UFO Sighting in Laval, Quebec on April 29th 2015 – Light make and U-turne

Finish work at 2:30am and coming back to the shop. I see in the sky just right to the Moon a big white light slowing down fast, i can see at the back like white grey flames. Or it was the effect of the slowing down of the object. The object did a U-turne fast and go down in a straight line, like if it hit a wall and fall down. It’s not the first time a see these white light go down, it’s the third time. Usually it’s in the air like a star and fall in a straight line.
But this time it move from left to right stop fast make a u-turne going down in a straight line. I was surprise and try to estimate the distance. I think it was between 2 and 4 miles. The object was 1/6 the size of the moon that day, so maybe between 30 and 100 ft maybe more. It was white grey, not hard to look at. Not fuzzy, but round clear cut white grey.
I work at night, and on the road, so i have to look quick and have quick reflex. It was just less than a minute but there is no doubt in my mind, something or somebody make that thing stop and go down. I did not see a light on the ground, police or firemen. It was the night and to far the pin point exactly were it was.
This thing, like the others lights, i have to insist so that you can understand. Did not fall like a meteorite gradually on a long distance by the gravity and disperse in the atmosphere.
Imagine to see it falling down from 5000 feet in a straight line to the ground in 3 secondes.
Not going left and right, but a clear cut white grey light, that fall at the same speed if you drop a ball to the ground.
The other night, i dont remember the date but it was in March 2015, when a arrived home, it was 3:10am. There was, far in the night sky, maybe 30 000 feet, a similar light, white grey clear cut light pulsating. it was ovale in shape and was going straight over my head . 2 secondes intervals between the pulsating. It was big. i look at it 2 minutes before the clouds hide it.

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UFO Sighting in New York, New York on April 29th 2015 – I didnt see it visually. I took a pictire and caught it by random.

I was taking pictures of nice sunny day in the city. I took like 4 of the sun when I noticed in one of them I had this red orb like object on it. I found it interesting but really didn’t pay much mind to it. But something told me to save them, especially the one with the object on it. So this morning after the NFL draft I went on the net to The New York post sports web site site. When I finished reading on our pick I saw a story on the bottom that read. UFO spotted in NYC Bronx or something to those lines when suddenly I saw the picture first and i couldn’t believe my eyes. I was totally blown away. I noticed that I took a picture of the the same exact object. I was stun frozen. I quickly went to my phone to confirm and there it was, the same object only I had captured it on Wednesday and the Bronx reporting was the previous Saturday. I didn’t know what to make of it but I knew someone would be interested and maybe have an explanation. To clarify, I never saw the object visually, I just happen to catch it by chance.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Painted Post, New York on April 30th 2015 – Seems to have regular flight pattern for several evenings E to SE

Wife noted high-frequency sound beginning about 3-1/2 weeks ago both inside the house (louder during sightings) and outside. Beginning April 28, 2015, the sightings have been observed for 3 nights so far (clear sky each night). Multiple triangles observed simultaneously for several hours starting about 10pm until 3 am. Observation with binoculars revealed pulsating,varied colored light (red-blue-green-white) in circular motion within circumfrence at each side of triangular shape when the rotation of the triangle was facing us. Triangular shapes were at various rotations throughout the sighting times. The pattern has been the same so far, except we became aware of multiple (4) triangular shapes on the 30th of April as we began to search the sky further. Rotation seems to be anywhere from 1 dimensional triangular shape as 3 equal length sides, to 1dimensional triangular shape with unequal length sides–as if rotated towards “edge” surface of triangular shape. Observation was from inside house or on porch. Objects caught wife’s attention when pulsating bursts of colored light seen with naked eye, then with binoculars. UFO similar to description as viewed on Hangar 1 programs. Amazed to view so many objects simultaneously (appearing at varius altitudes and rotations during “orbit” for several evenings and will continue to look for them. Sound seems to only be interference picked up by wiring or electronics in and near house and barn (also has electrical wiring)–sound continues after electrical panel main switch has been turned off. Sound seems to be similar to that of 1000s of insects in a meadow during summer–also in sync with the way the lights pulsate. We took photo with IPAD camera but noted interference (snow-like as on early years of black &white TV viewing) before cable/satellite. Lost sightings only due to retiring for evening for sleep.

