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A New Book on “The AFTERLIFE” Asks Important Questions


New York, NY – Author and UFO investigator Diane Tessman says the fear of death hangs as a shadow over the life of everyone at one time or another.


 “We dread the extinction of our consciousness or suffering the loss of the loved ones we hold most dear.”


But in a new book from Inner Light/Global Communications entitled “UFOs: Are They Your Passport to Heaven and Other Unearthly Realms?,” the former teacher and Ansgar, Iowa, resident shines an entirely new bright light into that grim darkness as she examines the surprising relationship between flying saucers and the Near-Death-Experience, among many other mind-bending aspects of what we call the spirit world or the afterlife.


After more than thirty years of research into the possibility of “Life after death,” Ms. Tessman has begun to ask:


Are some UFO occupants actually human souls who have traveled forward to a new level of existence? Or are the UFOs themselves actually human spirits blazing across the skies as they celebrate their new, higher level of life? After all these years, we still do not know the truth about UFOs. However, I now consider the very real possibility that the UFO phenomenon is an aspect of our own immortality, our own life after death.”


How Diane reaches this conclusion is just part of the fascination this book will hold for readers.  She also points out that there is increasingly a kind of agreement between science and religion.  Albert Einstein declared that energy can never be destroyed, and so the “energy” that is our soul is also never destroyed.


All the world religions, from East to West, teach that life is a sacred and indestructible energy and that the soul lives on after death. A slew of case histories are included in the new book, stories of those who have died and come back to tell of a beautiful Light that radiated pure Love before sending the soul back to complete its mission among the living.


Diane also notes that several individuals who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials say that onboard the craft they have seen and spoken to deceased loved ones who seem to be healthier than ever.  According to some researchers, this may imply that the aliens are familiar with mankind on the level of the soul and not just the physical body and that we may one day be able to walk between the world of the living and the realm of the dead as easily as crossing the street.


Such stories are not confined only to humans, however. Diane also reassures readers that our pets live on in the next world as well.


In Diane’s role as a psychic counselor, clients would often tell her:


“When my dog passed on, it hit me like a death in the family. It indeed was a death in the family because this dog of mine was so exceptional and wonderful! She was an integral part of this family!” To which Diane answers, “


Our animal friends go to heaven and, what’s more, they reincarnate back to us sometimes!”


“Of all my experiences with the paranormal,” she writes, “all of my UFO sightings and even my childhood extraterrestrial encounters, the greatest, most emotionally-moving proof of my own immortality has been given to me by my dog, Hannah, and my cat, Pavarotti.”


One of the shocking claims in the book is that several well-known researchers into the UFO phenomenon passed away on June 24th, which is considered to be the anniversary of the first UFO sighting of the modern era.  It was on that fateful day in 1947 that pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing objects near Mount Rainier in Washington that seemed to be “skipping” across the sky with “impossible” speed. 


June 24th may hold some as yet mysterious significance for the UFO occupants that is expressed in their taking certain UFO experts on that exact day.


Timothy Green Beckley joins Diane Tessman as the co-author of much of the book, contributing the perspective of his many years studying UFOs and the paranormal. In one section of the book, dealing with the famous Scole Experiments conducted in England in the 1990s.


​There is an overview of what might be called the “state-of-the-art in spiritualism,” combining new forms of recording technology with the familiar voices and apports of the séance room. The Scole experimenters even captured an image of the familiar gray alien on video, further cementing the relationship between UFOs and the spirit world. Deceased loved ones are also sending email and using smart phones to communicate with those who have not made the transition yet.




UFOS: Are They Your Passport to Heaven And Other Unearthly Realms? 




