UFO Sighting in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco on December 31st 2012 – Lights over the bay in Puerto Vallarta at new years eve (Series of photos taken by professional photographer)

New years eve. I was setting my Nikon D90 at a condo in the 7th floor of a building right by the sea at Puerto Vallarta, to catch some good pictures of fireworks.

While getting my settings adjusted i notice that with every shot, i was getting some weird lights on my display screen, although nothing was visible at eye sight. As a photographer I knew it could be a number of different things, from dirt on the sensor, to reflecting lights through the lens, to a low shutter speed causing distortion of the light. I will explain in the following points the technical characteristics of the images I��ve attached to discard the possible explanations mention above.

– As shown in the series of pictures, the shot was taken from the same place at the same angle in a period of 1 hour 39 minutes. During that period the boats at the bay, the people and the chinese balloons show movement caused my a shutter speed of 5 sec at f7.1…meaning the shutter speed was open during 5 seconds, and during that time anything moving would register blurred in movement.. but not the 2 pairs of lights in the sky… meaning the lights were not moving at all during those 5 seconds. That fact alone discards the possibility of airplane, helicopter, random lights int the sky or anything moving.

– In the second photo, all the boats have moved but the 2 pairs of lights are in the exact same place 32 min after the first picture was taken, (this could mean dirt in the sensor or the lens, maybe light in the back of the camera filtering through the lens right?)

– Third picture.. 14 min after the last picture… both sets of lights have drastically change their position, but maintaining formation. This discards what was mention above. I believe this are 2 different objects hovering above the bay.

– Fourth picture … after new years fireworks, both sets of light change their position in the sky once again, yet like int he last picture they maintain their formation, also a fifth light appears.

The lights were only visible through the camera and only with very low shutter speeds. After the fireworks I took more pictures and the lights were gone.

My guess is as good as yours, I would love your input on the subject.

Black Triangle Sighting in Radford, Virginia on January 30th 1991 – flew overead and sadow was seen o ground by moonligt

jan 91 working as a quality assurance person at the Radford army ammo plant in Radford ,my job was to collect samples and check quality of product being made .
just weeks befor there ad been a large layoff and the roll powder area I was checking only had 5 people working in the whole area ,of 20/30 buildings
it was three in the morning and I ad just made a quality check on the only building working in the area ,it was a way back to the office so I decided to walk. we were having a full moon so bright I was able to doo paperwork outside by moon light .
I stoped under a telephone pole to finish my paper work , and noticed a shodow starting over me ,a strange tingle in my body and I looked up and there was a large trangle moving over me whch I watched travel over the mt. and it took 15 min or so
this was moving so slow I couldn’t take my eyes off of it it looked black wth three domes ,one on each corner (non lit. at the back there was light shining around a crack around the back edge with 4 unlit cyrcles .
at the same time I could see stars through t (LIKE HAZE ON A HOT ROAD)BUT IT WAS SOLID
making no noise and moving so slow it should not flown .
this is a restricted air space over an ammunition plant ,I keept waiting on jets that watch the area ,but none came
because of ny job I was afraid to report this (my days of sampling rocket proplemt and nitro glissern would of been over im sure)
iv kept this story to myself till now but ever fer years I dream about it ove

German town inaugurates UFO landing pad

Over the weekend a German town inaugurated the Ufo-Landeplatz (UFO Landing Place). The event was an all out party and among those involved were local politicians, sciences buffs, and comedians. The inauguration was intended to be more for fun than actual intergalactic diplomacy.

The town of Göttingen in the German state of Lower Saxony marked off a circle that they say is no longer available for public parking, but instead is now intended to be used solely by extraterrestrial spacecraft. It was given the international identification of ULP 42 (I assume the ULP stands for UFO Landing Place). They also warn that anyone who attempts to park in the ULP does so at their own peril.

The old city hall, Gaenseliesel fountain, and pedestrian zone and marketplace in the lovely town of Göttingen. (Credit: Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons)

The old city hall, Gaenseliesel fountain, and pedestrian zone and marketplace in the lovely town of Göttingen. (Credit: Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons)

The story of the inauguration was featured on HNS.de, a local news website dedicated to news in the states of Lower Saxony and Hesse. The story indicates this is the second ULP in Lower Saxony, but does not say whether or not there are 40 others elsewhere.

HNA.de says with the designation of the ULP, “The city contributes in the sense of world peace, the intergalactic communication process and of tolerance, openness and integration means that more can be working on the implementation of UN Resolution 33/426 of 1978.”

What HNA.de is referring to is actually a United Nations decision, which carries less weight than a full-fledged resolution. It was made in late 1978 and invited member states to send results of their UFO research and investigations to the United Nations’ Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space for consideration.

In the late 70s, Sir Eric Gairy, prime minister of Grenada, lobbied the UN to create a department to organize worldwide UFO investigations. The UN didn’t want to go that far, but they did say it would be OK for UN members to send in their UFO info. None of the members actually took them up on it, and soon after this decision was passed, Gairy was overthrown by a coup. That ended the great UN UFO debate.

From left: Wellington Friday, Sir Eric Gairy, and J. Allen Hynek. (image credit: ICUFON Archives)

From left: Wellington Friday, Sir Eric Gairy, and former US Air Force UFO consultant Dr. J. Allen Hynek. (Credit: ICUFON Archives)

Here is the wording of the UN UFO decision:

UN General Assembly decision 33/426, 1978

Establishment of an agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, co-ordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related phenomena

At its 87th plenary meeting, on 18 December 1978, the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Special Political Committee, adopted the following text as representing the consensus of the members of the Assembly:

“1. The General Assembly has taken note of the statements made, and draft resolutions submitted, by Grenada at the thirty-second and thirty-third sessions of the General Assembly regarding unidentified flying objects and related phenomena.

