UFO Sighting in Anaheim, California on May 1st 2014 – Object traveling at incredible speed making no sound

I was in room looking outside from an opened window.

The object just popped out of nowhere.

I have never seen an aircraft travel at such speeds.

The object traveling NW at incredible speeds and at low altitude without making any sound. I could not believe how fast the UFO was traveling, and was unsure why there was no sound made.

I was shocked after I saw the object, and tried to find another explanation in my room.

The object travel at incredible speed, where I was no longer able to see it in my field of vision.

Stand By, More UFO Info To Come

Hey gang,

Hold on while I put out some personal fires and get back to some worthy UFO news.

The UFO issue is still popping up and better images are being gathered. That’s been a bone of contention because there aren’t enough clear enough videos and pics of UFOs to make heads or tails out of.

Add to that the big headed arrogance and self importance of some UFO researchers continues to muddy the waters of UFO research. More people are looking for U.S. disclosure of UFOs but that’s not going to happen because your’s truly has an inside scoop or two as to why this won’t happen. In the meantime you all out there keep doing your research but under no circumstance get near a UFO if you see one. I can’t emphasize this more for your physical and mental well being. I’ll go into this further.

Don’t be like some irresponsible people thinking that if they contact a UFO, or a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, that some alien beings are going to welcome you and share the secrets of the universe. Not gonna happen. Same goes for people claiming to have contact with “aliens” who give them messages to share with mankind. Believe me, if there were alien beings smart enough to make it to Earth, pick you up and convey a message they would be aware of radio and television and could do the job themselves.

The UFO field is rife with con artists, self important researchers, and real dangers. It’s not worth your sanity or health to risk just to try to prove something the media nor government will support you on.

The people will give the final decision on this issue and the governments that have been hiding and stonewalling will fall apart as they should from being deceptive and abusive.

So hold on, more news to come.

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UFO video captured in Alberta, Canada

A man in Alberta was driving with a co-worker when they spotted some strange lights in the sky. They caught it on video and took some pictures before it made a strange sound, causing them to retreat to the car where they found the radio was not working and most of their pictures were gone.

This sightings was reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and was posted on the Huffington Post by MUFON’s Communications Director Roger Marsh. The witnesses were driving From Hinton east to Edson, about 150 miles east of Edmonton. It was about 1:45 am when the driver noticed some green and red blinking lights just above the tree line in the distance.

UFO photo captured by witness. (Credit: MUFON)

UFO photo captured by witness. (Credit: MUFON)

They didn’t take notice at first. They assumed it was just a low flying airplane. However, as they got closer they noticed the object was not moving and it appeared to be very large. When they got near the grove of trees the object hovered over they saw that the lights were many different colors, blue, purple, red, green, and pulsated quickly. They also noticed a dome on the bottom of the craft that emitted a “white/yellow” light that illuminated the trees beneath it.

They stopped the truck to take pictures with their phones. They estimated the object was only about 400 feet away at this point, and they said it appeared to be the size of six cars wide. Unfortunately, they had a hard time seeing the object in the screen of their phones. However, the witness took a minute of video and several pictures. The other witness also got some pictures.

Close-up of UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

Close-up of UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness decided to try and use the flash on the phone’s camera to see if the object would respond. The first flash didn’t seem to cause any reaction. However, when they witness flashed again, the object emitted a “high pitch 2 tone sound lasting for maybe 7 seconds.”

This scared the two, so they got back in the car. They had been listening to a Hinton radio station. However, the radio was now just static. They assumed this had to do with the UFO. They felt it was about time they got out of there, so they got back on the road.

UFO close-up enhanced by the witness. (Credit: MUFON)

UFO close-up enhanced by the witness. (Credit: MUFON)

Later, they noticed that their phones also must have been affected. Although they had taken several pictures, only one remained. The video was also supposed to be a minute long, but it was only 8 seconds.

The witness says, “This by far was the weirdest and most interesting experience I have ever had.”

Photoshop image created by witness of the UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

Photoshop image created by witness of the UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

Here is the full unedited report by the witness:

We were coming back from late night work coming from Hinton AB on HWY 16 coming towards Edson, AB where it happened about 4 kilometers before town of Marlobo heading east.

While driving I noticed on the north side of the highway green and red lights low with in treeline, it was 1:45 am and it was very dark, the trees are bare no leaves as this is early spring here so I thought it was low flying airplane as they carry the Green and Red light, I thought I’ve seen an airplane flying low on the horizon through the trees.

As I was getting closer I noticed these lights were not moving and they appeared bigger, it was nothing of significance to us as we thought it was perhaps some sort of tower…

Finally we passed the small grove of trees and were able to have the direct visual on these lights, we’ve seen red, green, blue / purple light blinking sort of pulsating around quite fast, there was also a light at the bottom like a dome light rotating a beam of white/ yellow light illuminating ground and trees.

We stopped the truck and parked on the shoulder looking at this thing and wondering what are we seeing, we got out of the truck to snap some photos with our cell phones, the truck was put on park idling with radio playing – local Hinton music radio station, we were in front of that thing with in 400 ft distance as it was just above the trees across the highway right in front of us, it was very dark and the lights it was projecting were very bright sort of blinding us, we tried to catch this object on the camera but you could not see it in the lcd display.