Timothy Green Beckley

New York City, New York

August 31st, 2015



Diane Tessman is the head of the Starlite Mystic Center in St. Ansgar, Iowa, from which she publishes a variety of newsletters and publications. She is the author of “Earth Changes Bible” and “Seven Rays of the Healing Millennium.” A noted channel and New Age philosopher, her work has been accredited by authorities such asWashington Post columnist Ruth Montgomery. She can be reached at PO Box 352, St. Ansgar, IA, 50472. Readers may write for a publication list. For those media representatives wishing to interview her Diane’s phone number is 641-736-4890 and her email address is dianetessman0@gmail.com




Timothy Green Beckley is a veteran investigator of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena, having put out his first UFO publication in the mid 1960s. In addition to having been the editor of the nationally distributed magazines “UFO Universe” and “Unsolved UFO Sightings,” he is the CEO of Inner Light Publications/Global Communications and the author/editor of such works as “UFO Repeaters – The Camera Doesn’t Lie,” “Shirley MacLaine Verses The Pleiadians,” “Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth” and “Evil Empire of The ETS And The Ultra-Terrestrials.” He is the only American to have addressed the House of Lords UFO Club. He can be reached in care of Inner Light Publications, PO Box 753, New Brunswick, NJ, 08903. A free catalog is available upon request.


Available for interviews email requests to:



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A Weapon from the Soil

It is common knowledge that the discovery of penicillin in the laboratory of Alexander Fleming radically changed the world of medicine and public health, allowing us to treat and cure once intractable and deadly bacterial infections. Less well-known is the winding road from discovery, past numerous roadblocks including production limitations and the second World War, to widespread use. A decade and a half of limited access to the world’s first antibiotic came to an end in 1943, when a prolifical

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UFO Sighting in Livermore Falls, Maine on August 31st 2015 – riding in car saw bright light over field stioped observed it flashed it with light it took pics

I was out for a evening ride,drinking coffee listening to a broadcast.
on a rural country road,when to the left of the car across a field,I wittnesed a unusually bright light in the western sky,I was going to turn around to get a better look but, I knew their was another field 4 times as big as the one i just passed about 300 yards ahead and i could get a better look there.As I approached the next field and it came into view, I could see this bright light clearly. It was so bright it made me see in blurry double vision and squint,I said to myself this is no star its too low to bright.I pulled to the side of road shut off car to see if i could hear anything from it, I could not,I watched it waiting for movement anything but it stayed stationary with its super bright light, then I thought of my cell phone turned and grabbed it from the dash of my car,then I had the idea of turning on my phones flash light and flashed it to see if i could get a reaction,bad idea the damn thing dimmed a little and started to move.I turned off the light, double tapped the home button for the camera to start and as, I did the light got bright again and it started moving real fast towards me too fast. I snapped pictures in succession 5 of them!”the first being small because of the distance but at the end of the 5th pic it was almost on top of me, that”s when i began to freak out.I just watched it come in my direction with marked anticipation,I didn’t know what was going to happen,all I could see at first was the bright white light of what I assumed was the front of the craft still no noise and it was close,I could not make out a shape yet because the light was so bright,as it was almost over the top of me, and the car, a little to the left side this is where it starts to take shape kinda like a broad arrow tip, in front to a half diamond shape in the back of craft with solid exterior lights blue, red, and green.And as it flew right over me approximetly 100 to 150 feet their was a low vibrating buzz or humm, at this point my heart was racing. I was already panicked but it passed over me headed west, north west, and disappeared behind the trees on the right side of the road.This is when I made my move and got the H E double tooth pics out of their.I kept watching the sky but never caught site of it again.

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Favorite UFO type

Although the classic flying saucer is thought to be the disc with a dome on top, the very first UFO report made by Kenneth Arnold in June of 1947 was nothing like what most view as the classic UFO.


The Roswell crash approximately 2 weeks later was also not a classic UFO shape. Oddly enough it’s more similar to what Arnold saw than a classic UFO. Below is an artists rendition based on eyewitness testimony of those who claim to have seen the craft that went down in Corona, NM


The classic UFO, disc with a dome is without a doubt my personal favorite. A lot of others have been reported and recorded lately but this is still my choice.

classic saucer.jpg

The type that I have seen personally the most is what I call a ball bearing with one headlight. Sometimes a white light and sometimes red. They look similar to this:


The bell is another reported style. This is the type alleged to have crashed in Kecksburg, PA.


Recently the triangular is reported often. It seems to have started with the Belgium flap then made most famous by the Phoenix Lights.


Another often reported type is the morphing UFO. These seem to have no true shape and look very non-aerodynamic at best. Very jagged edges and look like something that shouldn’t even be capable of flight.


