Dr Bruce Maccabee and the CIA

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The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection

By Keith Basterfield


I have read numerous conspiracy based websites about the depth of the involvement of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in UAP. Few people, however, have had the opportunity to interact with CIA personnel with an interest, in this area. So, it was with great delight that I read Maccabee’s book titled “The FBI CIA UFO Connection.” Published by Richard Dolan Press. Rochester, NY. ISBN 978-150 231 7216 (2014).

“First contact” 1979:

Maccabee relates that following his investigation of the 1978 New Zealand, visual, radar and photographic case, he was referred to a Dr Gordon MacDonald of the MITRE Corporation, who referred him to a contact in the CIA known to MacDonald.

“About the middle of March…I got a call from a man who said he worked at the CIA and offered me the opportunity to get some technical help if I would present my work to the CIA.” (p.259.)

Maccabee then presented his NZ case work to seven CIA employees, one of whom was a Christopher ‘Kit’ Green. Green invited Maccabee to return at a later date “…for a more general discussion of the UFO subject.” (p.296.) Maccabee subsequently met with Green and two other CIA employees. “Kit portrayed his interest in the subject , and that of the others, as more of a personal than an agency interest.” (p.297.) A week later, Maccabee returned to talk to a radar expert at the CIA about the New Zealand case.


Maccabee was at this stage working at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in Maryland, in the field of Laser Generated Underwater Sound (LGUS.) In August 1984, he received a call from a Dr Ronald Pandolfi. Pandolfi was”…a scientist and intelligence analyst in the Scientific Intelligence branch of the CIA.” (p.299.) Pandolfi questioned Maccabee about LGUS. Pandolfi knew of Maccabee’s UAP interests, and earlier visits to the CIA, via Kit Green. “Thus began a more than fifteen year association with Ron based on the original CIA interest in LGUS and an unofficial interest of Ron and other agency employees on the subject of UFOs and the status of UFO research.” (p.301.)


Pandolfi resurfaced at the time of the 17 November 1986, JAL1628 aircraft encounter over Alaska. Maccabee learned of the case via Pandolfi on 30 December 1986 and “I told Ron about my concern and boldly asserted that I could do a better investigation than the FAA.” (p.313.) Pandolfi contacted the FAA and arranged a meeting with John Callahan, Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA. Pandolfi, Maccabee and another CIA employee met on 5 February 1987 with Callahan and others. “Then, as we left, Ron surprised me with a gift: a box containing radar printouts, transcripts of interviews, a copy of the AARTCC voice tape and numerous other valuable documents.” (p.316.)

“At the time of the investigation I wondered whether or not Ron would get into trouble for supplying me with the information I needed to analyse the sighting. After all, UFO investigation was not supposed to be a task of the CIA…Many years later (2008) he told me that there was an official concern but it was not that the UFOs may have been ET craft. Rather it was that they might have been Soviet jets trying to use a large commercial jet aircraft, as a sort of cover for clandestine flights over Alaska. (p.319.)


Pandolfi invited Maccabee “…to speak about the UFO subject at CIA headquarters.” (p.322.) He did so on 7 July 1987 to about two dozen people. One effect was “…my lecture had created a lot of “spies” within the agency, that is, employees who were using their top secret clearance level to nose around and try to find top secret UFO related information and projects. Whether anyone found such projects, I do not know.” (p.322.)

Pandolfi later told Maccabee that “…a CIA archivist had spent some amount of time searching but had not found MJ-12 in the CIA files. ” (p.324.)

Gulf Breeze:

Maccabee then became involved with investigations into the numerous visual sightings, and photographs associated with Gulf Breeze.

During meetings about the LGUS Maccabee appraised Pandolfi of his investigations “…there apparently was a considerable level of interest on the part of CIA employees. About the middle of September, I showed some of Ed’s pictures to several employees and was invited to discuss this and other UFO subjects with a branch chief.” (p.332.) Maccabee then lectured at the CIA about his Gulf Breeze research.


A wave of sightings came out of the Soviet Union. Maccabee writes “In August 1989, I pointed out to Ron that we could not keep up with the Russian flap because of the language problem, so he arranged to have newspaper articles translated for agency use and for me to receive copies of FBIS translations.” (p.339.)

“About two months later, in June, Ron told me that the fact that Maltsev had made a series of official reports about the March 21 sighting caused quite a stir at upper CIA levels.” (p.340.) Maltsev was Air Defence General Igor Maltsev.


