UFO Over Houston, Texas Causes A Stir

This video shows some photos of a reported UFO over Houston Texas in early August.

This isn’t the only time UFO s have been reported over Houston or even Dallas, Texas. There have been some quite surprising multiple witness UFO sightings in Texas the past several years. It doesn’t mean alien invasion though.

We have to be careful when reporting UFOs to not jump to conclusions. In this series of photos all we see are lights. Nothing definitive. UFOlogy has a ton of photos and videos collected over the past 70 years and none are conclusive to the point of nailing any mysterious or occluded origins.

With all the cellphone and security cameras now all over the planet, if there are any craft to be captured on video it hasn’t happened yet.

All we can do is keep on being vigilant and shoot footage when possible.

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Cristobal Whirls Toward Iceland

As I’m writing this on Sunday night (Aug. 31), the cyclone formerly known as Hurricane Cristobal is taking dead aim on Iceland.

You can see it whirling off Iceland’s coast in the image above, captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite on Saturday. No longer a hurricane, it is, in the parlance of meteorology, an “extra-tropical cyclone” — a whirling dervish of a storm that has moved far north from its origins in the tropics.

To get even more technical, Cristobal may be what’s known as a “warm se

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The Replication Crisis: Response to Lieberman

In a long and interesting article over at Edge, social psychologist and neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman discusses (amongst other things) the ‘replication crisis’ in his field. Much of what he says will be of interest to regular readers of this blog.

Lieberman notes that there has been a lot of controversy over ’embodied cognition’ and social priming research. For instance,
There are studies suggesting that washing your hands can affect your sense of being moral or immoral, and so on. Th

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UFO Sighting in Dyce, Scotland on August 14th 2014 – Star like object

I work nightshift at the airport and I as outside having a cigarette I’m always looking up at the stars as I have a telescope at home and u never know what o might see I also have a constellation app on my iPad and am interested in the constellations I . It happened the night of the meteor shower and I know it definitely wasn’t a meteor I was looking up at Cassiopeia and the 3 star triangle in its formation when I noticed there was a fourth star making it into a square , I’m quite good with constellations and knew this wasn’t right . . All of a sudden the fourth star started to move off fairly quickly towards the north east and then started to zig zag quite dramatically up and down back and forth at some speed leaving a thin wispy cloud like trail behind it . It wasn’t a plane or helicopter as they do not work at night at aberdeen airport the only plane that comes In Is a freight one and it makes a very loud noise. What I saw was silent it way WAY to high to be a terrestrial aircraft. I watched it for about 2 minutes zigging and zagging around then it disappeared I felt quite scared seeing it because I had the strangest feeling it could see me aswell. Make of this what u will but I know what I saw. I didn’t record it as I only had my phone and it wouldn’t have picked it up

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Mystery UFO Caught on Camera, Baffles Police | VIDEO

UFO Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania (Crpd) 8-25-14

Mystery UFO Caught on Camera, Baffles Police | UFO NEWS

By Kara O’Neill

      Unknown flashing lights from the unidentified flying object even left the local police without an explanation.

There is no question in Stephanie Wilkerson’s mind about what she saw in the night sky this week.

When a giant circle of flashing lights appeared over her Pennsylvania home, she ran to grab her neighbour who brought his binoculars to take a closer look.

After the lights started to change colour, the pair called 911 and began filming the strange sight on a mobile phone .

In an interview with ABC New, Stephanie said: “I thought it was a plane until I realised it wasn’t moving.”

“I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colours,” she added. . . .

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UFO Sighting in Duxbury, Massachusetts on August 20th 2014 – Orange orbs spotted hovering over forest.