The cigar shaped UFO is another that looks like it shouldn’t be capable of flight. Said to be piloted by reptilians. I’ve seen one of these in person and found it extremely odd as there was no front or back and no windows. It’s a very odd thing to see.


My question is which of the above (or others not mentioned) is your favorite?

Attached Images

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Alien Encounter in Silverton, Idaho on August 31st 2015 – Entity in bedroom

I’ve reported about entities in my room before but this time they seem to have affected every thing electronic in my room when it came. It was about 8 foot tall and about 4-5 feet away. The time of the occurrence was around 1PM, my watch stopped at that time. It stood there for between 3-5 minutes before turning around and slowly vanishing. Once again, my dog did not react to it being in the room and the other dogs that I now live with didn’t react either. I did not see anything that looked like a craft when I looked outside nor did I see what looked like a landing area. My cell phone hasn’t been able to hold a charge all day and went from about a 90% charge (had been off the charger for 2 hours) to a “critical” charge (less than 10%) just over the time frame of the entity being in my room.

The entity was a dark green, almost black, with vertical pupils and yellow colored eyes. It had 3 ridges on it’s head, one down the center and one on each side just over where the ears would be. Its mouth looked somewhat like a muzzle but was more blunt and wide. It wore a tan colored uniform with grey stripes down the sides of the pants and in insignia that looked like two triangles pointing at each other at the tops.

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UFO Sighting in Fairport, New York on August 31st 2015 – Too much detail

Around 11:30ish tonight 8/31/15, i Was walking from my apartment to the dumpster when I notice a very large goldish light moving pretty fast in the sky. It was really bright and didn’t blink once so I stopped and gazed at it. The thing was booking across the sky, then once it hit the horizon it took off then faded away. I then continued minding my own business and headed towards the trash. On my way back to the building I caught a shine in the corner of my left eye. I turn my head only, what I Imagen was the same golden object, only closer, much closer. This I could make out what looked to be a white or shinning metallic surface. It had an even brighter center which seemed translucent. In my head, my thoughts go from amazement to fear as I thought it was at a tractor beam of the sorts. Either way I didn’t stick around to find out. I took off into the building and entered my apartment in a panic, even freaked out my girlfriend

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UFO Sighting in Lexington Park, Maryland on August 31st 2015 – Two crafts, each consisting of two connected white spheres, hovering

Around 7:00 P.M. on August 31st, 2015 I saw two unusually shaped objects in the sky. This is within 5 miles of a naval air station, however I don’t believe this could have been anything familiar. The crafts were identical, both consisting of two tightly connected or tethered white spheres. They rotated around each other and moved lazily through a small patch of sky. At the time, I was taking my son to the playground, so I only saw the craft hovering around each other for perhaps 45 seconds, and was then distracted by other children trying to take my son’s ball. 30 seconds later the craft were gone, and I didn’t see them again for the next 45 minutes that I was outside.

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UFO Sighting in Monroe, New York on August 30th 2015 – Me and my three friends were walking to my house and noticed orange like stars moving at a medium speed shaped like a giant kite then it disappeared

Me and my three friends were walking to my house and noticed orange like stars moving at a medium speed shaped like a giant kite then it disappeared! Then i tried to take a picture my phone wouldnt work when they were gone it worked

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Uruguayan Government UFO Article: “OFFICE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS NATIONAL PRESS SUMMARY – Date 06/06 to 08/06/09: There are still 40 cases of unexplained UFOs. Research. Air Force declassified files; do not rule out the ‘extraterrestrial hypothesis’ ”

(Uruguayan Ministry of National Defence, Montevideo, Uruguay)
The article reports on the UFO research work of the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU):

(fau.com.uy image)

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UFO News Article & Radio Programme (Spanish): “40 UFO cases reported per year and 3% cannot be explained”

16 November 2012 
(Radio Uruguay 1050 AM, Montevideo, Uruguay)
Radio Uruguay 1050 AM (state-owned) presents an interview with the CRIDOVNI members Colonel Ariel Sánchez, Uruguayan Air Force (Chairman of CRIDOVNI) and Carlos Pérez Lavagnini:
(ldi5.com image)

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