In 1993, the Director of the CIA Robert James Woolsey asked National Reconnaissance Office historian Gerald K Haines “…to review all the records on the subject and write what would be the official history of the CIA involvement with the subject of UFOs.” (p.341.) Maccabee received a copy in 1996, “I thought I might learn something about saucers/UFOs that I didn’t know. No such luck.” (p.344.)

“The subject of my last lecture at the CIA was a UFO that had a “magnetic personality.””(p.348.) This was the 11 September 1992 Gulf Breeze case when an investigator used a flux gradient magnetometer to determine the presence of a magnetic field, where the sighting had occurred. Maccabee writes “The CIA employees were as puzzled as I by the “magnetic sighting.” (p.356.)


Maccabee summarises his efforts by saying “From the time I first visited the CIA, I wanted the answers to two main questions…I wanted to know (a) if they had top secret information about UFOs and (b) if they were in control of the assumed cover up.” (p.357.)

In response to these two questions, Maccabee says “Kit seemed to treat the subject as something of medium importance, not very important but not something to laugh at…Ron on the other hand, seemed to treat it as a joke or an amusement.” (p.358.)

“…but there didn’t seem to be an official reason for the CIA to pay any attention to UFO research. Then, in 1990, Ron told me the official reason: the possibility of espionage. He said that in the 1970’s, the CIA had obtained “firm evidence” that the KGB had devised a plan to use US citizens, including UFOlogists, to penetrate the US defense program.” (p.354.)

Maccabee answers part two of hit two part question, was there a hidden CIA control group, by saying Pandolfi, in March 1994 told him “The Director of Central Intelligence and the Deputy Director come to me when they want to know what is going on in UFOs. He admitted there might be a liaison person, a sort of “mole” in the CIA, working with a UFO group in another agency, but he was “not aware of any group in the CIA.””(p.361.)

Maccabee mentions in other places in his book, that he felt he knew more about the UFO topic than any CIA employee he came across.

“Kit, during a conversation in 2008, provided a potential answer to this question. He told me that he had questioned 18 top level CIA officers to cabinet ministers and high level military and even a president. Most didn’t know anything about the subject but some did. This led him to conclude that there was something going on, but not in the government.” (.361.)

Having said all the above, Maccabee notes, that in 2012 “…another CIA employee, Chase Brandon told interviewers that he had seen, some years before, a “Roswell box” inside a Top Secret vault that contained part of the Historical Intelligence Collection of the CIA.” (p.362.)

My comments:

Overall, a very interesting insight by Maccabee into the role of the CIA in UAP. One wonders which of their employees now, if any, undertakes the role previously taken by Christopher Green and Ronald Pandolfi?

For a six part series of posts on Christopher “Kit” Green, by my former co-blogger Pauline Wilson, please take a look at January 2011 in this blog’s archives. Part one may be found here.

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UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on November 30th 2014 – i saw a ufo over my neighborhood at 10:30 pm in antioch califorina

i saw a amber reddish orange ufo right over the middle of the block i live on i went outside to have a smoke i went out front at 10:30 pm and walked to the east of my house onto my drive strips i turned and looked north and saw a super bright amber reddish orange object it was over the court behind my house its the middle of the block i live on it was hovering then i saw it drop like it was going to land so i ran in woke my mother and brother up so they can see im on heavy pain meds for my severe fibromyalgia so i wanted to have witnesses and it was at tree top level and hovered for a good 10 minutes it was wobbling and it was egg shape with reflective surface it was reflecting its own amber light on the bottom of it then after staying in one spot it was bobbing up and down and side to side it took off went behind my cypris trees in the back yard so i went in the loft where my mother was and saw it drop molten metal twice it was over houses when it dropped it and then it got real dim then flared up so bright then took off so fast i ran to the back yard and didnt see it anymore it was gone i want to talk to someone please email me before i dont pick up my phone if i dont know who it is but my mom is worried about me talking to anyone or write the reports she thinks that the government will take my ssi disability away if they dont want me reporting this about ufo’s i want to be apart of this operation on finding out about ufo sightings i have nothing to do all day because im in super bad pain 24/7 like now im fighting hard to sit here and type this and i feel the last guy didnt believe me about the ufos i seen he made it like its because of my meds trust me its not the meds i believe in the aliens and ghosts i see hear feel get touched by ghosts i seen them since i was a kid please email me before calling so ill know or email me your number and ill call you thank you

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UFO Sighting in Lenoir, North Carolina on November 28th 2014 – Captured in a photo !

