UFO Sighting in Duluth, Minnesota on August 29th 2016 – pair of solid orbs that looked like ineffectively trying to cloak

At approximately 7:30pm on 8/29/16, I went out to our deck to talk to my wife and saw her holding her pinky nail up in the air. Our deck faces toward the shore of Lake Superior, which means look to the southeast when looking toward the lake.

She said a pair of round ball-like shapes that we’re “like they were supposed to be cloaked but they weren’t because of it being twilight and the current lighting of the sky. They were both just a few shades off the color of the surrounding sky.”

She said they moved across the sky from right to left south west to north east generally, “faster than the f16 fighters that fly around here do all the time” and they were “quite a ways out, over the lake and were the size of my pinky nail at that distance. They were huge.” She did say they were right up by the clouds, “out there” which had to put them a few miles away.

(We live 1/2 to 3/4 mile from Lake Superior).

She was and is visibly shaken, she said seeing them made her sick to her stomach. She also said she tried calling for me but realized I was in the bathroom.

My first question was, did you take a picture. She said no, she was locked onto them and they moved too fast for her to have time to run into the kitchen and then back to the deck.

I just wanted to submit this to your files in case anyone else saw anything strange last night. My wife does not wish to have her name associated with, nor be contacted about this sighting. I am actually reporting this without her knowledge so if you have questions you can email me but I do not wish her to know I contacted you folks and we are not interested in receiving anything in the mail nor having any personal contact with investigators.

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UFO Sighting in New York, New York on August 30th 2016 – We observed the random pattern of light in the sky that was stationary with no sound. The object would dart short distances randomly from time to time, but stayed in a close proximity position.

We were in our home, it was dark outside and I noticed the unusual lighting pattern when I walked by some large windows. At first I thought it was a reflection from the glass but when I walked outside it was there. Standing on my front porch I observed this stationary object with random patterns of red, white and green lights simultaneously. It remained stationary or nearly stationary for the 1 hour and 25 minutes that I observed it. Because it was dark it was impossible to tell the shape and the distance of the object. The object would occasionally dart erratically, left, right and up, never down.
I woke my wife and she observed the same things, she took video and photos. Additionally, she photographed the compass and the angle in degrees above the horizon that I measured with my iPhone apps.
During the time that I observed the object there were two airplanes and one helicopter that passed by in the vicinity, but were never close to the object. The aircraft were easily distinguished by sight and sound. The object was totally silent on a very quiet night.
The sun rose and the light of the sum caused the lights from the object to disappear.
I am a 4,000 hour pilot, and 50 ton Master U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain. I am very familiar with lights and lighting patterns, and I have never seen anything like this ever.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 30th 2016 – Shiny triangular orb formation, hovered almost motionless

My girlfriend and I were laying in bed and heard a helicopter hovering overhead for several minutes. Finally my curiosity was piqued and I looked out the window to see a shiny triangular object hovering stationary in the clear blue sky. It was a perfectly clear day, with almost no clouds, and the object was plainly visible.

As I continued to look, the object or objects started to tumble in place, reflecting sunlight or twinkling, and moving slowly to the west away from our location. It appeared at first to be a solid object, but the longer we watched, we could see three distinct orbs in a triangle formation, shiny and white, tumbling in place and changing formation several times.

The helicopter continued to hover in place directly above our house, but we couldn’t tell if it was a news chopper or a “black” helicopter. We attempted to capture footage on my cell phone, but it was too far away (shots I took where it should be in frame show only blue sky) and it moved W/SW until it disappeared from sight.

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UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on August 23rd 2016 – UFO over Manchester, England!!

I was on the campus of The University of Manchester, heading to the Manchester Aquatics Centre where I work out. As I was walking down Oxford Road, I happened to glimpse out at the corner of my eye, this weird object flying low to campus. The object looks almost like a humpback whale, with no markings, no windows. It also had no noise coming from said object. It was too big to be a drone and flying too low to be an aircraft. What appeared to be wings, were way too small. It flew out of range. I recorded the object on my Samsung s6 Edge Plus. All in all, very strange.

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Scientists Believe Humans Will One Day Colonize the Universe

Scientists Believe Humans Will One Day Colonize the Universe

Hubble Deep Field image showing myriad galaxies dating back to the beginning of time. Image by Robert Williams and the Hubble Deep Field Team (STScI) and NASA.

A new study from the University of Oxford looks at the possibility of human colonization throughout the universe.

Scientists as eminent as Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan have long believed that humans will one day colonize the universe. But how easy would it be, why would we want to, and why haven’t we seen any evidence of other life forms making their own bids for universal domination?

Continue reading Scientists Believe Humans Will One Day Colonize the Universe at Alien UFO Sightings.

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Lessons from a 28 Year-Long Evolutionary Experiment

Every morning, a scientist walks into a lab in East Lansing, Michigan, grabs a pipette, and mixes two liquids. One is a cloudy brew of E. coli cells, billions of organisms thick; the other is a sterile solution with glucose and essential nutrients. One part A, 99 parts B, and back in the incubator it goes; over the next 24 hours, the cells will double nearly seven times, adapting to the broth in the process.

And so it goes in the lab of Richard Lenski, a Professor of Microbial Ecology at

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OMICS vs. The FTC: Plagiarism at a Predatory Publisher

OMICS International is a large open access (OA) academic publishing group. Founded in 2007, OMICS has since grown rapidly  and now boasts of having over 700 journals with over 50,000 editorial board members. However, the rise of OMICS has not been welcomed by everyone; the company has been branded a ‘predatory publisher’, accused of spamming academics, and of organizing poor quality ‘academic conferences’.

Given this background, it was not so surprising when we learned, last week, that the US

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Can Doping Tests Stay Ahead of Cheaters?

The 100-meter dash, the pole vault, a marathon, a bike race, and any other sport under the sun have one thing in common: winning depends on pushing physical performance to the max.

The pressure on athletes to push their bodies to the limit has produced a longstanding tit-for-tat between the athletes sneaking chemical agents into their blood or body cells to gain an edge and those trying to detect them.

Recently, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that any prospective d

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Lucy’s Demise: What Killed the Most Famous Fossil

She’s the most famous of our distant ancestral kin and, while it’s way too late to send flowers, we now know how Lucy died some 3.18 million years ago. The most famous Australopithecus afarensis appears to have died due to injuries sustained in a fall, according to new research. But it’s not quite case closed: The proposed scenario that led to her death is fanning the flames of an old debate about how the early members of our family tree lived.

Imaging an Icon
When her remains were une

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UFO Sighting in Galway, County Galway on October 13th 2005 – Three yellow – white spheres close to each other hovered on the sky and suddenly dissapear.

I have been walking with my friend to work, to Thermo King factory, from Tirellan Heights to Marvue Business Park. Somewhere around Sandy Road next to Galway Motorpark I have observed three yellow-orange spheres which were hoowered over the distance buildings. I have pointed this to my colleague and he confirms he sees the same thing. When we tried to pick up our cell phones (back then there was no smart phones) and activate camera to take a picture those objects dissapears. We stood shocked for few moments… and head back to the work. I was telling this story over and over again to my friends but no one seems to believe me (and my friend ofc).

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