Daily UFO Headlines 11/21/2017

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Dr. Bob Davis – The Intersection of UFOs, Alien Abduction and Life After Death – November 21, 2017

Open Minds UFO Radio: Dr. Robert Davis, an internationally recognized scientist, graduated with a PhD in sensory neurosciences from Ohio State University and served as a professor for over thirty years. He has published over forty articles in scholarly journals and lectured at national and international conferences. His research into the UFO phenomenon convinced him that the phenomenon remains unresolved, is a source of considerable debate among millions worldwide, and is a very important concern unfortunately ignored by mainstream science.  Dr. Davis serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Research Team of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE).  The FREE was established to provide a scientific exploration of the relationship between advanced physics and the UFO phenomenon.

Dr. Davis has written a book on the UFO phenomenon, entitled The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?. His latest book: Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence, by Schiffer Publishing was recently released. In this episode we discuss FREE’s latest findings and the connection between abduction research, life after death and all of the phenomena in-between.

For more information about Dr. Bob Davis, visit: theufophenomenon.com.

His books can be found at Amazon.com.

For more information about FREE, visit: www.experiencer.org.

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Photo feature: a lenticularly gorgeous sunset along the Front Range of Colorado

The cloud formations in the photograph above, and those to follow, may look otherworldly, and maybe even a bit ominous. But they are perfectly benign (except when they herald an approaching storm), and are well known to meteorologists.

The scientific name for these cloud formations is “altocumulus standing lenticularus.’ But from here on out, I’ll just refer to them lenticular clouds.

If you’ve never seen lenticular clouds like these before, whether in pictures or in person, you might

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The Opioid Epidemic Hits Some Generations Harder Than Others

As the opioid epidemic rages in the U.S., the number of overdose deaths has nearly quadrupled since 1999. And according to a new study, baby boomers and millennials are at significantly higher risk.

Researchers from Columbia University analyzed drug overdose deaths in the United States between 1999-2014, the most recent year for which data was available. (The team selected 1999 as the start date due to changes in drug classification that would have made reconciling pre- and post-1999 da

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High-Ranking Male Primates Keep Wafting Their Sex Stink at Females, Who Hate It

Researchers call it “stink flirting.” A male ring-tailed lemur rubs his signature scent onto his long, fluffy tail, then waves it over his head in the direction of a nearby female. Males seem to intend this gesture as a sexual overture. But it often gets them into fights—with lemurs of both sexes. In fact, scientists aren’t sure stink flirting helps male lemurs at all.

Smell is an important communication tool for ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta). Both males and females have scent glan

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UFO Sighting in Ouray, Colorado on 2017-11-16 10:52:00 – We stopped along the million dollar highway (550) at bear creek falls, looking south at abrams mountain. we began taking photos of the beautifully rocky mountain valley. we had no idea our two separate iphones would capture this object at exactly 10:52.

This is one of those discoveries that happened after the events were captured on november 16th, 2017 on our way to glennwood springs, colorado. my friend and i were both taking photos on our iphones while parked at a viewpoint for bear creek falls along the million dollar highway just south of ouray, colorado. we were shooting pics of the long beautiful valley extending south towards the base of abrams mountain rising in the distance. we both shot lots of photos, not noticing anything out of the ordinary at the time of the events, but in the last two days we have both discovered striking shots of a green orb in our photos at exactly the same time from different vantage points looking in the same direction. 10:52am seems to be the time we both got our shots. from the photos timing/sequencing, this object or green sphere seems to have traveled miles in less than a microsecond, changes shapes, even gives off a transparent saucer-like sparkly shaped white hue at one point surrounding the green sphere. because of the position of the sun and the shadows in the valley and the fact that both cameras captured the same thing, we have ruled out sun flares playing off of our phone lenses. this feels and looks genuine to me.

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According to Sumerian myth, the Anunnaki are a breed of immortal gods that inhabited Earth during ancient times. The myth further states that humanity was genetically engineered by these beings to mine gold before the Anunnaki completely left the planet to observe it from far away distances.

The mere subject regarding these ancient Mesopotamian gods has drawn the attention of millions of people throughout the world. However, for the most part, questions surrounding these ancient myths have gone unanswered.


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Small Eruption at Indonesia’s Agung After Weeks of Unrest

After weeks of unrest that has waxed and waned, Agung in Indonesia finally produced an explosive eruption today. This blast wasn’t anything close to the large blast that some media organizations have been claiming, but rather a relatively small eruption (see below) that was driven by water flashing to steam at the summit crater.

— Ali (@Ali_Di_Bali) November 21, 2017
Drone footage (below) taken not long after this explosive eruption shows the steaming crater.

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UFO Sighting in Jackson, New Jersey on 2017-11-16 03:00:00 – I went outside in the middle of the night for a smoke i couildnt sleep, an there were 6 circle lights over the woods an at first i wasnt sure what it was but then in a blink of an eye it was above me but there were clouds so all i could see was the lights

I was up at 3 am because i couldn’t sleep. so i decided to step on the porch for a smoke. as i was out there i noticed above the trees their were lights in the sky an at first it kind of looked like a beam. it would appear then disappear at different places among that area across the street over the woods. the problem at first was it was cloudy at night so i couldn’t see an objects just the lights. so i watched an the next thing i knew it was above me an i never seen it come across the woods towards me. it was like a blink of an eye. it had 6 circled lights 3 on each side an if it was a ufo it had to be huge. i hurried up an ran inside i was to scared to come back out to take pictures. now there is a base near me an a airport but i’ve never seen anything like that !

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