I was On the back porch on thanks giving day a storm was developing, so i took a shot of the area that was dark while the sun was shined through.The original photo is a lot better then what i am giving you because its on my wife’s phone.
The object when zoomed out is gray sphere with 5 white pixels separated like a dice yes like roll the dice, below this sphere is what looks like a cigaret smoke ring that is some distance away but is from this UFO.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on November 28th 2014 – 7 spots of light and a circle. object also reflected light.

We were setting up the light show for Toronto’s “Cavalcade of Lights” at Nathan Phillips Square when we noticed that one of our spots (we had several doing a figure of 8 tracking motion upward) was hitting an object in the sky and reflecting light off of it.

After observing it for a moment we noticed a ring of light and then a spot. Over the course of the next half hour the object moved north about 200′ and appeared to rise and descend occasionally.

Toward the end of the sighting the object became very bright, 7 lights were now visible in a pattern with the circle in front and at this point we found we could reflect our lights off of it at an angle creating a lateral beam in an adjacent cloud. shortly after it disappeared.

We did not stop our spots to focus on the object because of the risk that could impose if the object was indeed a commercial aircraft.

The Video I have was taken right at the beginning of the sighting when only a reflection could be seen, the photos that fallow create a timeline.

I’ve also included photos edited to define the object and separate it from my spot lights.

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UFO Sighting in Port Charlotte, Florida on November 30th 2014 – I was driving west on Midway when a few cars stopped in front of me. I heard a humming and other people in front of me were looking out their windows at the object. At first it was a large whitish hovering orb but expanded, changed shape.

Driving west on Midway Blvd. I came to a stop behind a few cars in the middle of the road, people were looking up to the North. I head a low humming and saw a pretty large white orb, inside was a small pill sized and shaped black/ metallic “UFO”. It was changing colors, moved abruptly up and down , east and West, then it hovered for a half a minute, and flew at an incomparable speed. It scared me badly, because I used to live near a military base and an Airport in MD, and have NEVER seen any craft like this, it barely made any sound! When it shot out of site, the cars started moving again, but during the incident a male in the car in front of me actually yelled out his window, “What the &$@% is that.” I knew we were all thinking what the heck it really was. I can tell you now, I’m no longer a skeptic when it comes to UFO’s.

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UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on October 7th 2014 – it's in a picture I took of the moon

It was the night of Oct 7th before the blood moon began.I was on my back deck. I took 2 pictures of the moon. When I viewed the photos there was a white spot. I enlarged the photo & there it was in both pictures. It is plain to see a circle of lights. There is no mistaking it. It can only be seen when the pictures are enlarged. I want to share the photo but they will need to be enlarged. It’s on my cellphone.

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Noted Researcher, Author & Now Documentary Film-Maker, Robert Hastings on Coast To Coast AM Tonight (11-30-14)

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UFO and Nukes - The Secret Link Revealed (Still 1)

Researcher Robert Hastings To Discuss His New Documentary Film re UFOs and Nukes on Coast To Coast AM Tonight with Host George Knapp

By Robert Hastings

     Over the past 41 years, I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their knowledge of UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons sites, including incidents during which ICBMs malfunctioned, just as a disc-shaped object hovered over them.

CNN streamed my September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C. at which seven of the veterans discussed their involvement in those or similar events:

My film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, is currently in production and nearing completion. However, our funds will be exhausted before all of the work can be finished. Some of the computer-generated animation, post-production audio, and musical scoring is on hold. My colleagues and I estimate that an additional $25,000 will be needed to wrap up the project.

The purpose of this film is public education. The information I have gathered over the past four decades confirms the reality of UFO activity at American and Soviet nuclear weapons sites. The specifics, as reported by the ex-military witnesses and declassified documents, are both stunning and tremendously important.

Significantly, UFO incursions at American ICBM sites have continued to occur long after the end of the Cold War. On October 23, 2010, at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, communications with launch officers operating 50 Minuteman III missiles were temporarily disrupted. According to my then-active duty U.S. Air Force sources, a huge cigar-shaped UFO was observed during the incident.

It’s clear that the American government does not plan to reveal these amazing and perhaps ominous developments any time soon. Therefore, a grassroots effort must be made to acquaint people everywhere with a situation that has been successfully kept secret for decades.

UFOs and Nukes Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons SitesWhile my 2008 book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, has introduced this potentially paradigm-altering information to thousands of readers, a widely-distributed film on the subject will reach millions worldwide.

Rather than launching a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, which would involve unnecessary expenses, we have decided to implement a simplified public appeal. Those who would like to support this effort, or more information, may go to my Support Our Film webpage.

Knowledge is Power. If you believe that this campaign should continue, please help us Spread the Word by going to my website and making a contribution.

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