‘I was abducted by aliens’:’ Retired carpenter says he was taken by extraterrestrials after going for Christmas drinks

Featured Image: Extraterrestrial encounter: Gerry Battles, 61, claims he was abducted by aliens (Photo: Irish Mirror) A retired carpenter claims he was abducted by aliens while walking home from Christmas drinks. Gerry Battles, 61, said he was taken by the extraterrestrials after going for two festive drinks with a friend in Pallaskenry in County Limerick, […]

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Caterpillars Recruit Friends with Anal Scraping

Newly hatched caterpillars look helpless: they’re teensy, soft and juicy, with no parent around for protection. But certain young insects, the masked birch caterpillars, are more capable than they seem. They gather in groups to keep themselves safe. To form those groups, they use a previously undiscovered language of buzzes, vibrations, head banging and butt scraping.

The species, Drepana arcuata, passes through five caterpillar life stages (called instars) on its way to becoming a li

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Alien Encounter in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on 2017-01-20 22:07:00 – Got chase by green glowing object on a cloudy night and then object flew infront of car n beam light of car n from there no memory of event but all people in the car saw different number of lights when it beamed a light on the car9

Me n my family were coming home after a night of playing pool at a smalltown bar there were two groups of people jn seperate cars the first load people 15 minutes early the second followed so the second load of people were driving back home n then realized there was a bright gree light in the clouds beside them following so they speeded up,note the clouds were low that night and as theh speeded up the object kept right beside them n a weird change of event happened the object flew directly in front of the car n beamed a light on the car,there were five people in the car n when the object beamed a light on them they all saw a different number of light from 1 to 5 each persk saw a different number n from there thats the last thing they could remember n all seem normal they had no memory of what happened until atleast a half hour later they all all tried to remember were tne light went afterwords n couldnt remember

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The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged A Lost Race of Giants – Part 1

One of the most controversial subjects regarding the ancient prehistoric cultures of North America concerns what we refer to as the Unique Physical Types (UPT). For the purposes of what follows, these UPT are often gigantic humanoid skeletons with hyper elongated or high-vaulted crania, occasional extra or pathological detentions (including several reports of double or […]

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The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged a Lost Race of Giants – Part 2

Following our overview of discoveries of gigantic humanoid skeletons in the burial mounds and associated graveyards of the Adena-Hopewell, Archaic Cultures, and Southeastern Ceremonial Complex, we will now document the discovery of the Unique Physical Types (UPT) even after the institution of the mainstream policy of denial, or “post cover-up”. The two pre-eminent Adena scholars […]

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UFO Sighting in Port Canaveral, Florida on 1997-10-21 05:30:00 – Driving north to the east seentwo cigar shape hovering what looked like over ksc color fluorescent green with glow

I was driving my children to their grandparents at 5:30 am in the morning down grissom rd in port st. john like every morning as my children went to school from their grandparents. i looked over to the east into the sky for no reason, i seen two cigar shaped objects glowing fluorescent green hovering which appeared to be hovering over the kennedy space center they were very large i slowed down to show my children i was really excited and a little scared thinking these could be ufo’s as i never seen anything like this i don’t know how long they were there as i had to get my children to school soon. my son remembers this day and event my daughter was to young to remember. i kept this to myself for many yrs thinking some would think i was seeing things and laugh and say i was making this up. i remember this as if it were yesterday. i learned about mufon and asked my son if he remembered this event and decided i would tell my story.Thank you, susan olive

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UFO Sighting in Grafton, Massachusetts on 2017-01-14 17:00:00 – I was looking in the night sky with my telescope and then i looked up at the sky with my own eye and saw a bright green light pop out of nowhere and start moving.

I was looking at the planets and stars with my telescope and had a look away from my telescope to aim my laser pointer. the thing that made me first notice it was a bright green light popping up out of nowhere. at first i just thought it was a plane but then realized that it was going to fast to be a plane and knew that they dont have green lights on them. the object was a bright green color that looked to be in a spherical shape, the object was moving semi-fast through the sky and turning off at times then back on. the feelings i thought were shocked, amazed, and found it very interesting. i lost sight of the object because it went out of view.

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UFO Sighting in Colfax, Washington on 2017-03-27 15:22:00 – Only appeared on recording, did not see with naked eye, but observed while recording on screen.

I was driving home through a relatively unfamiliar area and stopped to record some pleasant scenery as the weather was quite nice for a change. as i was taking the video i noticed something strange on my screen but couldnt actually see it with the naked eye i dismissed it as something on my windshield, but then all of a sudden i started to feel as if i was having a panic attack and my heart was beating very fast and erratically so i stopped recording and continued my drive home.
upon review of the video i realized that there was some sort of craft zipping around those wind turbines i was admiring, it appeared quickly out of nowhere, and hovered in sort of a circular motion a considerable distance away, looked like two discs flying tightly in tandem, with a light radiating around them at times.

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Duncan Grapefruits and Chemistry Court

The Duncan grapefruit has been described as “the finest, sweetest grapefruit” in the world, but after 187 years as the reigning champion of the American breakfast, the grapefruit inexplicably disappeared from grocery shelves. After only a few decades, it seems like the Duncan is making a comeback in Maitland, Florida.

Meanwhile, a conflict over the essences of sweeteners like Equal and Splenda brings chemistry into the courtrooms.

The Death and Rebirth of the Duncan Grapefruit – The

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