the leading nuclear weapons labs in the United States. Interestingly, Frazier failed to mention this job in his otherwise comprehensive online bio and it was left to me to publicize the facts in my 2008 book UFOs and Nukes.

Consequently, here is the situation: In what is arguably the most dramatic nuclear weapons-related UFO incident ever revealed, two former U.S. Air Force officers insist that one of our experimental nuclear warheads was actually shot down by a flying saucer. And who is responsible for publishing debunking articles about the Big Sur incident, in which it is claimed that the UFO encounter never happened? Why, a PR guy working for the U.S. government’s nuclear weapons program!

So folks, when a UFO skeptic tells you that the Big Sur UFO Incident never happened, please direct him/her to the publicly-available commentary offered by the two witnesses—Bob Jacobs and Florenze Mansmann—who have described the amazing images on the film that was confiscated by the CIA.

Finally, the 1964 event described by Jacobs and Mansmann was not unique. In the article below, a U.S. Army spokesman officially announced to the media the existence of a very similar incident—involving a UFO flying near a dummy nuclear warhead in space—which occurred some nine years after Big Sur.

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The Elephants in the Outbreak

They are considered the most noble creature to grace Earth. They have massive brains, complex forms of communication, the ingenuity for tool use, and the capacity to express emotions, including grief and empathy. Yet, as impressive as they are in size and majesty, elephants can still be felled by the most human of ailments: tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is an infection that has been infecting humans for millennia, but it is also a promiscuous organism that can infect the lungs of many other

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UFO Sighting in Sedro-Woolley, Washington on October 31st 2015 – Looked like a triangle but not 3 sided, like taking 2 long blocks and make a 2 sided triangle

I was at my dads house visiting him. It was quarter to 11pm when I had to leave home to my family. That night I decided to walk to his house instead of driving so I walked through the field that hold a kids play ground. I like looking to the stars on a clear night, so I looked to the sky to see a UFO over the small feild and the CDC close by where I walk through to go tords my house and I noticed it was making a weird electronic, type of sound. So I pulled out my phone to take a pic and by the time it took to load the camera I tried to snap a photo and my phone restarted. I then kept looking at it and it slowly disappeared as I’d it turned black or made its self reflect the night sky. The lights I saw was red,blue and green. I only seen the back side. I had a feeling afterwords that made me feel like something was watching me and trying to send what I would do.. Around 8 years ago I encountered a UFO being. Looked like a man who has nice straight heir that was white and glowed, skin was pail white smooth looking. Before I saw him I was on the phone with a dark area beside me, when I had felt a feeling to look beside me. I noticed red eyes about 7 feet off the ground coming closer and when I got to see him he was about 10 feet tall with hair down to the bottom of his back. I then asked who he was.he didn’t speak so I ran he tryes to follow me but once I got back on native american tribal grounds it seemed as though he couldn’t follow me anymore. I turned away for about 3 seconds and looked back to him gone and no trace of him. After that night I seen things n my sleep, at night time I see there presents around me I feel something always watching me over night. But won’t let me see them anymore, I can picture what he and the ship looks like still to this day.

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Can Robot Racing Win Human Hearts?

Not much on live TV compares with the tension of watching human race car drivers risk possible injury or death at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. A split second of bad timing can quickly transform a tight, controlled race into chaos as machines spin out of control, careen off walls or smash directly into one another. By comparison, the rise of robot racing with flying drones or self-driving cars aims to attract both old and new racing fans without putting human lives at risk. The big q

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UFO Sighting in Sechelt, British Columbia on September 10th 2015 – it was a small flying saucer that made no noise at all when it flew over our heads

In the summer of 2015 me and my girlfriend witness a UFO fly right over our heads. It flew over the TED DIXION PARK and then us and when i went to point at it , It turned away from were i was pointing at. The UFO was flying about hundred MPH with no sound at all. It was heading North and it came from S/E of the park. It was only 20 ft long and maybe ten ft in hieght ,The UFO had a metal look to it and it was the shape of saucer
and it was only about hundred feet above us.This wasin the day time at around 7:30pm in Sechelt B.C. It had no light on it, no windows , and no markings either. The one thing that made me think it was a UFO was it made no sound at all. Not even the wind made a sound as it fly over us going north. The other thing that i witness alone was kind blue worm hole in space, It looked like it was far out in space . all of this making me not trust the US Government because i think they know all about these, that how i feel !!!

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