On August 20, 2014, at approximately 10:05 PM, in Duxbury MA, I, as well as several others witnessed a strange object glowing a brilliant orange in the sky just above the tree line. Immediately we thought it to be a planet but after concluding that it was far too bright to be a planet we continued to observe it.
After about 30 seconds, remaining in the same location, the light began to dim gradually while retaining its initial color until it was no longer visible, after which it began to immediately glow again, far less bright than before and began to steadily move to the right. As it moved, the object began to change colors from orange to red and back at about a 1 second interval. It was not the light pattern of a plane as the colors and interval were both incorrect. The object followed its course until the tree line obscured it from view. After believing the object to be gone, we left the area.
After calling the closest airforce base only to find out it was closed, we returned to the same spot about 30 minutes later. To our surprise a faint orange light, in the same position as the earlier one, began to glow brighter and followed the initial pattern, this time moving to the left however until it dissapeared behind the treeline. After this, another appeared more to the right, rising very slowly and then began to follow the original pattern to the right until it seemed to dissappear from view. After this, another appeared in the orginal spot and the pattern was repeated by at least two others. These lights appeared to hover for a longer duration than earlier. During this time, I recorded two videos of the events. Another object appeared far to the right and appeared to move towards our location. After witnessing this, we left.
About 15 minutes later, we returned and began to watch the objects from a new location approximately 400 feet from the initial location. There we witnessed two dim orange lights above the treeline. One dissapeared from view while the other began to glow suddenly, much to our surprise. Around this time, a police helicopter flew toward the area of the lights. The objects and the helicopter did not appear to make contact. After watching the strange lights for about 15 minutes, one began to hover overhead and it appeared to have a cigar shape or at least what appeared to be a tail, although I am not certain of this. This was odd as the videos recorded earlier revealed that the objects were in the shape of a circle flashing orange and white at a short interval. The object now flying near us emmitted a strange humming sound, too quiet to be a helicopter as we heard a helicopter only a few minutes earlier. After this we left the area and I did not see the objects again. The humming sound however occurred throughout the night and was heard by several people throughout different locations in the forest. Our group split up and I was told by some of the people that were present during the initial encounter that one of the objects later dipped to avoid a plane. However I am not sure that this happened and do not know the details as I was not present. This happened at least an hour later. At least 9 objects were observed that night by at least 7 people. The majority of these objects appeared in the same location. We were terrified as well as intrigued.

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‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | VIDEO

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | VIDEO

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | UFO NEWS

By Ashley Argoon
Herald Sun

     A UFO has been spotted hovering over Melbourne’s southeast as residents report they’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Flashing red, green, and blue, the light sat still over Carnegie for more than an hour.

“It’s really weird,” Toni Koromilas said, taking a video of the flashing lights from her sister’s Carnegie home.

“Someone said it could be a helicopter but it’s not moving, it’s been there for an hour now.

“We could be way off track, it could just be a plane, but it’s bizarre.”

Melbourne gets an average one UFO sighting a week, with most reports of lights at night time.

So, could it be that aliens chose Melbourne as their destination to make first contact with the world? . . .

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Britain’s X-traordinary Files

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

By Dr David Clarke

     My latest book opens The National Archives’ own ‘X-files’ to shine a spotlight on many formerly secret official accounts of uncanny phenomena and other unsolved historical mysteries.

From mediums employed by the police to help with psychic crime-busting to sea monster sightings logged by the Royal Navy, Britain’s X-traordinary Filesis the result of 15 years research in the archives at London and elsewhere.

Each section is underpinned by images of key documents created by government agencies that have investigated and sometimes tried to exploit extraordinary phenomena or powers in recent history.

Following the style of its companion volume The UFO Files (now in its second edition)the seven chapters throw new light on rumours, legends and persistent mysteries. Some of the subjects covered by the book include:

• The Angels of Mons that were said to have saved outnumbered British troops in Belgium at the outbreak of the First World War one hundred years ago.

• War Diaries and other documents that reveal what happened to 266 British soldiers that ‘disappeared into thin air’ during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915.

• The Death Ray and rumours of secret weapons spread by intelligence agencies between and after the two world wars.

• Scotland Yard’s use of a Dutch clairvoyant to find the ‘Stone of Scone’ stolen from Westminster Abbey in 1950.

