Interesting site about Atlantis writings.

I found this site tonight reading posts on There is so much information out there about Atlantis. Atlantipedia has so many different writings. While reading some of the stuff on that site I found another site which talks about the 10 God Kings. It seems like someone used to rule the world longer then 10 years ago. Were the humans? I think not!


Welcome To Atlantipedia

ATLANTIPEDIA is intended to provide the most comprehensive source of information regarding the development of Atlantis theories, particularly since Ignatius Donnelly produced his seminal work on the subject towards


Cosmic Log – Physics prize highlights puzzles



Physics prize highlights puzzles

What’s dark energy? In this illustration, the mysterious repulsive force is represented as a smooth purple grid that overwhelms the effects of gravity (represented by a lumpy green grid).

By Alan Boyle

Most of the research recognized by a Nobel Prize has to do with solutions, but this year’s physics prize highlights a problem that’s been bugging scientists for more than a decade. And there may be more such problems to chew on in the years ahead.

“The way science makes progress is through an interplay between theory and observation,” Sean M. Carroll, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology, told me today. But when it comes down to theory vs. observation, “observations always win,” he said.

As an example, take the research that won today’s Nobel Prize for physics: When the three physicists who won the award started charting the brightness of distant supernovae, they expected to find out how much the expansion of the universe was slowing down, in accord with the accepted theories for cosmic evolution. Instead, they were surprised to find that the expansion rate was speeding up.

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The Archaeology News Network: 25,000 year-old human footprints found in Mexico



Five footprints from human feet, calculated to be between 4,500 and 25,000 years old, were discovered in the Sierra Tarahumara, in Chihuahua. Specialists said that the foot prints could belong to the first men who lived in this region that is today known as northern Mexico. Specialists from INAH discovered in the Tarahumara Sierra five footprints made by humans some 25,000 years ago [Credit: José Concepción Jiménez/INAH]These are the first human footprints that have been found in Chihuahua and once their age has been found out, they will be added to the few footprints from the first people that lived in the American continent that are preserved in Mexico, particularly in Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila and in a ranch in Sonora. The footprints correspond to three adults and a child that probably lived in the caves that are located in the sierra, in the Valle de Ahuatos, eight kilometers from the town of Creel, in Chihuahua.

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Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?

“Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?”


“U.S. government has in rogue assets within. If a catastrophic earth based event (such as an asteroid impact, or natural mega disaster) were to occur on a future date and world governments had advanced knowledge of such an event — would the populace be warned?”

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This article obviously thinks the worst of our Governments. Would our government do this? It got me to thinking that it actually makes sense. If the Gov’t wants to keep control this would actually be a way to do it. I would hope the people pushing the buttons have better morals than this but it is possible. Get the right people in control and they will kill for the good of our society. It is really bad to think but it is very possible.

IntelliStreets. Monitoring our streets like never before!

Intellistreets is the wireless digital infrastructure that controls, monitors & maintains the sensory world.

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These new street lights can monitor your every move and listen in to what you say. Another tool the Department of Homeland Security plans to use on your for more control. Watch the youtube video they have a lot of good uses but the biggest is how they can monitor every move you make and everything you say! They are wirelessly networked together. Using Wireless Mesh Transceivers..

Hangar 18 the Movie

I just watched Hangar 18 the movie. It says in the beginning it is based off things that actually happened. Basically the Space Shuttle launches a satellite that collides with a UFO. The UFO then lands and is taken to Hangar 18. The whole time the Government is trying to cover it up. Mean while Scientist are going through the UFO to see what they can learn. The find out that the Aliens from in the UFO have several designated landing zones on Earth. At the end the Government flies a remote controlled plane into Hangar 18. The scientist inside the UFO live and everyone else in the hangar dies. In the movie the Astronauts are trying to find evidence to release to the people. All of them end up killed except one that was in the UFO when they flew a plane into Hangar 18. It makes me wonder if this really happened.

In the beginning of the Movie it says this.

In spite of official denials, rumors have continued to surface about what the government has been concealing from the American public at a secret At Force hangar.

But now, with the help of a few brave eyewitnesses who have stepped forward to share their knowledge of these events, the story can finally be told.

Here is a wikipedia article about the movie. Here is a wikipedia article about Hangar 18. One thing is for sure the Hangar did exist and there is one at Area 51 as well. If you know anything about this let me know!

Lloyd Pye – Starchild Skull DNA / DNA testing proves Human/Alien hybrid !!

Lloyd Pye – Starchild Skull DNA, Disclosure & Directed Panspermia

Lloyd Pye is an author and researcher widely known for his work with the Starchild Skull. Before writing alternative nonfiction, he was known for his best selling nonfiction book Everything You Know Is Wrong. In this interview, Lloyd shares his latest breakthrough research into the Starchild Skull.

via Red Ice Radio – Lloyd Pye – Starchild Skull DNA, Disclosure & Directed Panspermia.

We finally have a recovery of nuclear DNA from the Starchild!

This past weekend I met with the geneticist working on the Starchild’s DNA. He explained how he can now prove the Starchild is not entirely human, which has been our position for years. Now it is no longer a question of “if,” but of “when” and “how” we spread this astounding new reality beyond the mailing list. First, though, let me bring the list’s newcomers up to speed.

DNA testing proves Human/Alien hybrid !!.

UFO ALIEN WAR 2011? UFOs Disabling Nukes? Darpa looses test Space HTV2?

Is there an Alien war coming? Some people seem to think so! Is this something the government is keeping from us? Does the US already have space ships orbiting earth? Are Nukes being disabled by UFOs? Do you remember hearing about issues with our Nukes? Then they came up with a reason why? I do it was swept under the rug! I found these videos tonight this site has tons of information