“2. The General Assembly invites interested Member States to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities.

“3. The General Assembly requests the Secretary-General to transmit the statements of the delegation of Grenada and the relevant documentation to the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, so that it may consider them at its session in 1979.

“4. The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space will permit Grenada, upon its request, to present its views to the Committee at its session in 1979. The committee’s deliberation will be included in its report which will be considered by the General Assembly at its thirty-fourth session.”

HNA.de’s reference to the UN UFO decision doesn’t mean Germany is going to start taking UFOs seriously. In fact, Germany is one of the governments that have paid the least amount of attention to the UFO subject.

However, officials in Göttingen say they are ready to meet ET. They have even arranged for night time bus transportation from the landing pad should it be necessary. The customs office is also supposedly searching for someone learned in intergalactic languages to help grease the wheels of extraterrestrial trade.

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UFO Sighting in Lorton, Virginia on March 8th 2014 – 4 Floating Light Orbs On I-95

While my girlfriend and I were to traveling down I-95 in Virginia, i noticed 3 orange-red floating lights in the horizon heading south. One light was on the right side of the highway and the other 2 were on the left side of the highway. The lights were level but the third light was a little further left and down of the other light on the same side. I was not driving so my attention was fully on the lights. Air traffic is high in northern VA so people are accustomed to various flying objects. But these were not anything i could recognize. The characteristics of the lights were not normal, meaning they were not flashing or blinking methodically and they were larger than any star in the night sky. As i continue staring at the lights i notify my girlfriend to take a look. She thinks nothing of them except after a few seconds of looking we both see a fourth light appear out of no where on the left side where 2 of them were positioned. And it formed a rough triangle. The fourth light was of the same size and shape and color as the previous 3. At this point i was flabbergasted. My girlfriend couldn’t believe it. It’s been about 2 miles since i first noticed the lights, and we were getting closer. But soon the highway changed direction and trees blocked the view. After a a few minutes later the view became clear but the lights were already gone.

Daily UFO Headlines 3/31/14

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Top Researchers and Theorists

What are your Top Researchers and Theorists on the UFO/Alien field and why?

I have to say I don’t have one. I do, however, admire Mr. Richard Dolan’s “Break Away Civilization” Theory and – like him – I also loath the Academia [although for different reasons], and Dr. Linda Moulton Howe for her research on the darker side of the UFO Phenomenon.

I also pretty much despise Steven Greer and all the self-centered New-Agers of “It’s-all-about-me” pseudo-rethorics [seriously, that Sirius documentary was all but “Serious”]. x_smoke

UFO Sighting in Weeki Wachee, Florida on August 23rd 2013 – no UFO sighted, being appeared in bedroom

i went outside one night working on a theory that UFO’s communicate by light. i have bracelets that light up, so i went out side at night with my bracelets turned on. i thought that night would be a good night to investigate because the air that night smelled almost metallic. after a while, i started to get a very uneasy feeling and went inside and went to bed. when i woke up, there was a very tall being in my bedroom. i couldn’t see a face, i think it may have been wearing some kind of helmet. despite its height it seemed frail, its arms were long, but skinny and its head was very large despite the rest of its body being slender. it used my mothers voice to speak, and it told me i had to come with it, and i asked it why. it simply reiterated the fact that i had to come with it, but this time its voice didn’t sound so much like my mothers, it had a robotic undertone to it. i asked it where we would have been going and it just said “i need you to come to my base with me” i still didn’t want to go, and was trying to find a reason to give it so i didn’t have to go, so i asked where its base was and it said “its not underground” so i told it i couldn’t go with it because it wasn’t underground. up until that point i wasn’t afraid of it, it was just like i was having a normal conversation, but the last time i said no it was like it suddenly got angry with me, like i had flipped a switch. i don’t remember anything else for a while. then i was back in my bedroom and i was sick, i was dry heaving, i had a headache, my voice was incredibly sore and i kept coughing. i checked my phone and it was about 2:30 when i went to bed at 12 midnight. the things i remember most about the entity was that it was tall enough to have to stoop inside my room. it appeared to be wearing white clothing, almost like a robe but not quite. there seemed to be a kind of glow coming from behind it,like a white light. i was 16 when it happened and now i’m 17. its taken me a long time to get the courage to submit my story.

Black Triangle Sighting in McAlester, Oklahoma on June 15th 1995 – pitch black triangular object, thickness of 5 feet, surface Un – smooth

During the summer of 1995 a group of neighborhood kids were playing outside during the night, it was between the hours of 12 pm to 2 am. We were playing a war game where one team hid and the other team would search. I included this because I felt the object was watching or recording our behavior. During the game I captured a player from the opposite team and lashed his hands behind his back, of course the kid resisted trying to get away. Because of this he fell on his back, his head facing towards the south and feet towards the north. I proceeded to pick him up when he objected. He became very disturbed asking me what “that was” he said look up there. I thought he was just trying to get away but he insisted I look. This is when things became very strange. I looked and to my utter amazement just above our house was a pitch black triangular object. I released the other kid and we called everyone over. The object hung from the sky without movement, without sound. It had no visible lights and blended with the night sky almost perfectly however a few of us where carrying flash lights and used them to look at the object. The object almost seemed to absorb the light not completely but more than one would expect. It hung there for several minutes, no sound no movement. I got the idea to get my compound bow from the house and take a shot at the object. I quickly retrieved it and loaded an arrow. I pointed the bow at the object still no movement or sound. I began to draw my bow when the object turned away with a slight spin. This caused me to put the bow down. All the while a few other kids where still pointing flash lights at the object. It then start to move. To the north about 40 feet then stopped. It spun again towards the east. Then it shot like a bolt of light into the east sky.