• Secret ‘Remote Viewing‘ experiments conducted by British intelligence agencies in the aftermath of 9/11.

• MI5 investigations into reports of mysterious lights and ‘crop circles‘ in WW2.

• The extraordinary trial of a London man who was found guilty of killing a pedestrian he believed to be a ghost.

• British Army investigations of dowsing and other extraordinary powers to locate buried bodies and mines.

• The mysterious Solway Spaceman photograph that baffled police and RAF experts fifty years ago.

• Results of inquiries into the mysterious disappearance of British aircraft and their crews.

• What the British government records say about the fate of captain and crew of the Mary Celeste.

• The future King George V’s sighting of a phantom ship, The Flying Dutchman whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

• Arthur Conan Doyle’s sighting of the mysterious Victorian sea serpent.

• The Loch Ness Monster Files: what papers at Scotland’s National Archives and London’s Natural History Museum reveal about the Nessie legend.

Britain’s X-traordinary Files is published by Bloomsbury on 25 September 2014 and can be pre-ordered here:

I will launch the book with an illustrated lecture on the Angels of Mons and other legends of the First World War at Sheffield’s Off The Shelf literary festival on 27 October.

Praise for Britain’s X-traordinary Files:

‘This is a feast of a book, valuable above all for folklore studies but also for parapsychology, history and hard science; and the more important for having grounded itself in the most prosaic of sources, the official records of the nation.’

–Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol

‘In this entertaining and absorbing book, David Clarke excavates hidden marvels from the depths of The National Archives, casting new light on our uncanny world – from death rays to ghost ships and angels.’

–Professor Owen Davies, University of Hertfordshire

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UFO Sighting in Syracuse, New York on August 29th 2014 – My neighbor and I were waiting outside and in the eastern, northeast in the northern celestial hemisphere we noticed a pulsating vertical cigar shaped object

My neighbor and I were outside hanging out, he was just passing time as he had to go to work in a couple of hours. During this time he looked to the east side of the sky in the northern celestial hemisphere and saw this cigar shaped object that appeared to be pulsating. The only way I can describe it is to say that it was hovering, at first, with the ends lit a grey color with the middle a black color, switching to the ends black and the middle a grey silver color… The color kept changing silver or grey on the ends black in the middle and the reverse of that. Or that it was pulsating. I can not explain it as I (we) have never seen anything like this at all. (My grandfather was a Major in the airforce, a fighter pilot and a cargo pilot for Sair aviation. I was an Infantry Marine, all my life I have lived within 5 miles of airports and flown in and been around airplanes and military.) I may have seen one thing like this on a video on you tube but have not been able to find it. I believe it was a video clip from monster quest or ancient aliens. I will continue to look for it and upload it if I do happen to find it… The “pulsating” object was approximately one to two miles away which made its size approximately 3 to 4 times the size of the fuselage of a 747 airliner. It moved from northeast, south to due east, then back over to north hovering a few spots in between. Its speed was between 250 and 500 mph, using the general speed of an airliner at the same height of about 15,000 to 20,000 feet. Finally in the north it was hidden by a cloud after about 15 minutes of maneuvering. I have a few other reports to make as well in the same manner. About 6 to 8 times over the last 3 months starting memorial day weekend we have been seeing this bright light in the sky just appear out of nowhere travel a little ways and then disappear or fade away. The first time a beam of light came out of it. at first I thought it was a satellite along with the space station as we saw it simultaneously with the space station, however the nasa satellite charts prove otherwise and the speed and times are too erratic… given the approximate distance of the satellites the object must be at least as high if not a little closer, but that makes the speed of the object to vary from 17,300 to 10,000 to 51,000 MPH…sometimes it moves in 90 degree angles sometimes it moves in sharp 180 degree turns… If one would spend a week observing the northern celestial hemisphere around cassiopeia toward the east, between the hours of 2145 and 0230 you can be sure to see it at some point at least around where we live in Syracuse. Thank you very much for your time…

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