Black Triangle Sighting in Ashmont, Alberta on 1980-08-30 14:12:00 – While driving, i noticed black triangular object over lake edge. upon arriving home, craft was directly above treetops. i got out of car to look.

I was 14 years old and driving home from the small town near our acreage home one afternoon. i had my learner’s licence and my mom was sitting in the front seat with me. my grandmother and younger brother were in the back. i had to slow down coming into our subdivision as the road has a sharp bend close to the lake edge. here is where i noticed a black triangular object some distance away over the edge of the lake. i stopped and rolled down the window to hear if it made a sound…. i thought maybe it could be a helicopter with something hanging under it (the black triangle) but i could not hear anything and it continued to sit perfectly still in the sky. i remember blurting out something like “what the heck it that… a ufo?” i looked at it for a short time and decided to continue driving. i wanted to look more but i was worried about cars coming up behind me ( i was a new driver). i was also worried about frightening my mom and grandmother. i knew they would not be open to such ideas as ufos. however, i could not stop thinking about the strange object.

i continued to drive (approximately 1/4 mile) until i reached the approach to our acreage home. i don’t know why i stopped and looked over my left shoulder and up into the sky, but i did, and there it was!! it was directly over the road and was just over the tree tops. i put the car in park and shut off the engine ( i wanted to hear if it made any noise) and i felt a sense of excitement to get another chance to have a look at this strange object. i got out of the car, leaving the door open, and gazed up at the craft hovering above the road, almost directly above. no one else got out of the car and no one said a word while i was looking at it. the object was not black, it was a dull charcoal grey colour. it made no sound and had no visible lights. the bottom of the craft had sections with some type of pattern, maybe symbols; however, i cannot remember the details very well. i wish i had drawn a diagram but unfortunately i didn’t. i wanted to see if it had any windows or identifiable markers, so i walked around the front of the car to the other side to get a better look. the sides/front/top all seemed to be solid with no windows, markers, or seams of any kind.

as i was standing and gazing up at the craft, i felt a sense of awe and wonder and i became aware of my thoughts being read. this may sound really weird, and i would probably leave this part out if it were not for the fact that i have come across other people’s accounts of having similar experiences. i had a real feeling that this was an amazing event and that this craft was not of our world. i wanted them (whoever they were) to know that i was greatly honoured to have had the chance of a lifetime to experience something so amazing. i started to think about what the occupants may look like and for the first time i felt a sense of fear creeping in. i don’t know if that was the reason; but the craft started to move, gracefully gliding like it was on ice. it moved a little forward ( following the road) then made a 90 degree turn facing east (towards the lake) and took off in a fraction of a second over our house. there was no sound, no smoke, no lights…. it was just gone! there was not even any movement in the leaves of the tall poplar trees that surrounded the area.

i never spoke of the event with anyone, not even my family, for fear of ridicule. i had just started a new school and i pretty much blocked the event out of my thoughts until later in my life. i began doing research on the ufo topic as an adult in 2009, while recovering from surgery.

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UFO Sighting in Greenville, Texas on 2017-04-21 19:52:00 – I was taking pictures when i reviewed them i discovered a strange object.

On 4.21.2017 i was taking several pictures of the approaching storm from inside a slowly moving vehicle. we had slowed down to make a turn so it was a good time for a clear picture. the window was completely down so no reflections, no flash was used. i did not see the object with my on eyes but i immediately reviewed the pictures and discovered a unknowns hovering object.

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UFO Sighting in Regina, Saskatchewan on 2017-02-06 23:24:00 – Looks like a string of led lights (or razor wire)

I sent a photo of some kinds of lights a few weeks back and got no reply. today your editor said i had to file a report to get a reply. it is hard to use your form so i just chose something so it would get through.

i did send my photo to the local university physics department and they gave me a stupid response. i am not saying this is a ufo sighting, but the light images showed in my digital photo and i wondered if you people had some clue as to what it is.

i am a photographer and i was trying to photograph some snow on pine trees in my front yard (late at night). i had a remote flash set up but it did not fire on this first photograph. the only light came from a street light across the street so it is woefully underexposed, except for the several faint trails of light and especially when that light came very close to my lens. it is a decent camera (nikon d750) and the erratic light lines are what is most intriguing. i tried to search images to find something explainable by physics but could find nothing similar (google search).

the second photo is what i was trying to shoot with a flash. i have the original raw image if this is of any interest to you.

thanks, and i hope you respond … regardless of what you think it is.