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Quackery & Poison: A Ballsy Procedure

It seems to have started, as many things medicinal do, with Hippocrates. We may not understand precisely why, some 2000 years ago, the great Greek physician chose to insert the bladder of a pig into a patient’s chest and then inflate this porcine balloon. But it may have had something to do with tuberculosis and with the phenomenon of “pulmonary collapse,” which has had a surprisingly long and fruitful run in the annals of medical history.

The tuberculosis bacterium has long been a worthy

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Black Triangle Sighting in Edgewater, Florida on April 30th 2015 – 14 star like triangular objects fixed with stars in all parts of the sky

I saw the first one at dawn this morning

I have watched the sky since i was a child i know what stars planets satellites look like

tonight there was an array of them in varying apparent sizes about 2 to 3 arc seconds wide and long

most oriented the same way by the point of the triangle

there was no motion they were fixed with the stars.

i was just outside looking up


lost sight with cloud cover

I began to freak out after my roomie saw all of them too

looks like at least 3 stars together some more

extremely bright

this is not a joke they are still up there

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Has NASA Successfully Tested a Warp Drive?

That’s the question raised in this article. And no, it’s not from a hair-brained source. There appears to be something to it (presuming the report is accurate that some of the chat comes from NASA engineers), though the testing has not been verified.

This possibility bears some relationship to the possibility (for me, “most plausible option”) that what we think of as UFOs (round or otherwise) are powered by human technology. Enthusiasts are invited to check out Igor Witkowski’s book on the Wunderwaffe in this respect: The Truth About The Wunderwaffe. The brief description of the essential ideas/components for this NASA warp drive can ALL be found in German science sources (de-classified items, science journals, etc.) that date back to WWII — subject matter covered by Witkowski.  I get into all this in The Portent.

None of this, of course, means the Nazis had “anti-gravity” or gravity modification for powering wingless or delta craft. And I don’t believe for a minute they had a warp drive. The point is that they had tinkered with all the necessary technologies. Nuclear power (mentioned in the article) is all you’d need for (pardon the oxymoron) a conventional UFO, which doesn’t of necessity need to have any relation to a warp drive. But whether they achieved such applications is speculative.



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UFO Sighting in Niagara Falls, Ontario on April 30th 2015 – Bright object around went around moon

I was standing in my driveway observing the moon. I noticed a bright object come off the southern pole. It then moved to the right of the moon. I ran into my house and grabbed my camera and tripod. Took 1 min. Set up camera and tripod ad started taking pics. The object then did an orbit around the right side of the moon and then moved north until gone.

I think it was a star but the only thing out that was bright enough to see with the naked eye was venus and jupiter. Denebola, vindemiatrix, porrima were not visible. This object was brighter then jupiter and venus. I don’t know what it was. it was probably a star but it sure looked like something took off from the moon, orbited and then took off. i have 40 photos in a sequence. It only took about 3 to 5 minutes for it to orbit so it seemed really fast. i tried all different shutter speeds to try and get a good pic.

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Entire City of Kathmandu and Surroundings May Have Been Thrust More Than Two Feet Upward by Nepal Earthquake

One aspect of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that rocked Kathmandu and surrounding areas in Nepal became dramatically evident almost immediately: The violent shaking caused monuments and an estimated 70,000 homes to come crumbling down.

More than 6,000 people have died as a result, and survivors are still being pulled out of the rubble.

Since the quake on April 25, I’ve been waiting to hear about another effect — one that is not so obvious from the ground: How much did the quake defo

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Sexist Peer Review and The Role of Editors

Open access scientific publishing giant PLoS is under fire after an anonymous peer reviewer commissioned by one of their journals advised the (female) authors to “find one or two male biologists” to help improve their manuscript.

The two women are Fiona Ingleby and Megan Head – who, as it happens, I recently interviewed for the PLoS Neuro blog on an unrelated topic. (I should note that PLoS paid me for that review and for the three others I’ve written for them. I have also peer reviewed f

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This Website Wants to Guess Your Age

Microsoft thinks it can guess your age.

Engineers at the software company wanted to test newly their released face detection software, which guesses your age and sex, so they opened it up to the public. They hoped to get 50 respondents — and they got over 35,000 in a few hours. But be forewarned, How-Old.net will either make your day, or ruin it.

So we decided to put it to the test.
A Little Background
It took a group of developers about a day to set up the online demonstration, but

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