I snapped 2 pictures without flash to see if I could capture something as I was looking through the pics my friend yelled that the object moved to the right abruptly, I set up my cell phone on vide record mode and recorded the event, I finally could see the object if I zoomed on it all the way although this object was 300-400 ft in front of us fairly large maybe 6 cars wide, I could hardly see it on my cell phone cam. I recorded about a minute of video, and we honestly got a bit freaked out , but I wanted to see it move, so we stayed a bit longer and I noticed that the object drifted slowly to the left, I then thought that maybe that thing is projecting the lights maybe I should use cell cam flash to signal a couple flashes as a form of communication , I got my phone again I snapped once and nothing happened, but when I sent the next flash that thing suddenly made a high pitch 2 tone sound lasting for maybe 7 seconds, we got afraid a bit so we jumped back in the truck and decided it was time to go…, what we noticed inside the cab was a static noise of the radio, where we pulled over to investigate the object, we were listening to Hinton music station , now there was nothing but static noise, upon that we realized we just seen UFO wich interacted with the truck’s radio, we took off rather fast leaving that thing behind , it did not attempt to follow us or either left, it just sat there over the trees.

We were quite disturbed, it was mine and my co-workers first time witnessing ufo event especially that close , we talked about that all the way to Edmonton, we stopped in Edson to have a look at the photos and to our surprise we hardly had any photos on the phones…, I shot 4 pictures in total made about a minute long video all I have on my phone is one picture and 8 seconds video, my friend shot over 6 photos, his phone did not record a single photo.

This by far was the weirdest and most interesting experience I have ever had.

Marsh says that MUFON Canada is investigating the case. The UFO video can be seen here.


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One of the worst UFO programs I have seen

I have just watched a recording I had from the other night. This was from Channel5 in the UK. I quite frankly rarely watch it, but it was about UFO’s and I of course recorded it. It was dreadful journalism. It was bias from the start and made those who had seen look like fools as they gave more airtime to those who want not to believe and make it their job to disprove it.
Secret History of UFOs | Secret History of UFOs | Channel 5
It was light and lacking the true facts. The producer obviously wanted a cheap show and an audience puller with very little facts. It skimmed the stories of Roswell and those that wanted to say their were aliens. Then gave a lot of airtime to quite a few who wanted to ensure that all those believers are nutters. What a shame as there were a couple of good people on there that only were allowed a few sentences

UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on April 28th 2014 – i woke at 11:40 april 28 and looked out my window i heard like someone was kicking my fence and looked up and seen 2 red orange objects

it was april 28″th at 11:40 pm i woke up and i turned tv on and 5 minutes latter i heard a loud banging on one of the side or back fences it was so loud we have possums and racoons but they never made that noise it sounded like someone was hitting and kicking the fence i heard it before but down the street but first time on my fence i have my room upstairs so i jumped up and grabbed my super bright led flashlight and shined it out my bedroom window as the fence was banging and saw the woman’s little dog next door calm and staring up so i look up and saw 2 reddish orange basketball or beach ball size orbs is all i can say they look like but real bright and to me looked like 10 feet over the tree they were coming from the north then they started traveling south over my house and stopped over my house so i ran woke my brother up and told him ufo’s they were silent and they are outside then ran downstairs woke mom up told her i was the first out the front door and a second latter my brother and mother came out but before they made it out the door they started moving south from hovering over my house and we watched them travailing slow and one was behind the other and was lower we watched them going south and kept going after they past the peoples house across the street and the first one started to flicker out but my brother and i saw it was a saucer shape and had a matalic dark redesh orange color to the craft then it lit back up the one behind it stayed lit the whole time and we watched them going toward mt diablo it happened about from 11:40 to 11:55 i been seeing these ufo”s for 2 or 3 years but every time i been hearing those loud bangs and kicking on the fences i see the ufo”s i get a scared feeling and feel numb when they are around and my flashlights die fast i have to charge them after every time they are around but the last 2 or 3 years most of the time i see them they are parking over my neighborhood allot i don’t know what they want and the womans dog next door has never been that calm before there was a possum on the fence her dog goes crazy but not hat night but i feel they want me my brother or parents know it sounds stupid but that’s what i feel i tried to take a pic but bat goes dead or wont turn on i have bad fibromyalgia so its hard to type here i wish here was someone i can talk to in a mufon office i can tell better than type

UFO Sighting in Tonopah, Nevada on August 9th 1947 – Subjects father and sister found a UFO craft in the Nevada desert in 1947

subjects father and sister going out to her mine, the lost cowgirl mine, in august of 1947. They saw something blink and shine in the sun off the side of the road
they drove over there and found a silverish disk shaped craft sitting in the sand
the middle section was ripped showing metal and metallic type debris inside It came from from east by south east and crashed up against a rock ledge
the bottom of the craft was bowl shaped
They tried to pick it up, it weighed 70 or 80 lbs and it was 7 or 8 feet across they put in the back of the truck
they didn’t know what to do with it so they took to local sheriff in Tonopah or Parump
two days later an army guy and guy in suit showed up, took the craft and said it was a matter of national security and to not talk to anyone about the
They remember it had unfamiliar symbols written on it
The craft was whole and no bodies were seen.