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UFO Sighting in Hawarden, South Dakota on 2017-04-24 22:20:00 – Many red and white lights in trees trip me of house

Husband walked outside in dark to the truck with flashlight. on way back to the house he turned off flashlight. he noticed two red lights near ground in ne shelter belt. all of a sudden it lit up bright white. it looked like objects walking around it. went in and got wife to come out and look. wife went to sit in truck to watch. wife observed numerous lights in trees trip. while sitting in truck, a bright white light came up behind truck then disappeared. activity continued for an hour. lights went out in trees trip.

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Mike Talks Reversing Hermon on the Jim Bakker Show

For those interested (I’ve posted several interviews in the past couple of weeks, so this may be redundant), I’ll be appearing on the Jim Bakker show Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25-26. We recorded these shows on Good Friday. Both interviews include Derek Gilbert and Tom Horn.

This was my first visit to the heart of the Pentecostal zone in what I affectionately call Christian Middle Earth. (Click here for a fun explanation of the metaphor). I have some thoughts on the experience, which was a positive one across the board. I was hesitant to do the interview because of Bakker’s past. I had a while to think about it because my publisher let me know that this was a show with which they have a friendly history. The more I thought about it, my resistance started to feel a bit ungodly. I really don’t know what more Jim Bakker could do to demonstrate repentance. How many people produce a 600-page book entitled “I Was Wrong” and publicly turn from what he had promoted (the awful, manipulative prosperity gospel)? In modern terms, I though of someone like Chuck Colson as an analogy. In biblical terms, it felt like rejecting someone like Matthew or Zaccheus, both of whom were naturally hated by their peers. My takeaway after meeting Jim was that sometimes people really mean it when they acknowledge their sin and repent, and sometimes people really do learn their lesson. I wasn’t sure I’d feel that way before agreeing to the interview, but I did.

For sure Jim is no theologian. But he doesn’t pretend to be one. He had no interest in trying to make me think he was something that he wasn’t. He kept reminding me that he wasn’t a biblical scholar in the green room before and in-between shows. Consequently, those who are familiar with the content of The Unseen Realm, Supernatural, and  Reversing Hermon will hear him get some things wrong during the shows. There were points of the content he didn’t process as well as I’d like, but the lesson here is that he made the effort. He and I would of course have theological disagreements (something I whimsically suspect is true with respect to any host of any show I’ve ever done). I’m also generally wary of Pentecostalism because of the New Apostolic Reformation, one of its sub-cultures whose theology I can neither exegetically defend nor endorse. But it’s crystal clear to me that, if anyone in Christian Middle Earth needs a good dose of solid academic content on the spiritual world it’s this audience — the Pentecostal wing of Christian Middle Earth. They aren’t going to come to me, so I need to go to them — or just let its constituents think poorly about Scripture. I can’t be part of the solution if they are never exposed to what I write. To be bluntly honest, there are a lot of churches, pastors, and Christians with public profiles with whom I am more comfortable — and who know me — who haven’t lifted a finger to help promote any of my books or the Naked Bible Podcast. My audience already knows why — my work challenges their preconceptions and doesn’t make their denominational preferences feel more secure. I’d rather have someone willing to learn who might not process everything the way I’d like than have someone who could understand the material well refuse to help me get the content to more people because they don’t want to feel the disapproval of friends.

Only one of those options is useful for helping more people think well about Scripture, and that’s what I’m about. Hopefully this will be a start of helping believers in this Christian context get exposed to what they’ve been missing in the biblical text and experience the thrill of discovering biblical theology.


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UFO Sighting in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia on 2012-02-13 00:00:00 – Was amazing i also have a video on youtube as well

1. home with my daughter
2. i look at the sky alot
3. a ufo as i am a believer
4. it was having a fun time doing zigzags all over the sky. was nice to watch if you go on youtube you can find it on there. ufo nova scotia/sara hubley.
5. i was amazed at the way it could move around like it did.
6. it just went away.

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Plastic Bags Are a Feast for This Caterpillar

A caterpillar that can eat plastic and produce an industrially useful compound while doing so could take a bite out of the global scourge of plastic trash, a new study finds.

Plastics typically resist breaking down, and as plastic use has risen exponentially over the past 50 years, plastic garbage is piling up in landfills and could wreak havoc on wildlife and the environment for centuries.
Digging into Pollution
The most common plastic used in packaging, polyethylene, represents about

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Watch as a giant explosion on the Sun blasts material into space, followed by dancing loops of glowing gas

NASA describes the display of coronal loops as particularly unusual

As NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory watched on April 19, 2017, a huge explosion of hot, ionized gas and magnetic field blasted outward from the Sun.

Immediately following this coronal mass ejection, or CME, gargantuan loops of glowing plasma many times larger than Earth arced high in the Sun’s atmosphere. Such bright coronal loops form as charged particles spin along the Sun’s magnetic field lines.

While such display

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